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  1. gogofmagog

    Anyone had experience with Victoria Phoenix?

    "If you can't say anything good.... don't say anything at all." MOM
  2. Oh no? What ... pray tell .... are they paying for then?
  3. Looks like I am the only one paying for pussy..... ... the rest of you are paying for "time and companionship"?
  4. Surely you jest....
  5. Mods? What would happen if I replied in kind? Who here prepays ... seriously?
  6. gogofmagog

    Natural or Shaved

    Never met a courtesan that wasn't shaved....
  7. You are amazing Jenn.... so underrated
  8. Trust is a two way street. Never... ever prepay for pussy.
  9. gogofmagog

    Small Town Hobbying

    In small towns... everyone knows what car everyone drives. Huge problem! I park in busy nearby parking lots and walk over... and usually book in the cover of night.
  10. I "handle" it by seeing escorts.
  11. gogofmagog

    Jen - LL ( The Ultimate Companion )

    Jenn/aka Kace Lane.... will melt your face off.... Almost too hot to be an escort.
  12. gogofmagog

    Buyer learnings!

    Too bad you can't identify this escort on this site....
  13. Why is my IP address banned? What "rule" did I break?