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    I will not add a "selfie" to my advertising and while I've seen a provider with her pro pics verified, they won't respond to any of my enquiries. I won't deal with a company that doesn't answer their mail. I've seen a huge quantity of "verified" ads where the selfies are real but the rest of the pics are stolen and the east coast is rife with highly questionable ads. I'm actually very disappointed that Lyla is partnered with them at this point given their extremely poor customer service and willingness to allow scammers on. It certainly does Lyla no favours from a branding perspective. I won't be supporting it until they show a modicum of interest in dealing with reputable providers... smiles, cat
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    If it wasn't such a detriment to the industry I would call it comical. A typical fake ad will be a picture of a "Latina Model" for $80 an hour. Really. I don't recall backpages ever being this bad. I was had an appointment with French Girl Melissa last weekend. She says she isn't going to bother coming to the Maritimes anymore (she's located in Montreal now) because it has become so bad. She was in Fredericton for the weekend and only saw three clients. One of them told her about almost being robbed by a man with a baseball bat. Unless a lady posts here on cerb.ca I would be really reluctant about seeing someone new.
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    Haha I received the same text and laughed because of this. ''Unknown reasons''... Nice try
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    I second your reco for Annabelle. I had the chance to meet up with her also last night, after midnight. I also noticed Ariel there, but didn't get a chance to connect..
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    I recall reading that reviews are not allowed on Leolist and neither are links to reviews/review sites. This makes perfect sense as they cannot control the content on other sites and they cannot be held responsible for exactly what Fosta/sesta says they will be held responsible for. You (collective you) can no longer expect overlap with easy to follow links etc any more due to the new laws (that, by the way, affect us too). That is why girls create websites. They control the content and decide what can be overlapped and what can be saved for more private, personal contact with an individual (not plastered all over the place but private contact/inquiries). So you will have to look at websites and trust that she has given you all the information you need at the moment. You will have to trust that she is more educated and aware of what she needs to do to keep herself safe from the new laws and still continue to provide you with a great companion experience. I think it would be called 'self-preservation' and the new laws are bigger than anyone here and need to be heeded. Clients who are used to doing things one way (always suggesting how things should be done...for the good of the hobby) will also have to adjust to the new way of doing things. The new laws have kind of put your 'job' in jeopardy and making public your opinions/suggestions will have to stop as they put many girls in danger of being 'found out' simply by association. You (collective you) need to find a new way to communicate when you are speaking 'in public'. Additional Comments: Verifying pics...it's okay but to someone trying to control their brand/image it is a bit of ...let's say 'bother'. First, with this style of verification, it kind of is like a pic of ransomed kidnap victim with a newspaper held up for proof of life. Also, with some girls who are old school, like me, you have to be ready to take pics. You have to feel it. You need the time, the look, the ideas and the head space. Of course, millennial's have no issues like this as they live in the selfie-taking world already. Also, I'm sure with everything being new, girls are not committed yet as they are trying different venues until they find something they like. They don't easily sign up for anything in no time flat and research it later. They want to get the feel for it first. Especially if they are happy they are verified enough already, you mustn't force them because it seems to be the right thing to do. It isn't always the right thing to do, and any amount of encouragement by listing what can be perceived as Pros (vs cons) doesn't trump a girls instinct about herself and about her business. And you admitted yourself... the only reason you want these pics verified is so you have less work to do ;) lol... Enjoy your day :)
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    I don't advertise too much because I have enough regulars to keep me busy, but I'm definitely still active. I have a new website as well - very basic but it does the job! http://www.sexymissmolly.com PS - I'm 41...
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    I believe you are referring to Amber, who works out of a condo on Blair. At one time there were 3 ladies working out of there, Rarity, Shelia and Amber. Not a lot of info but I found this thread. http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=254543&highlight=amber Mixed reviews but as always, different strokes for different folks.
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    I've seen a few fakes that were verified, so it's definitely not foolproof.
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    Forget her and move on.
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    Yep. Not that I'm overly active, but I do browse sites frequently just to keep myself up-to-date and safe for when I am active. I was hoping LL would replace backpage, but that will only happen if the site begins to take complaints seriously. So far, from what I've seen, they've been silent and unresponsive to complaints from the legitimate providers. It's quite the mess at the moment, really....almost unusable.
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    In case we've not yet had the pleasure.. I'm a 5'6 brunette, with a movie star smile and bright, blue/green eyes that you'll love to have look back up at you.. With a toned, and moderately tan & tattooed, athletic body that I love to show off and share with certain respectful gentlemen and couples, Let my body be your playground.. I offer my sensual, pampering attention for those who appreciate the sweeter, softer side of a lady; and a naughtier, kinky experience for those with more... curious tastes :p Openminded and genuine, I love to indulge fantasies, from the vanilla to things a bit more intense, my true passion is pleasing my guests! With a wardrobe to captivate many tastes, and accessories for both of our pleasures, the possibilities for pleasure are endless, just share with me what you might enjoy, and I'll take care of the rest! Join me at my unique and discrete, private downtown location with a shower, amenities, and even a fresh pouf available if you'd like freshen up before or after our date :p Or have me visit your verifiable downtown/area suite, at no extra charge! ** Outcalls to the airport or outside HRM are considered with an additional fee and/or minimum booking Available in Halifax: Monday May 21: Available From Noon Tuesday May 22: From 9am Wednesday May 23: From 9am Thursday May 24: From 9am Friday May 25: Til Midnight Saturday May 26: Morning, 6pm Til Midnight Sunday May 27: Prebooking Only Monday May 28: From Noon Tuesday May 29: Available Til Noon, After 4:30pm A few good words here: http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=110533 More updates of my shenanigans and even more selfies on twitter & Instagram! @msmandahfx Request And Fetish Friendly! Please visit my site for details & schedule updates, or pm/email for more info! xx
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    Which city is she in now? Do you know if she has changed cities by chance?
