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  1. fresh

    Any Filipino or Thai?

    Any ad she had posted I could check out?
  2. fresh

    Any Filipino or Thai?

    There was a Filipino girl who traveled though years back mia I think lots of restrictions but absolutely wonderful session imo she must either be done or doesn’t travel here
  3. fresh

    TO/EB reviews

    What is she like for age and appearance
  4. fresh

    Kae-Leigh - Massage

    What were her looks and age like?
  5. I think best opportunity coming up is to go during the western semi final for the bombers many of the places won’t even realize this will draw many of us to our tv’s
  6. fresh

    kijji 4202

    So any more details on looks and age
  7. fresh

    Sophia - New kijiji 8176

    Thanks so much guys. That ad drew my attention. I am so glad I read all this before getting suckered In definitely not a situation I want to be involved with
  8. I also appreciate it it is good to do research but if anyone does go and sees for them selves and it is a bad situation then it is best to post it here
  9. fresh

    Candy's Escort

    Is there an ad?
  10. fresh

    Kitty on Kijiji

    Komenne. I appreciate the heads up. I think we are all better off with a certain amount of discretion. If a place is drawing the wrong kind of attention I rather know so I can avoid it. If others don’t want to know that then they can keep going. But I rather avoid.
  11. fresh

    Full body Massage 6612

    Why is he so cranky i am from out of town but visit tbay sometimes. So if I didn’t understand I would just like you know ask. I kind of miss rotary phones too!
  12. fresh

    Spinner Kendal

    Know if she will return?
  13. fresh

    kijiji Hargrave massage

    If she directs to her website then read it as she pretty much had all the info on there you would need to know. Then book if you want. That’s why she is being vague by text she wants people to go through all her conditions and points on the website of you do it her way I am sure it would be better. I have not met her but after these posts and reading her website that is my take if I was to book I would do everything as she asks and I believe that would make for the best session
  14. fresh

    New to winnipeg

    It’s been a real pain since backpage gone i felt comfortable picking out the bad idea ads on bp on LL i just feel a bad vibe from all of them
  15. fresh


    I wish they would make separate sections for that kind of thing. I have nothing against people who that’s there thing. But it’s not mine and it could make for awkward situation if you don’t realize what you are getting into until you are there.