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  1. Even ladies with strong language skills will often default to keeping quiet, as many clients prefer silence for a relaxing time. If you want talkative you may have to engage them a little and make clear you're interested in conversation. Hopefully you won't find yourself wishing you hadn't, a few minutes later.
  2. Ideally it's not an "either/or"...presumably many successful ladies have a degree of proficiency in both, even if they work somewhere that smells like cheap mozzarella. The element of the visit that one customer considers the important part may be the icing, not cake, to the next guy.
  3. RedBlue

    Mexico massage ?

    The end of the main pedestrian tourist street in PdC that is close to the ferry terminal, those first few blocks have quite a lot of massage places, probably 15 or more of them within a 10 minute walk. If you look online on Googlemaps and check Streetview and "virtually" walk around that area, you'll see the pictures show them standing in their uniforms outside their workplace trying to encourage passers by to come in..."hello, massage today?". If nothing else, pleasant time at a reasonable price. Everything from ladies of 50+ looking very professional in starchy white clinical outfits to younger ladies where the uniforms are black or fuchsia, looking a bit more relaxed.
  4. RedBlue

    Ness Location

    I have not been but my understanding is that there are essentially two different operations located side by side. So you have "original Ness" where Linda works. Then right attached to it, Daisy's Wellness Centre, which (based on the advertising) seems to have recently added a Lucy. Different phone numbers etc.
  5. RedBlue

    Busty Mpaâ??s

    There were a couple of definite qualifiers on St. Mary's a few months back but as far as I know none of the current staff there fit the fill.
  6. RedBlue

    Colour Nails & Spa - Pembina

    As of a couple of months ago Roxanna indicated she was not working there or anywhere doing massage, for a while.
  7. RedBlue

    958 St Mary's Ave

    I saw a girl she recruited about two months ago but I don't recall if the name was Kara. Very young. Medium massage, not horrible, had some experience. Very careful and adamant about draping (believe that was partly why she got the job).
  8. RedBlue


    With a couple of places annoyingly spamming many ads per day, it's gotten hard to spot anything. In the past, wasnt Kijiji actively trying to remove duplicate ads, doesn't seem like it now.
  9. RedBlue


    The many new places opening in the last year have grabbed a lot of the attention and discussion while the more long-standing places that just continue on without change in staff and are "business as usual", not as much to say and don't get mentioned as much. That's particularly true when there's some drama or unusual happenings at places.
  10. RedBlue

    Favourite cheap massages

    Tiffany's ad still shows $40, wonder if she'll follow the market up to $50. Yeah, some girls encourage feedback and constantly ask how you are liking it, others don't seem to appreciate any kind of suggestion.
  11. RedBlue

    Michelle on BP

    Looks? The pictures she uses are accurate. Obviously not a little blonde spinner if that's what you like. Might call her statuesque perhaps. But more than sexy enough and carries herself with an easy confidence that makes you comfortable. My two cents anyway.
  12. RedBlue


    Texted early yesterday, got a reply in an hour that nothing was available until today. So...seemed fairly normal.
  13. RedBlue

    Michelle on BP

    I saw her for the nuru and basically everything is as advertised. Personable, intelligent, professional (in the best sense), it was a really nice experience, recommended. Not sure it's the sort of thing I'd repeat too often and the price may be a deterrent but I'm glad I did it, walked away smiling. As long as you have reasonable expectations, I don't think you'd be disappointed. It was nice not to know exactly where it was headed or what how her "script" was going to go, so I won't go into details here, will leave some mystery for those who might like to experience it that way, but if someone has a specific question on something that is a deal breaker, PM me.
  14. That's normal for this establishment, phone is answered by a man, yes.