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  2. Most ladies are not in here and may not get notification that there is a message. Using their preferred method is best because that is what they are going to check.
  3. Jessica Rain

    To the guys: Why?

    Actually I brought this up to a woman last night and she said she will honk at men walking by. I thought great! I can find out the reason. She said because men do it. D’oh! Not the answer I was looking for. LOL
  4. Jessica Rain

    To the guys: Why?

    My first reaction was “Ugh” and then I did kind of laugh it of, but it made me think. I don’t get it personally because I’m ugly int he morning. LOL I still had sleep in my eye. LOL I do agree that for most men, if you smile at them or compliment, they think you want to fuck them. Which 90% of the time, that is not the case. And I posted this on the other boards as well and one guy brought up the difference between men and women. I think women are taught to not be attention seekers because getting attention as a woman is wrong. So that could be why we don’t like being honked at or cat called. And ,men I think would like be cause they would be more accepting of the attention. Strange the difference in our gender thought process. I like looking at construction workers but I enjoy in silence. So I am curious as to the difference. That was me this morning. Why the fuck are you honking at me whenI look like shit. LMAO! I get it was just my body. I have curves, an hour glass figure so I get having the attraction, I just don’t get honking. What does the guy get out of it?
  5. Jessica Rain

    Dashcam videos: Would you stop?

    I’m just a helpful person. That is my nature. I admit I am dumb with it too. I still send men to an SP in the area who does not like me all because I’m competition and I didn’t know but one client went from her to me. But she doesn’t screen like me and is slightly cheaper so when guys can’t meet my screening or rate, I send them to her as she is very similar in look and services. I have been told I shouldn’t because she doesn’t deserve it but I don’t do it for her, I do it for the men. She is a great provider based on the feedback I have heard and I want the guys to have a good time even if not with me. So ya, I would take the time even if for a fender bender. Can’t help who I am.
  6. Jessica Rain

    Dashcam videos: Would you stop?

    And I just explained that it wouldn’t bother me and I have done it before. I own my own business, taking time away is an option I have. Sorry, but if I see a guy almost side-swipe another car and that car goes off the road because he was avoiding the side-swiper and the side-swiper just drove off, I will stop and offer my dashcam video. That is not about saving a couple hundred dollars. That is helping him not get completely screwed because no one believes he got into the accident because he was avoiding another one. That is not fair to the driver. Plus, I don’t want the side-swiper on the road and I would like the cops to have something to go after him for.
  7. So out doing the dog walk this morning. On a major busy road during what would be rush hour morning traffic. I get honked at. I don’t get it. First, I look like a bag of shit. I’m wearing tights with basically a nightgown style shirt, hair in a bun covered by a hat because I haven’t showered yet. I pee then they pee, that is the first thing we do in the morning. So I’m not looking pretty. Second, it is not like he would turn around if I waved him down. He was clearly headed to work in a work truck. So I don’t get it. Why? What is the purpose? What are you guys expecting? I’m going to wave you down and blow you in the street while holding a dog on a leash??? LMAO It is the same with cat-calling. I don’t get the purpose. It is not for us women. We don’t like it for the most part. I would guess that 90%+ of women hate being honked at or catcalled. Personally I think it is for guys more then us. So what do guys get out of it? Why can’t guys just look and appreciate in silence. Now to be clear, I’m not trying to start a bashing thread against men. I am truly trying to understand the reasons why and what the expectation is. Also, if guys know that most women don’t like, why purposely subject them to it? Or is it a absent-minded thing where they just don’t think of the women they are bothering? Opinions, please.....
  8. Jessica Rain

    Dashcam videos: Would you stop?

    I don’t care about testifying. I have done it before. I don’t know why that would be a problem. And if the dam cam evidence shows what it shows, it doesn’t matter what I say. It is video, it says it all. Ambulance chaser or not, doesn’t matter. If the person is right, they are right. I would support them. But that is just me. I realized many are too worried about their own life to help out another.
  9. Jessica Rain

    Dashcam videos: Would you stop?

    This is why I would stick around too. Especially for case where the accident was caused by another driver who was not actually hit. For example, when someone almost side-swipes a car and that car ends up ion a ditch because they avoided the other car. Then that side-swiper just drives off. It is not so much for the police but for the insurance company. Not fair that the car who ended up in the ditch gets screwed over for trying o avoid an accident. It is a lot of those videos that I see people don’t actually pull over, they just keep driving. I think we need to be more willing to help out.
  10. Absolutely nothing. This is the lounge area so open to general discussion not just pertaining to the industry. Frankly, I thought the lounge needed more threads to help create interaction. On any topic, which would be better then the alternative which is nothing on the site.
  11. https://people.com/crime/woman-allegedly-left-baby-running-car-nightclub-hurled-racial-slurs/ A 26-year-old Texas mother was arrested Sunday following an allegedly racist tirade inside a bar she’s accused of drinking in while her infant was left unattended in a running car outside. An affidavit obtained by PEOPLE alleges Samantha Vaughan of Copperas Cove was belligerent when confronted by officers inside Trackside, a nightclub in that city. The affidavit further alleges Vaughan resisted officers’ efforts to detain her, shouting a racial epithet as she was placed in handcuffs. “You will not take my child and place her with a f—— [epithet],” the affidavit alleges she screamed at the arresting officers. The officers, the affidavit indicates, did not charge her with resisting. Instead, she was charged with abandoning or endangering a child with intent to return. According to the affidavit, officers arrived at the club to find a running automobile. Inside, they found Vaughan’s infant child in the vehicle’s backseat. Police allege Vaughan told them she had driven there to pick up her husband. She allegedly told officers she used the bathroom before sitting down with her husband for two shots.Vaughan, the affidavit alleges, smelled strongly of alcohol. Investigators allege in the affidavit Vaughan refused to comply when they tried taking her into custody. At one point, she let herself fall to the floor, where she allegedly “continued to thrash her body around … yell and throw herself about.” Inside the patrol car, Vaughan allegedly “smashed her forehead” into a steel rail, resulting in a noticeable wound, according to the affidavit. It was unclear Wednesday if she had entered a plea to the sole charge against her. Her attorney’s information was also unavailable. _______________________________ I can’t get over the face! Look at that smile. Like she is checking in to a 5 star hotel on vacay.....
  12. Jessica Rain

    How long does it take

    Try contacting a mod directly?????
  13. Jessica Rain

    Dashcam videos: Would you stop?

    That is good to know.
  14. So I watch a fair bit of dashcam videos, road rage videos, etc. One thing I noticed is many of the cammer who would witness an accident, don’t pull over to wait for police. I would think that if you have the accident on camera, you would have the best account of the accident, so should you not stick around to show that evidence to police? Especially ones where it is a hit and run, or someone was avoiding someone else’s stupidity, or road rage attempt and that is what caused the accident. I don’t see how some would even prove they tried to avoid being side-swiped. Would you stop if you caught an accident on your dashcam? I have dashcam and personally I would stop.
  15. Jessica Rain

    Small Town Hobbying

    This is a bit of a problem around the area of my trailer. Sadly it hinders visits from some of the locals because they would be recognized if seen. It sucks but that that is just how it goes sometimes.