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    Hello everyone, you just landed on my profile :)

    I am an independent provider, most precisely a massage attendant. Some of you might know me as Eliza from ALO and paradise spa. You can easily find reviews about me under Eliza or Karyn!

    I now have my own incall centretown at 7 minutes walk from DND, parliament and most government offices :)

    You can easily contact me here, on twitter @HornySnowflake, by sms 613-617-2578 or by e-mail [email protected]

    I am addicted to self growth and try to go to bed every night a little less stupid.

    I have pretty varied interests :

    My first passion is probably sports, more precisely kickboxing, long distance running, powerlifting, archery, hiking and more. Then there is... Microbiology and health related sciences, this is the field I studied. I am also a little techy, computer and microcontrollers.

    I love play wrestling and enjoy to add it to my sessions when people are into it. I am lightly masochistic and mostly on the submissive side even if my nature is to take charge.
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  1. Hi hon! Looking great!! :-)

  2. KarynSvensen

    Hard to choose!

    I couldn't say about Kimmy and Victoria as I don't know anything about them, but Alison and Parker both seem like they enjoy a nice conversation :) Like wild tiger said, take a chance and contact the ladies. You should be able to tell very quickly how interested they are in connecting /conversing. I am sure that they all have their own centre of interests. You only have to search for the one that matches yours.
  3. Pictures are great. Looking forwards. To seeing more xoxo

  4. Sammy from paradise spa is pregnant.
  5. Great profile and album thank you for sharing

  6. KarynSvensen

    Strap On

    Haha no, it's perfect :)
  7. KarynSvensen

    Strap On

    I am an MA that offers strap on play when requested :) I can be rough or sensual, adapting to the pace of the session. I am 25, I don't know if this is too old for you?
  8. Like everyone else said, don't be afraid to let the girl know that you don't want to share personal details. The fact that she asks personal questions doesn't mean that she wants more than a professional contact (I don't know the whole context here, so it's hard to tell) MAs and SPs are therapists, the difference with "registered therapists" is that we all have our own way of doing it. Talking and sharing can be a big part of it.
  9. Thank you for the compliment, pretty lady! :)

  10. KarynSvensen

    Best VPN?

    Yes, VPN shouldn't be use for "data security". Here's what a VPN is used for: 1. Making the process of tracing you less straightforward. 2. Trying to make a service believe that you're from a different area. 3. Creating an encrypted tunnel between you and the exit node (like xBen explained ; if you log into your email or use services, the packets can still be intercepted between the service and the exit node). @xBen, virtualization is promising. I can't wait for the CPU manufacturers to start delivering a product that prevent people from taking a "negative" of the CPU state. Then we will be able to cram so many appliances on the same machine :)
  11. Thanks you someguy, I am glad that you first the first one to sign my own guest book

  12. I am looking forward to meeting you as well. We just need to get our schedules lined up :)

  13. Thank you NotchJohnson, there will be more cumming regularly :P