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  1. I saw Amie yesterday after receiving some positive input via personal messages (thanks guys) and I too was extremely pleased with my session. She is easy to talk too and gives a great massage. I really like her discrete location. I will be going back.
  2. Great interview Ray. For me, the sad part is that I would love to share my positive experiences with some of my ‘guy’ friends because I have had many and I think there is a good chance some of them are seeing providers too. No one wants to be the first to bring it up in case the conversation goes sideways because in my case I’m in a relationship so that is why websites like LYLA are so helpful for clients.
  3. Thanks Darcy for sharing those details…very helpful. I am a person who could be focusing too much on her having an orgasm. I am going to try to just ‘enjoy the journey’ more 😉. Also not all guys like the ‘hot dog bun’ vulva (was I paying attention?) I much prefer the big labias. I would never have guessed you are in your mid40s ….wow! Thanks again, Duke99
  4. Great interview Kylie. I remember being so nervous my first time. I got up the nerve to call this lady from a Halifax newspaper ad. It was a while ago... long before I found out about Lyla & Twitter. I do still get nervous but less so now if I’m meeting someone that I follow on Twitter or Lyla. I hope we get to meet sometime. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Duke99
  5. What a trifecta of lovely ladies! That larger lady is friggin hot!
  6. If she has a nice personality and is good masseuse I’m ‘In’. I just want to know if she is legit.
  7. @Brooklyn Styles xo and @MelissaBlazeare my nominations. Both are wonderful professionals with kind hearts. I have leaned on both to help me get through this crazy time. Both are more than deserving. Duke99
  8. Any updates? Again hoping she is a pleasant surprise..lol.
  9. I’m interested as well. I’m hoping she is legit.
  10. She is amazing. I’m never disappointed.
  11. Great interview and thanks for sharing. One comment that is so true....so many amazing ladies and not enough time to see them all. I love my regulars but also would love to meet some other ladies that seem amazing too. twitter @duke9915
  12. Has anyone seen Bella lately or have any new recommendations for the Valley?
  13. This is a fantastic interview-article. Ever since I starting using Lyla and Twitter I can honestly say that I have not been disappointed. I have so much respect and appreciation for providers. Also @duke9915 on Twitter
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