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    Salut mes amours,

    My name is Genevieve Marceau.

    I'm a fit and curvaceous French Canadian muse available to the most discerning gentlemen. Besides my alluring curves and beautiful face, you will be pleased to discover an intelligent lady who possesses cultivated tastes and sumptuous manners. Gifted in the art of sensuality, I have developed skills of a rare excellence.

    I am a companion who is capable of anything in the world of love, desire and naughtiness.

    Catch me to embark on a wonderful journey that will bring you beyond paradise, a place where one moment can change everything and anything is possible.

    Genevieve Marceau
    Montreal Independent Companion

    Twitter @Missmarceau
    Instagram @Genevieve_marceau
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    Genevieve Marceau
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  1. Incalls Now Available in Ottawa! Chic, safe and discreet location 5 minutes from Downtown ~ A $100 deposit is necessary in order to reserve an incall of less than 6 hours ~ ______________________________________ www.genevievemarceau.com
  2. Hello there, I am available for Kingston, for a minimum of a 3 hours reservation. That is if you dare... www.genevievemarceau.com
  3. "Beneath a covering of silk and lace, the most indecent proposals..." Genevieve Marceau Companionship ♦ Sensual Domination ♦ Private Video Calls www.genevievemarceau.com Twitter ~ Instagram Limited number of outcalls available in the National Capital Region. As an exceptional Covid19 measure, I am now accepting dates to personal residence.
  4. Kaia Sophia is Ottawa based, and drop dead gorgeous: https://www.thekaiasophia.com/
  5. "Beneath a covering of silk and lace, the most indecent proposals" Genevieve Marceau Independent Companion & Femdom www.genevievemarceau.com ♥ Available in Ottawa for a limited number of dates ♥ Note: as an exceptional covid-19 measure, I am now accepting date in personal residence.
  6. I guess that MA's, Dommes, and non-review providers will have to migrate to another platform. 🤷‍♀️
  7. What I understand is that it's your problem more than it is ours.
  8. Genevieve Marceau Independent Companion and Femdom www.genevievemarceau.com As some of you may know, I am officially moving back to Ottawa this week! I have limited availability for July, and I am taking appointments now - OUTCALLS only. Note that preferences will be given to longer reservations. BOOK HERE
  9. A city gets the market that it deserves. If you are not welling to provide a deposit, don't bother to do your research, don't fly providers to you, don't book touring ladies, well...you get what you give. Fort McMurray is a small city, it is up to the clients to create the incentive for us to visit you there. A quality clientele will attract quality providers.
  10. Genevieve Marceau Virtual e-Xperience Video Calls ♥ Phone Calls ♥ Custom Clips ♥ Custom Pictures Full Details Here Teaser 2 May 2020 - with music.mp4
  11. Dear Fatskis, First of all, I am deeply sorry to hear about your news, and I hope that you make the best of your time with us. I would like to recommend https://ottawa-independentcompanions.com/ . You will find the perfect partner for you there, without the shadow of a doubt 💜
  12. 1. There is no such thing as "free porn", only stolen content from exploited creators/performers; 2. Saying there is no point of buying content from your providers because of stolen porn is the equivalent of saying "why pay for companionship when there is Tinder"; 3. Some of you care, and booking our virtual package is a way to encourage us. If you don't care, and that's fine also. I would simply be a bit embarrassed to admit that on a public forum though, where we providers, can see your comments; 4. Some of you in this thread who are not interested in buying content sure had no problems sending me unsolicited DM's over YEARS with carrot dangling bookings in the hope to get free attention. If you don't see value in it, why seek it? I mean, do I really have to walk you through the irony here? 5. Finally, thanks for the fear mongering regarding the risks of connecting with provider online: WE ARE NOT TRYING TO SCAM YOU, WE ARE STRUGGLING AND ARE JUST TRYING TO MAKE A GODDAMN LIVING!!!!! So, just like when you are booking a live date with a provider, DO YOUR HOMEWORK.
  13. Let's not distance separate us A bespoke "e-xperience" with Genevieve Marceau ~ Click HERE for package rates & information ~ [email protected] Teaser with FX & Music.mp4
  14. Let's not distance separate us A bespoke "e-xperience" with Genevieve Marceau ~ Click HERE for package rates & information ~ [email protected] Virtual Romance.mp4
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