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  1. I’ve had Linda at Ness do the back walk too. They have a good set up for it
  2. I went there a few weeks ago. It’s kind of on the outskirts of Bridgewater. Nice location
  3. 44 Stadacona St, Winnipeg, MB R2L 2C8 https://goo.gl/maps/yJRpQnn1qCg7Vfvm9
  4. I had Linda at Ness walk on my back. It felt pretty loose and limber after that
  5. Yes, self isolation is not the only thing I’ll be doing myself for the next 30 days
  6. Just ask them to use a lot of lotion. That basically just cancels out the Coronavirus 😂
  7. It’s Nancy and and Betty working there. They’re both very good
  8. Yeah, thats the same place. I’ve been there twice and both times I left disappointed. I won’t go again until I hear things have changed there
  9. Yeah, it’s all reasonably priced. I believe it’s $50 for a one hour massage. They don’t rip you off on tips like some of the other places. Lots of other useful info on this thread if you want to give it a quick read through
  10. I tip at least $40. Seems like you’re taking advantage and are pretty cheap to tip any less. I’m surprised they don’t tell you to beat it at home when you tip that little, lol
  11. For teasing I like Linda at World Nails and Tracy
  12. I do believe the last post about her was Courtney on K. Reviews were not so good. Scroll down and read about it, I’d stay away
  13. I’ve seen both. Betty seems to be a little more shy so you may have to ask for extras. I agree with Bobcat on Tracy. I will go back to see her again
  14. Linda actually gives a pretty good massage too. Some of these other places I end up leaving more sore after the massage
  15. Thought I’d give this place one more try too. I only saw the one lady, she was black. Massage wasn’t too bad. I did end up leaving happy, but not a repeat for me as well
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