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  1. Bobby Keys

    Outbreak in HRM

    Thanks for the heads up - here is a media report with the numbers ... 17 women and 67 men ... 84 - 20% women in 2019 ... for Nova Scotia https://www.google.ca/amp/s/ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/ottawa-syphilis-cases-take-400-per-cent-jump-in-five-years/amp rates of syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea are all up significantly, but rates still low - it’s the rate that f increase and lack of awareness that are largely of concern - most doctors have never seen them! https://www.google.ca/amp/s/ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/ottawa-syphilis-cases-take-400-per-cent-jump-in-five-years/amp
  2. This board follows my mother’s advice: “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” - it’s sound advice. BTW: The providers see your negativity - how sexy is that? The worst part of the “reviews” is that the folks who build up theirs rep try to use it as a power base to blackmail providers. “I’m big shit on TERB and you better make me happy or you’ll never work in this town again” - don’t be that guy. Nothing gets me off more than a chick that really seems in to me. That can be acting, I’m OK with that. If that’s not what I get, I move on - she’s just not that in to me... Just like real life ...
  3. Agree 100% - I’ll add, why would I be more loyal to some random dude on the Internet than than someone I’ve been intimate with? I’m honestly more “hos before bros” on this one. Haven’t had this happen, but a link to website or ad and “yep that her - yep what’s written is true” are about as far as I’m comfortable with. Frankly, I like this board because I see guys actually care about the ladies. I like to think that I do. Maybe now you can just send them a link to this post, eh?
  4. Bobby Keys

    The question of fragrance.

    I love to keep the smell for afterward (natural or synthetic), but I n most instances, it’s not worth worrying if it will get me busted ... for that reason, I can’t let go and enjoy if I need to worry ... strong smells make me worry ...
  5. Hey, what is the current url for Rules and FAQ? It seems the link at the start of new users section, from 2011 doesn’t work.
  6. Bobby Keys

    Australia - NT Decriminalizes Sex Work

    In response to opposition objections sited in the arrival: Why, exactly, would a church, school, or day care preclude? If we are to appease all who may be offended with overt sexuality, we are still, I’m some sense, requiring a sort of burka. "Whatever an individual's attitude towards sex work in general, most reasonable people would not approve of sex work being performed in the house next door or on the same street as a church, primary school or day care centre," Mr Higgins said.
  7. I don’t care about the add-on at all. I care about: - location (gotta be reasonably convenient). I like when the “approximate location” is used, or area of the city mentioned. I don’t want to waste my time or the providers on “yea, I’m not driving all the way out there”. - I wish the “near me” feature worked better. - My price Range (can’t do the deal if I can’t afford it no matter how attracted I am) I like when rates are available to the filter. I especially don’t like interacting with a provider and having to demur because I don’t want to pay out of my range. If i am really interested, I will look at links in the ad to get that info. I usually don’t reply to “msg me for rates”, even though the times I have, they have been OK for me. - age (too young makes my e feel like a creep - I like grown ups) - personality - this is where the pictures and text come in - I need enough of both to understand what I am getting myself in to - at least “on paper”. - if I’m looking for “now”, time posted, which is where the available badge sounds good, but I don’t trusts that it means anything more than “I paid a premium”, because I don’t expect SWs to update actual availability in real time - TMI.
  8. Bobby Keys

    Advices for new cannabis users

    For real, though - the most important phrase for new cannabis users or when trying a new form (edibles, etc) : “Start Low - Go Slow” - try a little and wait for it to kick in. 5-10 minutes for smoking, 2hours for edibles. If that doesn’t get you where you want to be, you have a baseline. Better “not high enough” than “too high”. No matter how much “too much” you do, it won’t kill you, though you might not be certain of that when you’ve had more than you want. It really is a blessing, not a curse.
  9. Bobby Keys

    Advices for new cannabis users

    Let us burn one From end to end And pass it over To me my friend Burn it long, we'll burn it slow To light me up before I go If you don't like my fire Then don't come around 'Cause I'm gonna burn one down Yes I'm gonna burn one down My choice is what I choose to do And if I'm causing no harm It shouldn't bother you Your choice is who you choose to be And if your causin' no harm Then you're alright with me If you don't like my fire Then don't come around 'Cause I'm gonna burn one down Yes I'm gonna burn one down Herb the gift from the earth And what's from the earth Is of the greatest worth So before you knock it try it first You'll see it's a blessing And it's not a curse If you don't like my fire Then don't come around 'Cause I'm gonna burn one down Yes I'm gonna burn one, uh Ben Harper
  10. Bobby Keys

    Sweet Emily J 💗

    Love the new photo series - lovely, sexy, and so YOU. I also like the use of light shadow and the shadow silhouette, but you don’t have that one here.
  11. Bobby Keys

    The Don Cherry "incident"

    Didn’t mention “bone spurs”. These divisions and ways of thinking are older than either of us. Just sayin that I have smelled both of them in person and they are not that different.
  12. Bobby Keys

    The Don Cherry "incident"

    Unfortunately, this is becoming a nationalist rallying cry. Liberals are now “taking DC away” the serve political correctness, in this parlance. It’s the same folks spreading the disinformation about a “student suspending for refusing to wear a rainbow poppy” (actually for hate speech because she blew up in epithets when she saw them). I’m from the US, south of the Mason Dixon line, - I can smell this garbage a mile away. Quebec Bear Paw is real and not that different than KKK. When I listen to relatives I have in the maritimes. I hear echoes of what I heard in the south. We only have a thin veneer of civility, and something like 30-40% of us want to turn the clock back to “better times”, I.e. when poor white men could at least feel certain they were “better” then the “other”. This has always been a useful tool to help the rich white men keep them in line and keep them from siding with the “other”. In a nutshell, look south - Canada has its own historical divisions and is not immune by virtue of being Canada.
  13. Bobby Keys

    Hi, everyone! I am NerdNextDoor!

    Love the handle. I dig the sexy nerdy thing! Welcome!
  14. Bobby Keys

    What happened to this board?

    Which makes me inclined to stay and continue participating 🙂 Each of us has a perspective, I am glad to take in those of others and share mine. Thanks for clarifying. Back to the topic at hand: This platform has undergone some of the minimal aesthetic updates and widgets necessary to not be a dinosaur (TERB), but is largely focused in filling the same market need. What made this work in the past? How has the introduction of new platforms changed the value add of the platform for SPs and clients? How is the industry changing in response to the availability of other platforms? And ultimately, how can this platform better serve its market and thus positively affect relevance? These are existential questions.
  15. Bobby Keys

    What happened to this board?

    Understood. For the record, my motivation to be here was getting lit up hard. I imagine this is not an uncommon motivation for taking the plunge. Whether I stick around has everything to do with the tone of the community. I have no problem with spirited discussion, but am not here to be talked down to simply because I have not made it a point to document or brag about my encounters previously. True, I came to post a recommendation, but also hoped be able to actually talk about this taboo. So far, I have found one person willing to interact, and each interaction so far has left me feeling a little smaller. If I leave this as a last post, will it be seen as proof that I was what you say, or will the irony not be lost?