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  1. Bobby Keys

    What happened to this board?

    Which makes me inclined to stay and continue participating 🙂 Each of us has a perspective, I am glad to take in those of others and share mine. Thanks for clarifying. Back to the topic at hand: This platform has undergone some of the minimal aesthetic updates and widgets necessary to not be a dinosaur (TERB), but is largely focused in filling the same market need. What made this work in the past? How has the introduction of new platforms changed the value add of the platform for SPs and clients? How is the industry changing in response to the availability of other platforms? And ultimately, how can this platform better serve its market and thus positively affect relevance? These are existential questions.
  2. Bobby Keys

    What happened to this board?

    Understood. For the record, my motivation to be here was getting lit up hard. I imagine this is not an uncommon motivation for taking the plunge. Whether I stick around has everything to do with the tone of the community. I have no problem with spirited discussion, but am not here to be talked down to simply because I have not made it a point to document or brag about my encounters previously. True, I came to post a recommendation, but also hoped be able to actually talk about this taboo. So far, I have found one person willing to interact, and each interaction so far has left me feeling a little smaller. If I leave this as a last post, will it be seen as proof that I was what you say, or will the irony not be lost?
  3. Bobby Keys

    What happened to this board?

    New here, but was also surprised at the slow pace. However, those who do take the time to participate actually have something to say, so I still find it useful. Just not the instant and continual dopamine pump of Twitter. Twitter is a public open forum, whereas this is more closed. LeoList is a one way SP->client ad channel. Each has its uses. i see three general categories - “full pro”, (website, twitter, Lyla profile), “pro”, and “semi-pro”. - web site, Twitter, pro photos, etc. often scheduled. - regular leolist presence, without some or all of the above - more often available immediately. - comes and goes, works from home (no separate incall), often responds to immediate requests. Infrequent poster. Really. Only the first and second tier even think about this forum, and only the top tier will see it as “necessary” to participate or be “well reviewed”. The rest tend to respond better to the much maligned “you avail?” requests and it’s variants, which is why tier1 providers see it so much too, despite not responding. Personally, I think current change is as much driven by LeoList interaction as Twitter.
  4. One of my my favorite memories of this is a wonderful redhead a few years back that came all over my face in 69, then next thing I know, she’s licking my face - wasn’t expecting the squirt and sure wasn’t expecting to be cleaned up that way!
  5. Bobby Keys

    SP Communication

    Just a little perspective. I am new to these boards, but have been engaging in this hobby off and on for over 30 years. While all providers except the newest have more experience from their end by the numbers, there are few that go back that far. Some of my personal hesitance to deposits is probably just latent mistrust based on experiences with agencies and yes, street corners (put you money in your shoe). I also do what I say I will do and am just starting to book ladies that require prior day booking. I will say that it is worth it! I will also say that I HAVE been “no showed” numerous times on outcall from agencies - again all in the past, and largely US big cities. It’s also a bummer to wait for hours in your hotel room wondering, calling to no answer ... to late to do anything else ... The good news is old dogs can, indeed learn new tricks. If / when I book with a deposit, I will need to feel that I can really trust the provider. It really is a two way street. Now that I am clued in to this forum’s recommendations, I am more likely to be able to trust an established, well reviewed provider.
  6. Coffee, apples, milk, cream, .... groceries ...
  7. Bobby Keys

    To the guys: Why?

    Absolutely right that it is guys showing off for guys. I’ll bet you 10:1 there was At least two in the truck. Think of it as a form of chest beating. He was telling his buddies how virile he thinks he is at your expense. if he was alone, I am lost - I don’t do it myself and there has always been another present when I have witnessed this behavior, so always assumed they were being assholes to show off. My apologies for some other members of my gender who still drag their nuckles.
  8. Bobby Keys

    Remember when ...

    More succinctly, I miss the notion that porn could be “high art”.
  9. Bobby Keys

    Remember when ...

    Hi, Thanks for the perspective. I understand that exploitation is and may always be a problem with porn. It’s not just porn - power and money - Weinstein / Epstein - Hollywood and the music industry all suffer from the money / power perversion. The sins in the making of Caligula fall squarely in this category in my opinion. “High art” may have been poor wording, but relative to shorter format works, at least there was an attempt at telling a story or saying something - if poorly and only for pretext. I guess I miss the pretext (and it was only ever pretext) of saying something more than “jerk away fellas”. VHS kind of killed that. Reading Roger Ebert’s review of “Green Door” ( he slammed it because It devolved to graphic sex, loosing the plot), I agree with his lamentation that Stanley Kubrick didn’t make a full length porn. That may have actually been high art - A Clockwork Orange with a psych-sexual plot without using camera angles to maintain an R rating. if you know of anything that will stimulate both the big and little head, let me know! I’m always looking for interesting things that make me think. This long winded post is the result of yours making me think - I hope it is received in the spirit of dialog with which it was written. Also, thanks for taking the time to post the pics. She really was special, and one of the pioneers of women porn stars “owning it”. She kind of defines my “type” - girl next door with a natural body and a bit of bush who is uninhibited and knows what she wants when the cloths come off.
  10. Bobby Keys

    Remember when ...

    Porn was a high art form shown in movie theaters (late). My first porn star crush was Marylin Chambers and “Green Door”, but my memory of the closest thing to a full budget Hollywood porn was “Caligula”.
  11. Quoted as saying, “It’s a celebration of an SP and client relationship that works best.” and “Without further ado: Second Wave Love. A story of the dichotomy between saving someone from a stigmatized biz, and supporting them! Dedicated to those of us who do this willingly and with love;” https://youtu.be/m2cLo_T2R64 via @YouTube
  12. I just wrote one for Sweet Emily J, so I guess that always will. https://m.soundcloud.com/ira-abbott/in-your-arms-instrumental
  13. Bobby Keys

    Best campfire guitar songs

    Aiko Aiko Friend of the Devil Leave Without A Trace Tangled Up In Blue Like A Rolling Stone Dead Flowers