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    I couldn't agree more. I lived in Ontario for several years and miss their massage parlours. It's different then seeing a SP but addresses a market. I'm often not able to book as far in advance as a good SP needs to effectively manage her schedule which I respect. So a well respected massage parlour gives you a certain level of confidence when you "walk in". I especially liked the member club business model.
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    Dear friends, Unfortunately we are going to be at the orange zone again by midnight so my tour has to be postponed till further notice. However, I'm still entertaining for few, selected clients at my upscale VID_20201230_103743.mp4 residence near the water 25 minutes from Moncton. Longer, few days booking is also possible since I'm so lonely during this isolation. Check my twitter @ allie_zeon for a complete display of my house and some new selfies of me. VID_20201230_103743.mp4 I'm living alone with my pooches, ducks and chickens in over 2 acres property near the water. I keep myself fit and healthy at all times by eating, sleeping well and regular exercises daily. Make sure that you are healthy as well. Thanks and hope to see few of you 😊 Allie (647-327-1645 voicemail only) www.alliezeon.com
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    Also an homage to Dawn Wells (aka Mary Ann Summers from "Gilligan's Island"). R.I.P. 1938-2020
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    For our first interview of 2021, I am delighted to share some thoughts from @Cheeky.char on working as an escort with a disability. Please show the love by liking, commenting and sharing on your socials. ❤️ Q: Heeey girl! So nice to finally be able to get to know this wonderful personality of yours a bit better. So tell me a bit about yourself. A: A bit about myself? That’s tricky! I’m Charlie, serving Halifax for the time being.. but hoping to travel some time soon! I grew up in Nova Scotia, but I keep leaving the country whenever I get the opportunity. I’m a pretty avid traveller, having visited the UK, Costa Rica, Tanzania... most recently being booted from Australia because of Coronavirus. Outside of being a traveller, I would describe myself as bouncy, bold, and really quite quirky! I dabbled in sugaring while I was studying for my undergrad, and then again for some time while I was in Australia. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants, and somehow everything seems to fall into place. Q: You mentioned to me by private message that you have Multiple Sclerosis. Can you tell me about your journey with that? A: For sure! When I was in university I went through a period where my life could probably be described as “A series of unfortunate events” .. during this time I had some significant people in my life pass away, and then on top of that my arm went numb. When it got worse instead of better I ended up having a CT and an MRI which very clearly showed my demyelination, and because of the pattern it was very clearly MS. My doctors think that it is because of the stress I was under that my MS made itself know at that point. For the next 4 year I tried a few different medications and multiple lifestyle changes but nothing seemed to work for me. I, specifically, have relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis which follows the patterns it’s name predicts. So, during the years I didn’t have a working medication I would go into relapse about every three months - this could include loosing sensations in different body parts, losing my sight (the worst relapse!), and ultimately leaving me with some permanent damage in one of my hands and one of my ears. I started a new medication this year that seems to be working so far, so keep your fingers crossed for me! (I really could talk about the specifics of MS, and my MS all day, so I am open to comments and private messages about it!) Q: Wow, what a journey - you are so brave! Sending you lots of luck on the medication. So getting into this line of work - is this something your disability prompted you to do? What other reasons were there? A: I think my main prompt was coming back to Canada in the middle of a pandemic. I had a taste of being wealthy when I was in Australia and wanted to make sure I don’t have to go back to some of the ways in which I have lived, and I wanted to be able to have control of that. My disability could have prompted it, though, depending on the time in my life. When I think about sex work and my disability I mostly look at the benefits that this work gives me. Q: What benefits does sex work have for disabled people that other jobs may not? A: There are many benefits to sex work for disabled people, and I find more and more every day! I really love the control that I have over my time, my choices.. etc. When I think specifically in terms of living with a disability, this work benefits me so much! Chronic fatigue is part of MS, so if I am having one of those days I can choose how much I do that day, or often specifically I will choose what type of work I do that day as some requests are less strenuous than others. Also, this is some of the only work that I know I can take time that I need for various reasons surrounding my condition. Because I’ve started a new medication this year it feels like I have had medical tests and appointments lined up almost every week day. This does not always fly with a 9-5, even if they don’t vocally say it. With this work, I make my entire schedule, so I don’t have to ask anyone for time off and I don’t need to worry about being behind, because it is all my choice. And if I have a flare up or get sick, I don’t have to worry as much about working through the pain. It is my choice, and I choose to work hard while I am able in case that time comes when I feel low and need some time to rest. Q: Do you mention your disability on your website/ads/when someone makes a booking? A: I don’t put it on my regular ads, but anyone who follows my twitter probably knows. If I had a flare up and needed to cancel I would certainly be honest about the reason. I’m quite vocal about it in all aspects of my life because I’m learning every day how to empower myself and hopefully those around me in my MS journey. Q: Are there any common misconceptions about Multiple Sclerosis that you’ve come across? A: “But you’re not in a wheelchair” .. that is one I’ve gotten a lot! Some day I may be, but it’s not right now. MS is strange because it presents differently in every person who has it. Another one that really bothers me is when people refer to my MS as “the good MS” Like, I can understand what it is they are trying to say, but that wording makes me feel so invalidated in everything that I have been through at just 24 years old!! My MS may only show itself in pulses, but during those times it is awful! And untreated, it does continue to get worse, and I still have a chance of developing progressive MS.. what is so good about that!? The take away here is that, excuse my language, the types of MS are shitty and shittier. Q: Have you faced any disability stigma/discrimination in this industry? If so, how do you respond? A: Perhaps behind closed doors there are people doubting me or choosing not to book me because of it.. but honestly I have been welcomed into this community on the East Coasts so fondly, and I appreciate everyone who has made me feel this way! Q: I’m glad to hear that! I wonder if Clients with disabilities get nervous visiting a Provider. Do you have many disabled Clients come to visit you? A: I have not had any disabled clients that I know of. You never truly know because of invisible disabilities. I am so open to them if they want to spend time with me! On the topic of disabled clients being nervous when visiting providers, I cannot speak for an entire group but I can share that I was nervous! Shortly after my MS diagnosis I had decided I would go see a dominatrix. I really went back and forth on whether I would mention it because I was so worried it would make her nervous and she wouldn’t want to see me. I did end up telling her, and I think this was the best policy because then we were able to be open about what felt okay for me, and I really enjoyed that time! Q: That's fantastic advice and I love that you went to see a Dominatrix! What advice would you give to a Provider seeing a Client with a disability? A: I would recommend being open to it! Just like any client, everything is better with communication. Most people in the disabled community become pretty good at being our own advocates. If you create that space for them to be open with you there are always ways to make things work, and you could end up making someone feel way more empowered than they were when they walked in. Q: What advice would you give to a Client seeing a Provider with a disability? A: This one is more tricky because I really think it depends a lot on the provider. I am very comfortable talking about my disability. But others, even if they are vocal online, may not want to talk about it during a date. Again, communication is key. Asking where their boundaries are is likely the best option. Q: Thanks so much for your time, Char. Anything else you would like to add? A: I reckon we’ve covered a lot! Like I said above, if anyone has any questions I will gladly answer in the comments or in private message. Thanks so much, Lydia!
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    From the album: Xmas 2020 & 2021

