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    Times available and location Monday Oct 16 Outcalls only 1pm-10pm Tuesday Oct 17 Off Wednesday Oct 18 Incall/Outcall 12pm-11pm Thursday Oct 19 Incall/Outcall 9am-8pm Friday Oct 20 Off Saturday Oct 21 Off Sunday Oct 22 Off Incalls are in Halifax at a central, discreet location with plenty of free parking. Open to men, women and couples. How to connect with me Text or call: 902-456-2898 (text preferred) Email: [email protected] Twitter: @KylieJ_Halifax Website: https://www.kyliejane.net 'private' or 'unknown' callers will not be answered. Donation Rates Incall hosting in Halifax: 30min.... $160 1 hour..... $260 90min.... $400 2 hours.. $480 Additional incall hours 220/hr. After 1sr hr. Additional incall half-hours are $140. After 1st hr. **New people may be required to submit a deposit for first time booking** Outcalls: Outcalls are available through the week with atleast 6hrs notice and per my availability, in Halifax and surrounding areas. Outcalls on days I'm not hosting require a 2hr minimum date. Starting at $600 for 2hrs. Outcalls on days I'm hosting require a 1hr minimum date. Starting at $320 for 1hr. Outcalls are location based and may be subject to a $50 per hour for travel. **All outcalls require a deposit in advance** Please message for overnight, extended days and weekend rates. Pics on site during date $30 each Videos on site during date $60/15min **Pics and videos are at my discretion Sexting $60/20min w/1pic $80/20min w/3pics $100/20min w/1pic and video clip **Role play is available during Sexting** **Sexting dates require booking and there are none on my hosting incall days** Content sales online Pics $25 each Videos $60-$80 each (1 to 3min in length) Used panties $20 each About Me I am a 5'6 beautiful blonde with soft pleasing features, engaging blue eyes that will captivate you and luscious fill lips that will more than please you all over. My small waist, perfect hips, tight booty and perky breasts gives me amazing curves(36d-28-36) and an hourglass shape. With soft silky skin that is ready for your touch and firm strong legs that will easily wrap around you, I know I have a body that you will enjoy and take pleasure in. I'm open-minded, fetish and role-play friendly and look forward to bringing your fantasies to life. My attire allows me to satisfy many wishes, whether you desire the girl-next-door, the bad girl your mother warned you about or the exotic Porn star I can be anything you need and want. I have a very outgoing and cheerful personality. When I greet you at the door with the perfect kiss and you look into my alluring blue eyes any concerns and nervousness will just melt away. I am genuinely interested in your day, learning about you, your likes and dislikes, anything that will make our time together comfortable and enjoyable. I expect you to be clean with impeccable hygiene and drug and disease free as I am. This is a confidential, and discreet encounter that is held in respect. Donations are exchange for time and time only. Anything that happens within that time is mutually agreed upon as consenting adults.Yours always, Kylie Jane xo
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    Hello Lover, my name is Leah Laurence A vision of elegance, standing tall at the height of 5'11" without any assistance from heels. But with the added allure of my sun-kissed complexion, my stature reaches an impressive 6'4". My flowing locks of golden blonde cascade, framing my dreamy blue eyes that have the power to captivate and render men speechless. A figure that is the epitome of desire, with curves that follow the contours of an hourglass, measuring 36DDD-25-36. This exquisite form is not a result of mere chance, but a testament to my commitment to a balanced and nourishing diet, sobriety & a healthy fitness routine. Highly Reviewed Across Canada, Victoria British Columbia, To Halifax Nova Scotia - without one bad review that must say something about me as a provider Schedule ~ . Pre bookings eight (8) hours or more in advance require a 50.00 deposit via EMT/Amazon Gift Card Halifax Bedford Sun Oct 15 : 10am to 11pm Mon Oct 16 : 10am to 11pm Tues Oct 17 : 10am to 11pm Wed Oct 18 : 10am to 11pm Truro (With prebooks or I'll extend in Halifax) Thurs Oct 19 : 5pm to 11pm Fri Oct 20 : 10am to 11pm Sat Oct 21 : 9am to 11am Sydney Sat Oct 21 : 4pm to 11pm Sun Oct 22: 10am to 11pm Mon Oct 23 : 10am to 7pm CornerBrook Tues Oct 24 : 3pm to 11pm Wed Oct 25 : 9am to Noon Gander : Wed Oct 25 : 4pm to 11pm Thurs Oct 26 : 9am to 11am Clarenville Thurs Oct 26 : 5pm to 11pm Fri Oct 27 : 10am to 11pm Sat Oct 28 : 9am to Noon DAY OFF + Night : Oct 28th-29 St Johns (Newfoundland) Oct 29 : 4pm to 11pm Oct 30 : 10am to 11pm Oct 31 : 10am to 11pm Nov 1 : 10am to 11pm Nov 2 : 10am to 11pm tbd..... Contact : 403-969-8336 ( No text applications regardless of references or board handles) You'll discover that I am an alluring enchantment that will satisfy your longing desires at last. I'm filled with passion, playfulness, and an irresistible allure. With my enticing curves and captivating presence, I am truly addictive. Rest assured that your encounter with me will be unforgettable. Step into my world of delightful indulgence. I'm eagerly anticipating our rendezvous! www.LeahsPlayHaus.com https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/346250-Leah-Laurence-and-Busty-Monroe?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/336528-Leah-Laurence?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/336528-Leah-Laurence?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/332581-Leah-Laurence?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/332093-A-night-to-remember-with-Leah-Laurence?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/326623-Leah-Laurence-LL-4617?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/306113-Leah-Laurence-review?