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  1. SOOOOOOO............how belated???? I had a birthday this year as well!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Scooterman

    BS lol

    I just found this and it is probably the most enticing and captivating album S on this site!! Stunning!! Yummm and wow!!!
  3. On MYYYY!! I hope this social distancing is over soon! Kylie has been recommended to me and I am so looking forward to getting in contact!!!
  4. Scooterman


    That’s such a SWEET pic!!🤗
  5. Oh my Goodness Danielle!! A captivating photo and angle. Love it! Why is it that your pictures make quarantine “harder” every day!! I am hoping this gets over with so I can meet you!
  6. SPLISH SPLASH I JUST LOVE A BATH!!! Especially with company!!! What day you?
  7. Well I’m a French vanilla cap kind of guy!!! so pure bred or Heinz 57???
  8. Oh Lt Ohoura and Star Trek! Friends Or Big Bang?
  9. Looking mighty fine, Miss Jane! 😉
  10. YUMMMMM! Looking “fine” Miss Jane!! ❤️❤️
  11. Definitely.... “Hot”! Faux fur or leather?
  12. HD! 😋 spray suntan lotion........or liquid?
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