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  1. cerbmod

    Hotel vs. Home

    Hey Sussex, My suggestion would be to post on here about looking for an SP willing to do home visits and of the SP's that provide a reply I would look for their recommendations and reviews. If you can find a well known and respected provider I'm sure you can find someone suitable for you. Now normally we don't allow posts "Looking for someone" only asking for advice etc, but as your circumstance is a little outside the norm I'm happy to allow it if it will help you moving forward.
  2. I am currently reviewing all comments made in this thread and going to discuss changes with the Devs to improve anything discussed here. I can't guarantee it will be done right away as please keep in mind we are limited by the tools the site has available to them as this isn't a custom build. We'll do our best to improve movement through the site and the mobile experience.
  3. cerbmod

    Is this normal

    In order to save Gentleman4U from having to explain to anyone if they message asking him for the name: If you message @Gentleman4U for the details pertaining to the provider he saw, I will give you a temporary Ban. This topic is only staying active for discussion purposes about extending time on either end. Not for who he saw.
  4. cerbmod

    Is this normal

    Hey Everyone, Some very good points have been made in this thread so although the offering of "Providing the MA's information" behind the scenes to circumvent our policies would normally constitute removing this thread I'm going to leave it up. For others to discuss the topic as I believe it is relevant to the industry and useful. @Gentleman4U Please do not provide anyone the name of the provider in question via Private Message, this would go against our policies, your thread is staying up for it's valuable information and constructive discussions but providing this information would be seen as "Negative" and is against our policies.
  5. cerbmod


    You should give them a recommendation then :).
  6. cerbmod

    311 Pembina Hwy

    Thanos I'm going to do this publicly as a message to anyone on this site, if you use rumours to post speculation on this site that can negatively impact others you will be banned. We do not tolerate anything negative, and by posting rumours you're doing just that. If I see you do this again, You'll be banned.
  7. The list is there in the Rules section, no one has requested to be on it since implementing it.
  8. Hey Aloneinhfx, I have to say you're quite mistaken, the problem is most reputable SPs will ask for a deposit which is good, but scammers then appear reputable by doing so. If they're new or not reviewed, or verified on multiple sites. I would not provide a deposit.
  9. cerbmod


    So you're given an hour to edit any post you make now. After that you require myself to edit the post. Please link to the post and tell me what you need to edit specially if it's regarding a name I'm happy to correct the issue.
  10. cerbmod

    Lyla has a Twitter!

    So we're working on the "Share" to twitter feature, what's built in currently is a way for people to post to our twitter, and we're trying to work around that. Will let you know when we have it figured out.
  11. cerbmod

    Reputation points

    Ok I will have the devs look into this.
  12. cerbmod

    Reputation points

    Hey ClearBlueSky15, I just looked at your profile and you do have 1104 points, everyone starts with 1000. When I liked your post it went up to 1105. Are you saying that you can't see this number on your own profile?
  13. Hey Everyone, Make sure to follow us on twitter @LylaForums or click here: Lylas Twitter Page If you're a profile, tag us in your posts with @LylaForums and we'll make sure to retweet them. Let's get the word out everyone :).
  14. Hey Everyone, Just so you're aware "CerbMod" is now the main mod for Lyla, although "Mod" is still around and helping me with moderation if you need anything it's best to directly message myself "CerbMod" as "Mod" will just pass it on to me in any event. So to recap, yes it's fine to contact "Mod" but if you need something done, or changed, he'll be passing on to myself "CerbMod" so save him the time and contact me directly.
  15. Moved to appropriate section, please be aware of where you're posting from now on.