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  1. Is there a Jess at corydon i was not aware of that the thread was on jazz at 832 corydon and that is who I saw. Jazz with z’s i have seen a Jais at other locations. I am not familiar with an East Indian girl by name of Jess sorry
  2. I found jazz to be young and attractive when I saw her. She was very good to me. that was quite some time ago now.
  3. Does verified pics on leolist actually give any real assurance pics are accurate?
  4. I seen jazz once quite some time ago it was great i need to get around to seeing her again she was very easy to get along with
  5. I really think the chances of getting extra from any legit RMT is no better than chances of getting struck by lightning they invest in their education belong to a professional organization that would frown upon it they risk ruining a profitable career asides having a bunch of creepy guys showing up trying to wiggle the blanket off And make it look like a convenient accident maybe if you look like Brad Pit the odds might be better but by and large that dream is firmly routed in mythology
  6. I think the question is how long of time you have immunity they are finding cases dropping in india and South Dakota basically the younger healthy people are building immunity at least that’s the hypothesis. getting repeated exposures May increase longer immunity too early to tell
  7. It’s all degrees the amount of prevention of sickness has been fairly measured and that’s the efficacy and all the vaccines getting approved measure pretty decent on efficacy 85 to 95 ish I think they daif thats good in livestock we still use 35% efficacy products as part of vaccine cocktails cuz that amount of response still means that much less environment unfortunately in humans the amount of false confidence that would give people would make a low efficacy vaccine almost worse now a lot of them the conversation has been on can the vaccinated transfer they think still possible. but I really think it is a fair assumption that vaccinated people will spread less due to that their body will beat it down faster so there will be a shorter window where they can spread. It’s not as black or white as you might like I support your Right not to get vaccinated. cuz I support rights bit I have the right to beleive all the people who say “I don’t want to get vaccinated because blah blah blah I am healthy blah blah blah i am not a scared sheeple blah blah blah look their was a reaction blah blah blah” are.... well a bunch of idiots who turn their backs on everything that made society leap forward. but that’s just me i support your rights vaccines are ducking awesome and we should take them and help get all this shot behind us also I don’t understand why every kid big or girl is not getting hpv vaccinated. Like they were just vaccinating the girls. Yeah girls get cancer linked to hpv. But the boys spread it too. Duhhhh we could basically eliminate an STD
  8. I don’t see problem putting down a phone number they actually can get you At we all got cell phones that are just ours fake name or just first name would work if there was cases it would just be a contact tracer calling you. Nice to know before you spread it to someone vulnerable if you are exposed.
  9. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/winnipeg/winnipeg_sensual_hot_oil_massage_playful_classy_starting_at_80-6213059
  10. I never really searched her up and down to check out her tattoos too busy enjoying how hot she is. I would say she is hotter than the pics though. but I clicked with her. I would recommend going yourself to check out. you can check the tattoo’s out and report back in general I have always found I am more picky in general on looks than most guys are on here. So I don’t think you will be disappointed at all
  11. I wanted to do a quick review. I know sometimes we see an ad like this sand we think the pics are too good to be true this girl is for real. I have seen her a few times and every time I left feeling on top of the world. she’s an absolute fantasy and totally makes an experience that you will never forget.
  12. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/winnipeg/winnipeg_sensual_hot_oil_massage_playful_classy_starting_at_80-6213059
  13. Taking a break can make it better when you can go back. Why not enjoy not going out so much. Time to ask why we feel need to go out so much
  14. I think she is gone for a couple months starting this week
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