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  1. Guess a bit of a highlight (although the highlight really comes end of the month) Made my hotel reservations in Toronto. No small feat, I went through 8...yes 8 hotels trying to reserve a room, all booked up for the date I'm coming down, hotel number 9 I got a reservation. Then contacted the restaurant we're going too, got a table...not just a table but a booth . So the highlight(s) are the major logistical sides of a date organized (not to mention she's already been paid in full in advance, not just a deposit, but in full) Just waiting for four long weeks now to finally meet this lady A "In Anticipation" Rambling RG
  2. Started with breakfast out...bacon, eggs coffee $20 (that includes what I give for tip) Trip to the cheese factory...10yr old cheddar, salsa, mozzarella with onion, jalapeño and red chili cheese oh and a fresh bag of curd Then grocery shopping...the most important coffee, second most important Becks no alcohol beer Then paid for my truck insurance...yes pricey but (drumroll) Did I mention I filled up the gas tank...the truck was a 1/4 tank full so I only needed 3/4 tank of gas...$167.00 I shit you not!!!...I'm planning on going to Walmart tomorrow, buy a tin cup and a lot of pencils and sit on the street corner selling them (yes I'm joking) A Impoverished Rambling RG
  3. I'm in the "who cares" school of thought Whether it's over or under what difference does it make, just so long as there is tp there...??? Bigger things to concern myself with, like a cat stealing and destroying the tp...leads to shortages 🙀 A Rambling RG
  4. Have to agree about the cost. Now a "fill up" might be cheap (compared to gas or diesel) but whether its the gas companies or electric companies they make their money by nickel and diming (and dollaring) John and Jane Q Public every chance they get. Once electric cars are more mainstream then electric costs will go up. Maybe on a plus side gas prices will go down lol A Rambling RG
  5. Electric cars not a fan. Where I live, no place in town that has charging stations...I'd have to drive out of town to charge up. Not to mention charging takes time, its not like pumping gas a few minutes later you're done. And cost...I'll bet the cost to charge will go up when there are more electric cars on the road. So right now, and probably for a long time I'll drive my pickup...I like it (except at the pumps lol) and it can handle all seasons, not sure about an electric car in winter. And as for phones I've got a cell phone that's serves as my "landline" too. Only downside of that, people expect you to be available 24/7. Kinda makes me miss the good old days of the internet, when it was dial up. If you were on the internet no one could call you. So for your listening pleasure lol Dial Up Internet - Sound Effect (HD) - YouTube A Rambling RG
  6. This was posted on Twitter today so I thought I'd steal it (ok copy it) and post it here A Stolen Well Not Rambling But A Post RG
  7. Saw this on Twitter, thought it was appropriate for Lyla so I stole it😆 and posted it here. RG
  8. This past Friday, after a two plus year hiatus I had my first date again and with a lady I have seen before, Simone Loren. My heart was beating in anticipation of her visit. And I nearly had a coronary when I heard the knock on the door. I answered and there was Simone, arriving on time, looking as beautiful as I remembered. I ushered her in and we sat down, getting reacquainted over drinks. During the course of our conversation it was just like yesterday that I saw Simone, our conversation seemed to pick up where we last left it. Our date continued, with a short walk to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for dinner. And while the dinner served was excellent it was the company that made it, and the date memorable. After dinner we returned to my hotel. Details of which are private. The only thing I’ll say is she saw my surgical scars from where I got my knees scoped. Anything beyond that is private between Simone and me. Simone is a warm affectionate (and honest) lady and a date with her was a Great Way both to break the two year hiatus I, like many others have been on, and to spend an evening with. She is someone I’ve seen in the past and will see again in the future. If you’re in Toronto and looking for a lady to see, I can recommend Simone as a lady to book a date with. And Thank You Simone for another wonderful and memorable date. (BTW this recommendation was posted after Simone's review of it first and her OK in posting it)
  9. And continuing in the spirit of this deposit scam thread today I checked with a companion I'm going to see in July asking her what was the balance owing for our upcoming date. I guessed higher ($XXX.00) It turns out I was wrong, all left owing was ($XX.00) She said additional hours cost ($XXX.00/hour) so my planned five hour date I changed to a six hour date and paid her the balance owing in full. All that's left is to reserve a hotel room show up, with suitcase in one hand and a defibrillator in the other, my heart's pounding away in anticipation already. Yes you might have guessed, I have no problems paying a companion in full in advance of the date A rambling while my knees buckle and heart pounds away RG
  10. Today, well as of right now its Black Coffee And guess what.....I really am having a black coffee A Rambling Over Cup Number One RG
  11. This is the deposit scam I went through last night. Over two years ago (before the covid lockdowns etc) I booked and paid in full in advance a five hour date with a companion. Then the lockdowns hit, date postponed. We, at the time rescheduled the date when lockdowns lifted. On top of that I had surgery on my knees and recently laser surgery on both eyes. But we finally a date set, last night to be exact...and guess what, the companion I paid (in full) for a five hour date arrived at my hotel room on time and we had a Great Date!!!. Yes I'm being sarcastic calling it a deposit scam, this lady like a lot of ladies is honest and reputable. Clients need to do their research before booking a date. I've paid in full via etransfer since 2011, no deposit scams or issues...well one, I've had Great Dates. And later today or tomorrow I'll post (with her permission first) a recommendation A rambling over cup number one RG
  12. Since one of the last things I purchased is a bag of cheese curd for dinner its cheese curd and radishes, may seem a strange combo but its yummy 😋washed down with a Becks no alcohol beer 🍺 And for desert, fresh cherries 🍒 A mouth watering, at least for me, rambling RG
  13. Breakfast....bacon, eggs and bottomless coffee. Then a trip to the cheese factory, 10 year old cheddar, salsa cheese, mozzarella cheese w onion and a bag of fresh curd. Then stopped at the grocery store, just a couple odds and ends Now home rambling away RG
  14. And yesterday I sent a lady her fifth and second last payment (in full not just a deposit) for a date I'm having the end of July. I haven't lost a deposit...well payment in full by paying in advance. And I've been doing this since 2011 along with giving screening /verification information. A Lighter In The Wallet...But Lighter In A Good Way Rambling 😄 RG
  15. Would have posted yesterday but just got the log on reset instructions. I bought a much needed new laptop. Nothing fancy a 14 inch HP A rambling as I psych myself for a day of transferring files over Going to need another coffee though lol RG
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