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/305919-Leah-Laurence?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/287644-Leah-Rockstar?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/304644-Leah-Laurence?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/304255-Leah-Laurence-h0t-hot-hot?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/303578-Leah-Laurence-Rockstar-Energy-Drink!!?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/298891-Leah-Laurence?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/243856-Leah-Laurence-comes-to-D-C?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/243703-Leah-Laurence?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/243680-Leah-Laurence?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/263087-Alluring-Lovely-Leah-Laurence?highlight=Leah+Laurence https://www.cafreviews.com/forums/showthread.php/296344-Leah-Laurence-amp-Laila-Lovely?highlight=Leah+Laurence 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    Your senses were not mistaken and they didn’t deceive you either… you saw an extremely captivating redheaded woman! I will mentally & visually enchant you before we even meet. You will soon learn that I am a woman, who not only has stunning looks, but also has every possible desirable quality you could wish for. With intense seductive charms of a true romantic, being both intelligent and passionate but also able to be softly seductive and delightfully playful. You will become addicted to my velvety skin, long red hair and sparkling green eyes. I believe in chemistry and allowing our date to flow naturally without scripting. You can be assured our time spent together will be unforgettable and unlike anything you have ever experienced before. I will be visiting Halifax, October 22nd - 24th, Want to know more? Email for details - [email protected] Your privacy is important to me and discretion on both parts is held in priority. All information shared will be kept private. I prefer to establish a connection via email prior to any encounter, and I enjoy getting to know who I will be visiting with. Therefore short notice or last minute requests will be declined. Allow me to help you relax and to put a smile on your face, the date of a lifetime is just an email away I look forward to hearing from you, Emily Follow me on instagram @msemilyrushton @hellomsrushton and twitter @msemilyrushton for more about me, laughs and my opinion on just about everything.
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    I'd like to throw my thoughts in as well to help give some east coaster representation for this amazing lady! Most of Leah's reviews are from West Coast but do not be afraid maritimers, this is one you will not want to miss out on! Leah's energy is contagious and addicting. Right from the get go I felt a pull towards her and she was so fun to be around. Amazing skills and tons of experience! I also highly, HIGHLY recommend hanging out with Leah and her bestie, Monroe if you can get the chance. 10/10 will definitely seek these goddesses out again for an mind blowing time.
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    Good day fellas, This is shaping out to be a full NB tour. I’m still looking for prebookings for Fredricton** I’m driving through and hoping to have a reason to stop for the night before heading back to Halifax to prepare for my 3 months hiatus from the east coast as I will be touring the west & out of country during this time. bathurst: pending prebookings Monday October 23rd 6pm until 11pm Tuesday October 24th 7am until 10am moncton: pending prebookings tuesday October 24th: 4pm until 11pm Wednesday October 25th: 7am until 10am Fredricton: pending prebookings thursday October 26th: Friday October 27th: Saint John: confirmed stop Saturday October 28th : 4pm until 11pm Sunday October 29th : 7am until 11pm Monday October 30th : 7am until 11pm details and rates @ cindycindy.info/rates see more CINDYCINDY on Ofans @ c1nc1ncindy follow me on Twitter!!! @c1nc1ncindy remember to send a short intro!! Don’t forget to include which session, Date , time and which town!! be deposit ready. This is for prebookings. NO TEXT APPS
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    Shes becoming notorious enough to warrant, counter ad posts and theres a couple of, posts about her on Lyla if you search around. The scam is she baits people into paying 150 dollars up front (coincidentally the same amount to purchase "videos" on her websites) , and then cancels the date and offers a generic onlyfans style video instead to "make up" for it.
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    Thank you for the interest😊 Looking forward to potentially meeting with you If you have any questions feel free to send me a message
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    Instead of others having to do research for you... Do they have a website, social media, and/or online content platform? I'd prefer to see 2 of the 3 at least. What comes up for a reverse image search? Do they have reviews or recommendations on legitimate boards? There is a ton of posts and threads for how to do your research.
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    I love foot fetish boys. I love new people who contact me and follow protocol. I love putting people at ease, because I'm super fucking chill. 😉
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    I have met with Kali on several occasions, but this most recent was even more outstanding. Soft kisses, very attentive, very good skills, a hot outfit on, and....I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fun factor 🙂
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    She has an announcement on her profile page - http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/member.php?u=55102 Glad to hear she's doing fine.
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