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  1. Everything worthwhile discussing has had to go to PM's to meet "rules"
  2. It is the true price. No surprise charges.
  3. This isn't a review board - it's a recommendation board. Two entirely different entities 🙂
  4. Do a google image search - that'll answer your question.
  5. Could the admins please crack down on the spam messages here? I belong to many different types of forums all over the net and this is the only one with this issue. Thank you
  6. She's gone by many many many names. That about says it all.
  7. Never do etransfer on arrival for an unknown/LL ad. 99.999% chance it's a scam.
  8. I think it's all in the undergarments/support. Saw her a few weeks ago - was the same from a year ago from what I recall. Still a great massage!
  9. Did I even say what my tolerance is? I was commenting on spontanious' comment of "a few more weeks" as though the risk will be over and he'll be participating soon. /end and /out
  10. Not wanting to sound judgemental but do you actually believe it'll be safe to carry on in a few weeks? The risk of infection may decrease but it's not going to be gone for a long while. Life is a risk - it's everyone's tolerance that differs....
  11. Exactly what I was thinking MtCL! That about says it all I think.. Can't remember what the past names are that she went by.
  12. My experience as well - not a quality sugaring at all.
  13. They don't do a good job there though - I second Bare as an excellent place - no extras but fantastic work. I go to their Windsor Park location.
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