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  1. Yes you can disagree, that the greatness of freedom... You either believe in freedom or you don't... Btw the the unvaccinated are not the enemy, also your 90% fact is not accurate...
  2. Should they hold back Health services for anyone who participates in un approved govt activities, or activities which are not recommended by the Government... 🤔... I'm fully Vaxxed , if some chooses to not be for any one reason that their choice doesn't bother me, I just ask them to respect me if I ask them to not cross my comfort line... We've all had the education on safety for 2 years now , it definitely past the time to let people choose for themselves, while respecting others of course
  3. I gave up on going there awhile ago... There are two other close spa's 649 & 311 . However I agree with you on all the posts for this place , just Bite the Bullitt and Go , See whose there for 30 mins . The only way is to find out if it's for you is go yourself ...
  4. Its Called 'Henderson Massage Therapy' there are several in the city... PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE...
  5. The lady is Nice , Massage is good... It's a professional RMT business ! so ya, let's not feel the need to ruin the Bond movie for everyone.
  6. Would it be the end of the world to go spend the $40/hr !? Maybe you'll like it regardless of someone else's opinion. $40 man
  7. "Just be careful" about what? Very Reputable for many years.
  8. They are there, I don't think work all the time though, Ad needs to be up.
  9. At one time that location at 832 Notre Dame used to place Ads with pictures like that, was all fake, they are since closed down..
  10. Sunny now is working close by Cindys location , if you want same area different massage
  11. The information is all the same but Different. I believe she took covid time off. If your a close contact with her (ie. Broadway days etc.) As well as Covid Safe (test, vaccine, had it already etc.), she may take you if you text her directly , I would suggest you explain how you know her to jog her memory if you think your a close contact. Otherwise she is being very careful with Covid measures expect to wait awhile.
  12. Was just there, no new girls like the Ad says... save your money, way better out there, even close by
  13. Maybe she's sharing the space with someone else... or maybe shes never seen you before, and put you on a need to know basis.. lol ..
  14. It's Krystal from Kingfisher... they stopped working from there so she moved... I'm still a regular with her , Good massage, Reasonable price, quiet location....
  15. Thanos/Zigzag ... 2 Lyla WhiteKnights ... 10 or pretty much everyone else.. Basically a Unanimous Decision for Stadacona
  16. Downfall of the Business ? Because lack of Services offered to you? It's a Massage Business! you know... Good Massage, Clean Rooms, Nice Attendants, Reasonable Price, Attentive Management, Proud to put a sign up. We need more businesses like this..
  17. Shes been off for the whole virus thing, well before the province shut things down... she has family at her studio so I dont believe she is in any hurry to come back..
  18. I think there is enough posts about Bait n Switch at their locations, I just expect it by now, I roll with it I guess ..not first choice so whatever..
  19. This particular situation has benefits for everyone involved when we just rip the BandAid off an say this person is gone/retired etc. Then discussion is over nobody keeps asking where she is on and on... I dont think either side is out of line in this case, whether on DND or not, its best for for her and community to get that info out sooner than later.. My .02$
  20. That Phone # is an old one I used for Sabrinah on Wellington 16th floor .. And I think that address JLL put up is the front of Michelle and Leannes ? Hmmm
  21. I didn't know the City was giving out anymore Body Rub licenses. ?
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