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  1. Very well written and to the point, Allie, with a valid argument towards legalization. Perhaps in the future, with open dialect, we might see changes. I certainly hope so, as a customer, and agree with all of your points! Welcome back to the East Coast Lifestyle!
  2. Moncton client here. Do you plan on returning, and where can I find your schedule? Thanks
  3. Hi. Nice that you are concerned and interested on perhaps fixing the concern! That's reassuring. Where are you located? Do you travel NB? Moncton perhaps? Good luck and happy holidays.
  4. It's sad news to hear you are leaving, but I'm sure an exciting time for you as you begin a new adventure in your life! Take care , stay safe and Happy Valentines day to you! YOU WILL BE MISSED! ❤
  5. You look beautiful in whatever you decide to wear, as you display on your site!
  6. L❤️Ve your blonde hair Allie! It really suits you!
  7. AAAMENNNN! Absolutely lovely!! Thanks Allie! So looking forward to the next pictures! You do a wonderful job of continually updating your website with info, pictures and videos!
  8. I believe any photo you’d make and post, would fit right in here Allie! We are anxiously awaiting its arrival! 😉
  9. Sarah, the support group you have mentioned are indeed wonderful! Their professionalism and leadership enhances our enjoyment of Lyla! They set a standard that members feel obligated to follow, and in my mind, a group nomination is a terrific idea They are definitely a strong, well respected team! 👍🏻 Thanks to all of them!
  10. Hilarious!!! Guess I will have to get Instagram!!! Always enjoy a good laugh!! 🤣🤣
  11. What an awful time you have had, Ray!!! I certainly hope 2021 is much better for you! You’ve been fortunate however to discover some fine companions to help you through your struggles. While I’m lucky to not have serious problems, I’m hoping that I may discover a similar companion and develop a friendship where I am, as well! Thanks for sharing your story and stay safe!
  12. Yes I agree, most certainly reviews help. However I do believe that you can still get a “bit” of an idea, a feel for what you are looking for, even without the reviews. Some patrons have had life experiences and so can trust that their “gut feeling” will come through.
  13. Sometimes youth may seem to have advantages, however many of us would prefer the strengths of the more mature experienced ladies! It’s the sharing of life’s experiences and caring for each other, that’s so important when spending time together! It is for me!
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