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  1. I have always ranged from orange to blue on the colour scale system there with shades of grey it’s a good place just go try it out. jenny who runs it is great and she hires great staff can get a good pedicure there too
  2. There are some reputable providers who put it on their agenda so if you watch and patient you should be able to book
  3. It’s worth it for massage though
  4. Don’t get waxed get sugared million times better waxing very irritating to sensitive skin sugaring leaves skin just nice and smooth both hurt but it’s a good hurt
  5. Like a nuru? i think Michelle advertises that i think diamonds might offer as well i have not been just remembering discussions and ads
  6. I think it all depends on the amount of the b1 variant we get. If we can keep levels of that down and more and more people get vaccines then they will keep businesses going.
  7. Is moonlight still going sorry for going off topic?
  8. Is there a Jess at corydon i was not aware of that the thread was on jazz at 832 corydon and that is who I saw. Jazz with z’s i have seen a Jais at other locations. I am not familiar with an East Indian girl by name of Jess sorry
  9. I found jazz to be young and attractive when I saw her. She was very good to me. that was quite some time ago now.
  10. Does verified pics on leolist actually give any real assurance pics are accurate?
  11. I seen jazz once quite some time ago it was great i need to get around to seeing her again she was very easy to get along with
  12. I really think the chances of getting extra from any legit RMT is no better than chances of getting struck by lightning they invest in their education belong to a professional organization that would frown upon it they risk ruining a profitable career asides having a bunch of creepy guys showing up trying to wiggle the blanket off And make it look like a convenient accident maybe if you look like Brad Pit the odds might be better but by and large that dream is firmly routed in mythology
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