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  1. I think EB is a good place for newcomer. also I like the book on the counter it’s easy to see who is on and I just leave if I don’t see anyone I want to see i leave more than I stay there is a lot of mediocre there but there have been some great ones there too only girl I seen at studio recently was phoenix i do recommend
  2. There is a hotels by day.com i wonder when they will make hotel apps that you can book room on phone pay on the phone ap account use phone to open door of room and basically don’t have to talk to any staff at the door i never had any problems though when checking in i think one casually asked and I just said just in town and need a quiet place to do some computer work i had my computer bag in hand so made sense. over the years I think one escort said she was asked to leave the hotel when management realized what she was doing in room with men coming and going But in reverse situation I think it’s highly unlikely unfortunately some of these hotels have keys access to elevator so you have to go down to bring your guest up
  3. It’s not that quite here you don’t even have to be a Member to see these posts that has led to some massage places almost getting shut down when local soccer moms found out what kind of massages were going on in their neighbourhood too much use of exact addresses or street names on here that's why the private group is better not sure why more can’t read between the lines to keep things safer for our providers who would have problems if general public becomes aware escorts have less problem as their location is not a fixed location
  4. If someone finds a subject interesting why not resurrect it???
  5. What I like about these two places is that you walk in see the pics and it’s really easy to say maybe another day and leave if you don’t see anything you like. I have had good sessions and bad sessions at both. And some over the moon great sessions at both. so it hasn’t seemed worth going most of the time but I still keep stopping in to see what might be new saw one girl I. The pics that I would like to try recently but she was busy. I’ll try to get by to try her and will report if I do.
  6. I don’t like giving much information but I have to accept that the provider has their system for their protection and it’s understandable If I were in their shoes I would likely do the same so if I don’t want to send money a certain way or provide certain information then I just have to accept that I won’t be able to book with that provider
  7. You thinking with the wrong head all the red flags are raised dont do it
  8. Could you post a link is this a “would not repeat situation”
  9. During the winter just say oh I wore long John’s then they say don’t worry about jt during summer oh I always go commando
  10. My 80 year old mom really wants to jump john sanders bones except for Murdock he is it at the top of every old ladies list
  11. One of the original intentions of the private group was to provide more protection to providers. the general public can see quite a bit of our posts here even without joining lyla few years back local residents used information from this website to try and get a local massage business shut down. moving more detailed discussion to a private group page made for less risk that our conversation could cause our providers problems like this. This was my biggest reason for joining in on it. escort discussions on here don’t pose the same threat to the escort because they protect their identity by many ways in their ads and can change locations usually. a massage room in back of a salon where a provider has helped us out can be outed and can hurt her reputation in the rest of the judgemental world
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