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  1. Hi there! What a pleasure to meet you, my name is Isabella. Being part Spanish, Scottish, and French Canadian, I bring a mix of my different cultural upbringing to our meeting. I am here to pamper your body and your soul. While I look younger than my age, my educational background leaves me a curious lady who's always looking to learn something new. As such, I relish at the occasion to learn what makes you go wild. My soft skin, delightful conversation, and sensual caresses will have you coming back for more. Whether you want to relax and enjoy a moment away from the chaos or enjoy a night on the town I will be providing laughter and smiles throughout our time together. Not being able to leave the country is no reason to not have a taste of the exquisite! Let us spend an afternoon together sharing a bottle of wine and some takeout, slowly teasing each other until one of us explodes from pleasure. I believe human beings are social creatures which means we need to seek out touch and companionship when we can. I am here to make you feel at ease so you can benefit from the endorphins obtained through skin-on-skin contact. I welcome people of all ethnicities, genders, and abilities. Hygiene, discretion, and safety are very important to me. On my website you will find how to get in touch with me and booking instructions; I require light screening for my personal safety if it is the first time we meet. I look forward to meeting you and fulfilling your innermost desires. website: www.isabelladivine.com e-mail: [email protected] Twitter: Belladivine3 Availabilities: Incall (downtown)/outcall: Friday - Tuesday Rates - Incall: 1 hour: 350 90 minutes: 450 2 hours: 550 3 hours: 750 4 hours: 1000 Rates - Outcall 90 minutes: 500 2 hours: 600 3 hours: 800 4 hours: 1000 6 hours: 1200 Overnight (12 hours): 2000
  2. As my bank doesn't show who transfers are being sent to or received from I assumed this was the case for everyone. I'll be making a second (third?) e-mail for this exact purpose.
  3. I think it's so great that you want to make sure to be as ethical as possible and ensure no one is being forced to do something they don't want to do! While I agree on a surface level with what you said, not having a license doesn't automatically mean they're being taken advantage of. The license can be viewed by the federal gov't which is why some ladies I know refuse to get it. I know two ladies whose jobs are at stake, one who is in the military and a second who works for a different branch of the federal gov't.
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