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  1. Happy birthday to one of my favourite redheads. All the best Em.
  2. I will start with my apology. Though I was suppose to be at the social on Thurs, I was unfortunatly not able to attend. An unfortunate accident at work has injured me and thus I could not attend. I will, however, add thanks to both Mr T and Skater for all of their efforts. From the comments it was defintly one for the books and I will not be happy with having missed such an event. To a few of the ladies, I apologize for not at least having the opportunity to say hello and I will have to make amends (and hope that any drinks I owed can be rain-checked) at a later time.
  3. Count me in on this one. Still sorry missed the last.
  4. Sorry All. I'll take a little blame here. I'm away on buisness and couldn't confirm if I could have made this social. Will hopefully be around for the fall.
  5. All for t 12th of June. Only time that I will be in the area for sure.
  6. Happy B-Day Tiff. All the best in the coming year.
  7. Ohh, a ity that the year will only allow me to meet acertain few people. However,for the most part, they already know who they are as I have been in contact with them and unfortuntly wasn't able to see everyone in the last few monts with other responsibilities. Though I do look forward to it :)
  8. N Offnce folks, but the name tag thing is a bit.... well odd. My first social was this month and,thuh I admit a little nervous as I'm not good in groups, it was a great experience. There should be no issue to wlk up to someone there and just introduce yourself. Afterall, everyone there "knows" everyone for the most part. FYI T, sa me a ticket for the next one. Hopefully, I won't be travelling for like 18 hrshat day either so tha I can stay longer. Oz
  9. I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with amazing lady. Luxe is an intelligent and beautiful lady. I first managed to spend some time with her when she was dancing at Tease and after a few conversations and E-mails, I defiantly wanted to see her in a more private setting. When I arrived she immediately put me at ease and we spent some time just sitting and talking on the sofa. Time went too quickly and we spent time chatting on a variety of different subjects. Luxe has no issue traversing conversations on a wide variety of subjects and had interesting insight on different things. I will not go into any detail on our time together, however, time went too fast and my only regret is not being able to spend more time with this beautiful lady. Overall, it was an amazing time and I defiantly look forward to seeing her again in the near future.
  10. It finally happened. I had to put my bike in storage for the winter. Definatly sucks.
  11. I luckly was able to spend some time with Cleo again a few day ago. I will say that my second meeting with Cleo was even better than the first. The time that I spent with this extrodinary lady just flew by. Without a doubt anytime you spend with Cleo is worth it. When I arrived it was like meeting someone that I had known a while. Immediatly she gave me a big hug and thus I was at ease (I can be a nervous soul when in unfamiliar areas). There is no doubt that I will see Cleo again and highly reccomend her to anyone.
  12. Well, I finally had the opportunity to meet with Tiffany at Angel's last week. I had beentrying to dro by to see her for several weeks, but my schedule was just not working in my favour. Luckily I had one afternoon when she was working and this lady is witout a doubt worth spending time with. She has an awesome personality, was always smiling, and has the most beautiful eyes I've seen. After a bit of getting to know one another she moved me to a massage table. Tiffany's hands are absolute m I was suffering a minor nagging painin my shoulder which she was able to work out so well. My time went by was too fast with this angel. She is definatly worth seeing if you have som time and I will definatly be seeing her again in the future.
  13. I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with Cleo and she is defiantly everything that she is everything that a man could want. When I arrived, Cleo immediately put me at ease with a big hug (Kathryn was joining us but I will put that reco elsewhere). It was an amazing time which I will not detail out too much but, only to say that Cleo (and Kathryn) ensured that the experience was one that I will never forget. My time with Cleo went by in the blind on an eye. She is an amazing lady who I will defiantly see in the future.
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