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    I the world of Snow White and the seven dwarves I would be the 8'th dwarf.... horny :)
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    kingston, ontario

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  1. winerdiner


    I'll confess in the confessional, you decide the punishment 😋
  2. winerdiner


    Can I find your tickle spots with that feather?
  3. winerdiner


    Nervous? Get me out of the box lol
  4. winerdiner


    The measure is the pleasure. Leather and lace. You minx!! It sheds moisture I hope😜. From my experience that would be a must
  5. winerdiner


    most definitely meeeeeowwww!!
  6. winerdiner


    I have. Pics are accurate. Looks great. Friendly. Haven't seen her in a few months but last time she was moving around a lot and I thought she was a little coked out but I may have been wrong. Without getting into details she does pretty much anything and everything. I would recommend and hopefully she has her life on track
  7. winerdiner


    Lovely "outfit". You can resuscitate me any time 🙂
  8. winerdiner


    Yes indeed we do. We can be very welcoming Kingstonians
  9. winerdiner


    Keep us abreast of your visit ;).
  10. winerdiner


    Meowww indeed!!
  11. winerdiner


    Well, when you come to visit Kingston just post when and I'd love to experience your delicious curves😋
  12. winerdiner


    I would suggest Vanessa Rayne. Nice personality, sexy bbw
  13. winerdiner

    Looking at starting in the industry.

    I think you started in the right way. By asking questions. Hope it works out and you find the answers and support you need. Look forward to hearing more from "sapphire mae" 🙂
  14. winerdiner

    Sara 8273?

    If she has reviews just ask them but sounds like hot and cold lol. Was thinking about giving her a look. Will let you know what I discovered lol
  15. winerdiner

    Brianna James

    ok man thanks