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    Hello everyone, you just landed on my profile :)

    I am an independent provider, most precisely a massage attendant. Some of you might know me as Eliza from ALO and paradise spa. You can easily find reviews about me under Eliza or Karyn!

    I now have my own incall centretown at 7 minutes walk from DND, parliament and most government offices :)

    You can easily contact me here, on twitter @HornySnowflake, by sms 613-617-2578 or by e-mail [email protected]

    I am addicted to self growth and try to go to bed every night a little less stupid.

    I have pretty varied interests :

    My first passion is probably sports, more precisely kickboxing, long distance running, powerlifting, archery, hiking and more. Then there is... Microbiology and health related sciences, this is the field I studied. I am also a little techy, computer and microcontrollers.

    I love play wrestling and enjoy to add it to my sessions when people are into it. I am lightly masochistic and mostly on the submissive side even if my nature is to take charge.
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  1. KarynSvensen

    Hard to choose!

    I couldn't say about Kimmy and Victoria as I don't know anything about them, but Alison and Parker both seem like they enjoy a nice conversation :) Like wild tiger said, take a chance and contact the ladies. You should be able to tell very quickly how interested they are in connecting /conversing. I am sure that they all have their own centre of interests. You only have to search for the one that matches yours.
  2. Sammy from paradise spa is pregnant.
  3. KarynSvensen

    Strap On

    Haha no, it's perfect :)
  4. KarynSvensen

    Strap On

    I am an MA that offers strap on play when requested :) I can be rough or sensual, adapting to the pace of the session. I am 25, I don't know if this is too old for you?
  5. Like everyone else said, don't be afraid to let the girl know that you don't want to share personal details. The fact that she asks personal questions doesn't mean that she wants more than a professional contact (I don't know the whole context here, so it's hard to tell) MAs and SPs are therapists, the difference with "registered therapists" is that we all have our own way of doing it. Talking and sharing can be a big part of it.
  6. KarynSvensen

    Best VPN?

    Yes, VPN shouldn't be use for "data security". Here's what a VPN is used for: 1. Making the process of tracing you less straightforward. 2. Trying to make a service believe that you're from a different area. 3. Creating an encrypted tunnel between you and the exit node (like xBen explained ; if you log into your email or use services, the packets can still be intercepted between the service and the exit node). @xBen, virtualization is promising. I can't wait for the CPU manufacturers to start delivering a product that prevent people from taking a "negative" of the CPU state. Then we will be able to cram so many appliances on the same machine :)
  7. KarynSvensen

    Best VPN?

    Phaedrus is right, there's an infinity of applications to VPNs and every one of them will offer you a different mix /quality of services. Let's take the SP exemple where there's no "best" or "one size fit all". If your goal is to listen to US Netflix, then expressVPN is a sure bet with their high throughput (easily reach 50 mbits on udp) If you want anonimity, there's a lot of choice. Tor project is an easy, ready to use solution. As is, it is not very hard to trace you back though. You can use various tunneling systems to be anonymous, for instance tunnelbear can become very powerful with a few randomization scripts. @Caterina a VPN is a Virtual Private Network, most tunneling service isolate every devices on a different network for security purpose and preventing other devices to collect data. Your best bet is to set up the VPN directly a the exit point of your network (your pubicly facing router most probably) this way your internal network stays untouched and all your devices will benefit from the VPN.
  8. KarynSvensen

    Heels or Flats

    Heels just give this sexy posture and stride to a woman :) as long as she's comfortable in it.
  9. KarynSvensen

    Change of name

    People change overtime, providers as well. A name is a brand and a brand comes with certain expectations. These expectations can sometimes prevent you from going forward and continue your growth. I think that can describe some providers need for a new name. Plus the identification to a different name can have a different impact emotionally on the providers as much as on the guests.
  10. I prefer to be all smooth, but I heard that redhead should always leave a landing strip :)
  11. Bacon, enough to fill my freezer lol
  12. KarynSvensen

    What is for supper tonight?

    Sausage, bacon and salad for dinner tonight. Sorry, I have to use my teeth on these ones lol
  13. KarynSvensen

    Very tall girl

    There's also Avah at club cmj which is very tall. Her profile says 5'11". :)
  14. KarynSvensen

    The Demise of Backpage

    Lyla, terb, backpage and craiglist are still the main advertising methods for ottawa as far as I know. People in Ottawa tend to negotiate a lot more than in Toronto or Montreal. There's a good amount of gentlemen here that won't try to get you on a deal, but you will have a lot of talking /filtering to do with any methods. Ottawa has it's own beat that we need to sync on :)
  15. KarynSvensen

    Agencies and Indies and Testing

    I can't talk in the name of agencies in general, but I can say by experience that most of them won't get in the business of getting you tested or verifying. Some providers will be very involved and get tested every 2-3 weeks where others will get tested once a year or even never. A lot of people falsely think that if they have no symptoms, then they are clean. Intimacy is a risk, even kissing is. As crazy as it might sound, you take less risk with a sex worker than a random one night from a bar. Most providers will avoid the high risk activities like bbfs and bbgrk being well aware of it. You can mitigate the risk, but not eliminate it. All I can say is play safe and have fun!