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  1. Warped88


    All the photos are of plus size model Lilli Luxe.
  2. Warped88

    Moncton new girls?

    Olivia: Photos are from the Twitter account (I follow them) of a provider based in Ottawa.
  3. Warped88

    Quitting smoking with vape

    There's plenty of research out there at the moment detailing the safety of vaping when compared to smoking. 95% percent safer in one study, as an example. However, you are right, we don't know long term affects yet. And that's why vaping is about "harm reduction". If I had a choice of inhaling just a few chemicals with vaping or 4000+ with smoking, the choice is pretty clear for me...especially when quitting cold turkey, or any other common method, just won't work. Anyway, I won't ramble...lol...there's a lot of misinformation out there....
  4. Warped88

    Quitting smoking with vape

    It took me a week or 2 to adjust when I quit and started vaping. It affects everyone differently. While you'll get you nicotine from your vape, there are 4000+ chemicals in cigarette smoke, and you're going to have withdrawal symptoms from those. I was light headed and "out of it" for a good week or more. But, I never would have quit without vaping, it's the only thing that worked for me. Good luck!!!
  5. Warped88

    Quitting smoking with vape

    No recommendations for shops as I don't know your area, but... Perhaps browse E Cigarette Forum: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/ Lots of knowledgeable vapers there and you're bound to get better advice from them than most shops. Nicotine is going to vary somewhat from person to person. It'll depend on the type of tank your using and, of course, your body. If you have questions, I've been at it for a while and I can do my best to answer... :)
  6. Thanks. :) And this is one of the reasons I'm hesitant to visit with anyone new unless recommended and with a lengthy and well established presence. Maybe painting broad strokes, but....
  7. Warped88

    Fake ads galore on Leolist

    We can try. The problem, however, it that's there's so many. The further problem is that Leolist doesn't seem to be reacting to the reports. As one example, MsManda has reported, with the help of other users, numerous fakes using her photos and info and they have never responded to her or removed the ads. Maybe they simply don't have the resources and it's hit and miss...don't know.
  8. Warped88

    Fake ads galore on Leolist

    I've seen a few fakes that were verified, so it's definitely not foolproof.
  9. Warped88

    Fake ads galore on Leolist

    Yep. Not that I'm overly active, but I do browse sites frequently just to keep myself up-to-date and safe for when I am active. I was hoping LL would replace backpage, but that will only happen if the site begins to take complaints seriously. So far, from what I've seen, they've been silent and unresponsive to complaints from the legitimate providers. It's quite the mess at the moment, really....almost unusable.
  10. Was just fretting over this the other day... I was once an avid reader and a very good writer. So good, I was always encouraged by my professors, and those who knew me well, to peruse that in some form. Over the years, though, with an exhausting job and other commitments, I rarely have the time to read or write, or the energy, and those skills have suffered considerably. Now, it's usually TV or messing around on the phone/computer when I have down time. But, I have a feeling if those distractions weren't available, I'd get back into my old (good) habits. Will admit, though, it's my own fault and not that of technology....
  11. Warped88

    So many fake ads on LL. Lol!

    It's actually a little alarming how quickly LeoList is going downhill. I don't remember backpage being quite this bad. But, maybe I'm wrong. They need to clean things up, and improve the usability of their site, if they want to remain relevant.
  12. Warped88

    Photo Albums

    Yep. I've been having the issue for the last week or 2 now.
  13. Warped88

    Brooklyn Styles

    After attempting periodically over the last couple of years to meet Brooklyn, I was finally able to do so recently. While taking nothing away from all the other lovely women I've met, and will absolutely revisit again at some point, Brooklyn was something special. Very passionate, warm, welcoming, intelligent, playful, and funny. I don't think I've ever felt quite so "wanted" before in this lifestyle. Just an overall amazing experience! Due to responsibilities in my own life, I'm not able to visit ladies often (Brooklyn was the first in almost 1 1/2 years), but I'll absolutely be meeting her as often as I can...and I gotta feeling it'll be sooner rather than later. ;) Thanks, Brooklyn! :)
  14. Warped88

    LeoList-what I like

    Yep. Leolist is, in my opinion (not sure what the ladies think), the best option out there at this time. And a pretty good one at that. The only things that need a little work, I think, are overall speed and optimizing for mobile. Those two, in particular the latter, are lacking a fair amount.
  15. Warped88

    Goodbye Backpage

    I'm not very active in this "lifestyle" these days as I never seem to have time (been well over a year since my last date), but I do keep up with these boards and Twitter... I feel nothing but sympathy (not the best word, perhaps) for the ladies. The current environment, not just the loss of BP, is putting many of them at risk and is unacceptable. There is little I'm able to do personally other than voice my support. I do believe solutions will be found that will allow a return to normalcy, but the intervening months are going to be rough, I think.