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    I the world of Snow White and the seven dwarves I would be the 8'th dwarf.... horny :)
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  1. winerdiner

    Escort Outcalls

    To be honest, I've seen an SP who has children in her home. They're school age children and never there when we're together. If they were I would leave instantly
  2. winerdiner

    Escort Outcalls

    That really sucks! It's unfortunate that some are so untrustworthy and you found out the hard way BUT you found out and learned from the experience. There are good and bad gentlemen and good and bad ladies. Mostly, good gentlemen find good ladies by trial and error too
  3. winerdiner

    Escort Outcalls

    I would never and I mean never put an SP in a situation where there is someone else in the home. I have no children and if I did, rest assured they would never be lurking about. I can't imagine any man or woman wanting that type of drama. I've had SP's visits at my home. It took some courage on both parts. I always tell my SP I have a dog just in case there is a phobia. That's how sensible I am
  4. winerdiner

    Just Random Thoughts

    Well, if he doesn't want any signs he should probably give up seeing SP's because the signs of indiscretion are usually etched on ones face, scent or body language. That depends on the readers ability to read faces, scents and body language and my wife either lost that art or doesn't care. Probably the latter. I assume that most men talk to their wives or partners about sex. At some point, the words far exceed the actions and like women, men don't beg.
  5. winerdiner

    Sasha May

    Yeah the above guys said it all. You make an excellent point(s) 😉
  6. winerdiner

    Some scary shit out there....

    Yep, been asked for an e-transfer up front. Just no! If I offer that's fine, it means I trust and know the SP well, if not adios mu chacha
  7. winerdiner

    Lyla has a Twitter!

    Ok, maybe I won't check it out
  8. winerdiner

    Lyla has a Twitter!

    will check it out. Thanks for the info
  9. Post a song that reminds your of your favorite lady in red. Mine.... Killer Queen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZBtPf7FOoM
  10. winerdiner

    Natural or Shaved

    Don't mind a little fur on the kitty at all! It kind of traps some moisture and natural scent, and like Robert DeNiro I love the scent of a woman. I certainly understand why some shave clean so as not to trap moisture though. Honestly, shaved clean or some hair are both good with me. Went to a nude beach once in the Caribbean, a few euro-ladies with full bush and arm pit hair, a bit much. I'm sure deodorants and perfumes were designed to keep dogs like me from sniffing😁
  11. Another perspective but much the same. I've been hobbying for 2-3 years. My wife is totally disinterested in sex. When we first met 9 years ago we were like rabbits and 3 times a day, for about 3 months. She was just beginning menopause at the time and as it progressed with night sweats, mood changes, body changes, thermostat too high or two low all the time, our sex life dwindled to nothing. It's called the change of life for a reason and it certainly changed our sex life. At first I took that very personally, and I was angry, mostly at myself. She also had some hang-ups about sex after her previous marriage and some things that happened to her when she was very young. I've come to accept it, realize that begging or pressuring don't work so here I am. When I started hobbying I felt guilt because I'm not a cheater and I felt like I was totally cheating. I've changed my perspective that way. I can love her, respect her, care for and about her, support her and be faithful. On top of that I can help certain ladies that I like and contribute to their life style in some way. That allows me to give sexually and to love at home. I've seen a few SP's, some are worthy of the giving. At the same time I can love my wife. Lessons learned!
  12. winerdiner

    anyone know her?

    Pretty sketchy I'd say just from the site alone
  13. winerdiner

    Layla Hill

    A little restrictive. No BB anything. Great kisser though which I like. Seems to enjoy what she does. Hard to communicate with because this only a side line thing so quite restrictive that way
  14. winerdiner

    Want to know if she’s fake

    I had an encounter today. Her pics aren't exactly representative. She is attractive though. She made some claims about services that weren't fulfilled. She's not fake but not exactly honest either. To be fair I only had a hh though. So maybe different with an hour session. IDK
  15. So beautiful miss