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  1. I saw Lily too last Friday and it was my best night ever. She is the most beautiful, sweetest, easy going girl with an amazing body. When she opened her door, she greeted me with a big smile and started a conversation which stopped my nervousness as I am shy and nervous meeting such beautiful woman like her. The lingerie she was wearing is jaw dropping. She is the best woman I ever seen and I hope she comes back soon again as she is leaving soon. Every thing about her is perfect. Too bad she can’t stay here forever. There is not enough words to describe how good Lily is as a woman inside and out. She is that gfe girl next door. I hope I see her before she leaves.
  2. I just came back from seeing her and she is the girl in the photos. I mentioned the mistake with the date and she said she will fix.
  3. Yeah but whoever this ad belongs too has over 34,000 views so she must be popular.
  4. I don’t know how she is a red flag if pics are real unless someone seen her which based on these comments no one has.
  5. So Fravie you went to see her and she ripped you off?
  6. I heard a lot of mix reviews on her over the years so always been cautious if I want to see her or not.
  7. French giirl Kristina is actually French Giirl Mya.
  8. They are hard to get a hold of to try to book something with them. I met one of their girls few years ago and it was easy then to set up a meeting but now it is impossible.
  9. No she is definitely 18 now. She was the one I warned everyone about last couple of years of her age.
  10. I would stay away. You are taking a chance in seeing her.
  11. Very unprofessional and sadly, they are not the only sp that does that.
  12. I came across a few sp over the years scrolling through my friends list and so on and I had one as a friend on there who is associated with other sp. Some of the ones I came across is when I put them on my blacklist of not to see. I won't get into the details about who and why. There are some sp that have their phone numbers linked to their facebook account which in my opinion could be dangerous.
  13. I would say a tip is based on how good the service was. If the service was amazing then tip $40-$60 but if not then I wouldn't tip at all.
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