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  1. Jessica Rain

    I am done with this site.

    I have no issues with navigation. Like none. So I would also like to know exactly what the issues are. The steps you are trying and having difficulty with.
  2. Jessica Rain

    what are you doing at this very minute?

    I'm sitting, wanting to reach for my coffee but can't because I have a pussy on my lap.
  3. You can also try this site. http://www.usedpantyportal.com/ There are forums, etc just like this for that. Hope that made sense. LOL
  4. Jessica Rain


    Well I have needed to be tied down to stop my squirming.
  5. Jessica Rain


    I think or I read it that he wants SPs who provide DATY but also truly enjoy it. Not just going through the motions of it. Maybe I'm wrong. OP can correct me.
  6. Jessica Rain

    where did cerb.cc go?

    There was a big change from .ca and .com to .cc and now even .ch. Because of different law changes in Canada and the US over the last 4 years. So some sites - like the ERBs all went .cc. That would be the P, M, and T ERBs. This just reminds me I need to clean out all my bookmarks. LOL
  7. Just a heads up to my regular lovers.... Members section has been updated. For those wondering what is inside this awesome section, here is an edited sample How to get access, become a regular client! PS - There is a new 4 min. video added too! www.jessicarain.com
  8. It is true. Makes you thankful you live in Canada.
  9. For people feeling these types of headaches, get check for any neuropathic issues as that might be an underlying condition. Note that barometric pressure changes can be rapid and not at all related to the weather as in only raining or only cold. You can get some serious drops in pressure in a sun shiny day. So watch the pressure for each head ache so you can for sure conclude it is BP changes. This will help when then planning for future headaches by watching the low pressure systems coming in from weather reports. Also if regular pain killers like Advil or Tylenol are not working at all, it may again be a neuropathic issue in which these medications would not help at all. I would just hate to see people waste years on pain when trying things that would normally work but won't if it is neurological.
  10. Problem for medical users who use legal LP's. They ALL have to pay online. Every Aurora client for example. Which is the largest leading medical cannabis company in all of Canada. Im so to the point now that I don't even want to bother to go state side for anything! Good to know they can check your CCs though. I am sure they will get check for more then just weed purchases.
  11. Jessica Rain

    Social Media Conundrum

    My understanding is you don't know about posting tours when you have "regular" people following your twitter. It may be awkward for them or you later on. My question is what is more important to you? Making money by promoting a tour or worrying about what complete strangers who are regular people on twitter? Basically - who is more important? You or them?
  12. Jessica Rain

    Oh No He's Back LOL

    Do you go somewhere???? Hehehehehe. Welcome back!
  13. Jessica Rain

    Social Media Conundrum

    Your account is for work purpose so post for work and if those regular people have an issue, they will unfollow. I made a comment on gardening and I had about 20 regular gardeners, one was like 75 years and female. I had boobs and nipples and everything hanging out and they still followed. I didn't change my stuff and some still follow, some don't. On twitter, I find more people are open minded enough to follow others they may not normally on say Facebook. My question to you would be, do you risk losing money for strangers on twitter?
  14. Because why not???? So if you want to see the hidden nipples up close and personal, hit me up from my site - www.jessicarain.com
  15. Thanks to all who have replied. I've decide for the moment to remove them from public view. Until I have the time to write the story and process in a blog posting. It was suggested to me, that many may appreciate the pics more because of the story behind the loss. It can be used an inspirational tool to others and while I come across as a "B" sometimes, I really do have a big heart and would love if my story helped just 1 person meet a goal they have been struggling with. Knowledge is power, power is strength and strength makes you succeed. so here is hoping I can share that knownlesge that will be a key to the success of others. That will just give me all the feels!!!!