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  1. I think she is gone for a couple months starting this week
  2. If she is the same and anyone remembers how was she
  3. Is there a description of Kate what age range would she be in?
  4. No judging but it’s not my thing i was a bit shocked one time when a massage provider just went to stick her finger in my but i kindly asked her not to do that i may be missing out but I’m ok with that just doesn’t appeal to me.
  5. Jesus called me and reminded me to recommend MONA at executive bath she has made me call out his name lots of times she has man made boobs but they are exquisite every part of her from the moment she walks in till she leaves is a dream the tip needs to be good but she will take you to heaven and leave you absolutely on top of the world when I lie on my death bed and all of my life flashes before me. I will definitely push pause and remember the moments I spent with her i naturally feel I should keep this advice as I should not want to have difficulty booking her again but how can I hold back from a young chap earnestly wishing for big boobs go see her don't think About the cost you have the Rest of your life to financially recover but you only can live like this now she will Get you closer to Jesus than you have ever been before praise the lord your welcome
  6. I don’t know if there needs to be a rule but free real you did kind of pounce on a guy who just wants a big boned provider some guys like that some guys like asians some guys like women with a lot of curve or what others would even consider obese some guys like guys. I have some friends like that i like blond spinners preferably with some boobs. Maybe a bit skinny but not too skinny and young. I like them young so yeah you could call me a sexist pig for that but I don’t fault anyone for their likes and I try and respect everyone and I never want to hurt anyone in any way but I like what I like and I don’t think people should be shit on for saying what they like and we shouldn’t shit on Anybody because they ask a question. If we don’t like it we can quickly go into next thread and he’s asking people for their experience in Winnipeg if you don’t have a suggestion then don’t worry you know You don’t have to look at the Winnipeg threads if you don’t want to
  7. When body rub is listed as a business allowed to operate or when everything is allowed I would suppose so probably a while yet
  8. I just would say from my one experience with waxing I would always stick with sugaring. Especially for the sensitive area i just love being sugared. Makes the skin so smooth makes being touched feel better yet.
  9. It’s not something I want done. j was annoyed one time when a provider went at it without asking. I think it’s something they should ask first.
  10. Well if your that close to someone you are probably more likely to be transmitting it via respiratory methods. Mouth nose and eyes are going to be the most likely ways you get it. ears less likely sexually not sure if we really need to be worrying about that if we are having unprotected sex with strangers their is bigger risks
  11. I think it’s important everyone makes their own decisions about safety about their money and everything if we consider it a safety issue for us I think keeping a list is ok it er should try and take the judgment out of it and worry about ourselves
  12. I think client is fine in some contexts and hobbyist is fine in others.
  13. VIPOG isn’t the one advertising bb they dont offer that as they are reputable
  14. I guess sometimes you want to go to McDonald’s instead of the keg i can’t see a 15 minute session being enjoyable. but I guess if it works it works
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