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    I understand Malika's point about professional vs selfie pics, both from a cost to the ladies and quality perspective. They are much nicer and present the ladies in a classy way. I also agree with Meaghan's comment "let non lyla providers know of this site". However, we hobbyists, in general, have a smaller voice than the ladies in that their ads receive a lot more views than most of the hobbyists' comments. While we do our part to spread the word to use Lyla, I think it would also be beneficial to all if the ladies also referred to Lyla in their ads, perhaps by pointing towards their splendid reviews. It will help quickly filter out the fake ads, promote Lyla to those that aren't members (providers and hobbyists), and aid the hobbyist in finding the reviews to see if the lady in question might be a good fit. The latter point may also help filter out some of the calls the ladies receive from hobbyists that would not be a good match. Meanwhile, even though I may peruse Leo List out of curiosity, I will continue to use Lyla as my primary source to meet wonderful ladies.
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    Because I spent several hundreds to have professional pictures taken If you verified with Leolist they automatically put your selfies taken with the sign saying LL. Which as much as some selfies can be nice, having those first pics showing up first ...meh.
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    My 2 cents based on my personal feelings. First of all, when BP went down, my phone blew up. I even wished at one point I could clone myself. Getting new pics, holding a sign up with their website on it means I need someone to take the actual pictures. So, being the lazy advertiser I am, I put it off till things quieted down for me. There is a benefit for providers to get verified. Discounts on ads rates, standing out from others and option to post more pictures. However, being verified on lyla to me is more significant as it's more then just holding up a sign. So, if guys would continue seeking out lyla providers, let non lyla providers know of this site, it will eventually work itself out. Leolist is slowly raising their rates, so at some point the scammers and frauds will have no choice but to go away. If everyone reported the fraudulent posters to leolist, it would stop alot of it.
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    Awesome night at Barb's with my friend curmudgeon. The place was pretty empty when I arrived at 7.30 but was hopping by the time I left at 11.30. Among the highlights: Phoenix, beyond beautiful and sexy; Ariel, who I have often described as one of the best-looking women I've ever seen; new (at least to me) hottie Bella, who has a CH-clone body for those of us who miss her as I do; Anna, Maria, Carmen, Steph, Lacey, Havana, and a host of others. In the first post on this thread I mentioned the gorgeous Taylor. She was there tonight, looking stunning in a tight dress, but again I didn't get a dance. A great time was had! :)
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    Yes cuz we spend our money too. It's the circle of ... money ;). And it also helps to keep an economy strong. We have to eat and pay for accommodations, electricity and gas, taxi, food, clothes, nails, hair... it all goes into the pockets of other people who make a living. And the government gets their share. Rinse and repeat. :) Dummies, they think they got it all figured out
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    Good Morning Gentlemen, Are you a naughty boy that loves to be entertained? Allow me to introduce myself! I'm Melissa. A stunning drop dead gorgeous brunette bombshell that loves to entertain and get real naughty. The art of seduction is my specialty. I stand 5'5 125lbs 36DD, long silky brown hair mesmerising green eyes tanned and toned skin. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_burnette_bombshell_visiting_sexy_seductive_xxx_playtime-3707266 I will be visiting Ottawa May 22- 25! No Rush/ No Regrets I look forward to meeting you! Mel 506 961 5829 oxox
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    in ST-JOHNS MAI 15TH TO 23RD how to delete a snapchat account SHANTIE 23yrs old Quebecoise Sexy, Kinky, fun & Entrepreneure attitude long dark blond hair, green eyes tanned, natural 34D -25-35 5''6 , 125lbs , talented & devoted perky, chatty , down to earth & incredibly open minded will have you back for more in no time Classy, educated & fun party/shooter girl style! FULLY INTERACTIVE DUOS with ALEXIA 500H how to delete a snapchat account Outstanding Reviews, greatest attitude & service a whole lot on the menu! 438-925-7700 [email protected]
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    Hi folks, Beware of the above mentioned. Will not directly answer questions. All questions come back with irrelevant "button" replies. Ie: "Tell me a bit about yourself...", "Hi. Glad you contacted i. Text. You host." i know there is a lot That can be read into that, but every question came back with an equally off topic reply. Cheers
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    It's not at all a detriment. I use these tools, they don't use me. I'm the brain. I set the rules.
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    Shes great
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    I am so excited to share with you this awesome announcement! The Hot Spa will be moving to it's final and forever home! Starting renovations this week, and hope to a have our GRAND OPENING in June, date not yet decided. From top to bottom this spa will be 100% newly renovated and designed with comfort and beauty in mind. It will feature all of the upscale spa setting as I have currently but even more modern! The complete house will be a dedicated space for entertaining, hosting and giving you that much needed retreat! The Feng Shui of this space will immediately bring you to an elevated and ethereal relaxation! Where your focus will be on ALL 5 senses! Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight and Sound! Located in an area that is safe and secure. Easy to find and not on main road sight line. I may be changing my own hours here at the spa to allow me time to design and manage the renovations, however Tiffany and Alexx will keep same schedules.
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    I am curious to know too.
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    I have been to see her recently and had the tantric massage. It was a very pleasant experience and I plan on repeating. It was a sensual 2 hour experience that ended with an orgasm. I especially enjoyed the part were she was using her feet to massage my back. She was also clothed in a sexy little outfit the whole time. Personally the experience was fantastic. It feels wonderful to be the center of attention in a spiritual way by a pretty lady. If your opened minded I would give it a shot. Posted via Mobile Device
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