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    Ok I will have the devs look into this.
  2. Test message... could you like/thanks/something this so we can see where that shows up?

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    Hey ClearBlueSky15, I just looked at your profile and you do have 1104 points, everyone starts with 1000. When I liked your post it went up to 1105. Are you saying that you can't see this number on your own profile?
  4. Hey Everyone, Make sure to follow us on twitter @LylaForums or click here: Lylas Twitter Page If you're a profile, tag us in your posts with @LylaForums and we'll make sure to retweet them. Let's get the word out everyone :).
  5. Hey Everyone, Just so you're aware "CerbMod" is now the main mod for Lyla, although "Mod" is still around and helping me with moderation if you need anything it's best to directly message myself "CerbMod" as "Mod" will just pass it on to me in any event. So to recap, yes it's fine to contact "Mod" but if you need something done, or changed, he'll be passing on to myself "CerbMod" so save him the time and contact me directly.
  6. Moved to appropriate section, please be aware of where you're posting from now on.
  7. cerbmod

    Missing something simple

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention we'll look into this right away.
  8. cerbmod

    LL pictures

    Keep in mind if you're located or viewing from the U.S then they won't be visible.
  9. cerbmod

    LL pictures

    Hey Chechman, Can you give me the browser and system you're on and whether all pictures aren't showing or just in certain situations? I'll inform the LeoList team.
  10. If I'm not mistaken you can already do that in the album settings. You can mark it so that you have to give them permission to see the album. When you make the album at the bottom of the description section is a tab called "Privacy" if you click on it you can select one of the following three options: Me Only, Everyone, or Private - I want to choose who can see it. You'll want the one that you can choose who can see it.
  11. We will be testing a few layout changes over the coming weeks, if you like something or dislike something - please use this thread to share your opinions. In this thread if you do have a negative opinion on something please express it in a polite and as professional a manner as possible. As we not only need your feedback we respect it so please be respectful with any negative feedback - it will be allowed in this thread. For now the changes we have made are: Moved the chatbox to its own page called "Chatbox" - will look into renaming this ads - as the page also has a list of the 30 most recent ad posts. Added a list of hot topics on the forum page.
  12. We're definitely looking into this, unfortunately there are limitations with the Invision community software, that either we live with or have to code ourselves to get around.
  13. We have just added the "Go To Unread" which will take you to the first unread comment :).