    This is the other Xmas hat I was given on another xmas by the same gent who gave me the santa hat and the massage table. I've been given other glorious gifts from other wonderful gents and I appreciate each and every one of them. I am a very luck lady, I truly have the best gents in the world.
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    From the album: Xmas 2020 & 2021

    Not much to say here... I mean, hair, boobies, tummy, belly button, neck, jawline, it is what it is lol
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    Ok, so I've been offline for a while, But I mean January with Chrystal Elite, Emily Rushton, and now some awesomeness with Sugar Kayne and Amber Diamond. I might just break my after Christmas wallet once again!!! Wow, January's gonna be a fun month! I've seen them all before, It's like Christmas again! 😜 I wonder if any of these ladies will do a duo...oh the combinations. These are my favourite providers from my past experiences!! Since I won't be able to travel to Australia soon and partake in an Estelle Lucas duo, perhaps these ladies can make me never want to leave!! **Special mention to Victoria Jolie its been a long time since, and to BodyLanguageEnt, and YourFrenchLady, who used to have touring ladies often here but not so much now - missed the last YFL 😞 January 2021, will be exciting!
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    Thanks for the update! Good to know that things are on the road to resolution, one way or another. It sounds like you've handled it pretty well. One further bit of unsolicited advice: I think it's great that he's asked you to send him an email that he can show to the wife/MIL. It might actually be worth sending two; one for just him that accurately reflects the situation, and another than he can use for domestic propaganda purposes (you might want to leave some stuff out of the second). I'm speculating here, but it's possible that the wife/MIL could react badly if they knew he'd told you what was going on. Also, that second one could be repeated/reinforced if he needs it. What might happen is that he'll be OK for a bit until the shock wears off, and then he'll be asked to do "just one little thing", and then another, and before you know it he's right back where he is now. If he needs more ammunition to get them off his back again, let him know you can supply it :)
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    Monica Bellucci (Lucia)
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    Bérénice Marlohe (Severine)
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    Massage parlors intrigue me. I don't have much experience in them at all. But I do like the sounds of them. Halifax needs a couple!
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    my stars, with 2020 coming to an end it sure was a fantastic experience to be able to visit with Allie not once but twice over the last couple months! from our first visit to our second, all I can say was what a great relaxing encounter I had. I sure hope 2021 has many more visits, that we can enjoy our companionship and exploring our wants and needs! two thumbs up Allie! Be safe and enjoy our great province!!!! and its people!!!!
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    From the album: Xmas 2020 & 2021

    Shear shalls have many uses imo
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    Thanks !!! I am coming in august :) xoxox
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