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  1. Shit sounds like there were so many places back in the day I never got to try did Jesse have a husband who sometimes helped out might have looked like a Ron Jeremy type andwered phone for her called himself dr love i heard some story like that and was wondering if it was her place and if true
  2. That would be sugar way better especially on scrotum than waxing but you need at least 1/4 inch of hair
  3. Sarah the East Indian girl? I think she is at other places.
  4. Wasn’t too long ago I was there and it was the same as always
  5. I seen her one time it was really good. She puts a lot of effort I. To making sure you enjoy your time. probably one of the most underrated local girls. closer to travelling escort service than a massage service. I don’t remember her rates but I think they were fair for what was provided.
  6. wN is always got a special place in my heart i don’t really want to see Jenny for massage but I love seeing her before and after. I know she wishes to find the talent to make us happy
  7. I have had pedicure and then decided to go for massage better on not busy hours any place that does both would be good
  8. I have seen her Her looks are great and for me I find her easy to connect with her and have a great session but I am not sure if everyone finds that the same to me she is a Winnipeg gem so I would say try a session or two with her and see how it goes and if you are like me she will become an all important inclusion in the rotation
  9. If I were in a providers shoes I wouldn’t give out too much info on an I call location maybe a general part of the city as the visitor might want to figure out travel time so they k ow when they could get there. but exact address doesn’t need to exchange till booking is confirmed
  10. I’ve never heard of this. Is there an ad some place
  11. I have only been to the new studio location once but was very impressed with the shower and room set up. the provider was decent. but having such a nice shower and environment will lead me back to repeat there again
  12. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/manitoba/winnipeg_young_east_indian_girl_3_10pm_sunday-8072728?source=list I saw this provider recently. She uses stock photos in ad for her privacy. But she is really every bit as hot as the pics. She is slim but has all the curves in the right places. Amazing smooth skin. Wonderful beautiful eyes. not enormous but just right size of enhanced breasts to match her body type service was not rushed but she is enthusiastic in her aim to please definitely a Winnipeg gem so hopefully she stays around I will repeat over and over.
  13. A while back massage was good. But was just massage years ago their was a polish girl who did a really good quality massage there i wish I could see her again was just massage but one of the best
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