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    I'm going to be real serious and it might be stretching the topic. I'm sure some of you know from some of my posts that I'm a widower, so my situation was not one that I chose. I now spend much of my time alone. Since I am older and retired this creates a real dilemma. Since I had my family and a reasonably successful marriage, do I risk going out to find a new partner at this stage of my life. There are times when it's dark in the middle of winter and I really do suffer loneliness, and probably have a few drinks too many to compensate. It would be really nice to have someone to chat with at supper and snuggle up to at night. That's not to say I don't find ways to make myself busy, I travel and do a lot of volunteer work, Many of you are younger and will still have long term relationships. I feel a bit cheated, as my wife was fairly young when she passed away, and we had got through the hard slogging of bringing up children, having a career, and arguing about the budget. When the kids leave home and the job isn't a big priority there would have suddenly been time for each other, Time to travel, go out and dine, basically to have a second honey moon. It is quite remarkable to see how devoted many of the older couples you see in their golden years. I guess I'm just saying if you you can find a good partner do it, you can always work out some alone time, but it's still really nice to have someone to share your ups and downs.
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    We have already discussed this issue at length in a previous thread, but I really do not understand what the deal is about hiding everything about who you are!! You know what we look like, somewhat of what kind of person we are by our posts and Ads, you know our phone number, email and once an appointment is booked you know where we live or recieve our incalls. There are sooooo many things YOU can do to us. What can we really do having a handle on a board? Or a phone number? We do not know anythign about you! So really what can we do? This is our job, its what puts the food on the table and pays our rent! Unless you harmed us in any way, it would be a career ending move if we choose to do something with the info you provide us with. What if we were raped or beaten half to death? The first thing out of your mouth would be "Do you know anything about the person?" NO, because we need the money to live and too many people are making a big fuss about giving a little of personal info, so all I know is he looks like..... and his name is John Doe!! Then we are a no longer considered a victim, we are just clueless! YOU may not be a sicko, a rapist or a murderer, but who says the next guy after you is not???
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    I can't give too much advise on parlour culture, but if you are uncomfortable negotiating I would suggest seeing an independent whose fees are all inclusive. There are many independent MA's in Ottawa such as myself, Bethany's Sweetest Massage, imkrissy, Jessica Massage, etc (This is to the best of my knowledge but best to confirm with each other). You pay the rate, and the lady will take charge and lead you on a sexy journey! There is no negotiating and no akward conversations. I wish more parlours would take the "all inclusive" approach. It's a lot easier on you guys as well as on us!
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    I'm one of those gents who, if he wants to see you, he will see you. I've seen two great ladies thus far in Orleans, a 4 hour drive for me, and another great lady at a outcall to my hotel by the airport, 3 1/2 hours drive. I'd see all three ladies again, but I didn't really find the hotel by the airport great, passable, but not great. If not an incall, I'd look downtown, couple hotels already in mind Given the distance I have to drive, all this worry by Ottawa guys about east/west/north/south Ottawa vexes me, your in Ottawa, lots of great ladies to see no matter where they live RG
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    I am in Orleans, as is Megforfun, Nicolette Vaughn and Alex Grenyait. I my experience, gents don't seem to mind visiting us out here. I believe as the city grows outwards, there is a demand for all over the place. Sometimes we get asked if we know any ladies in the west-end or Kanata. From what I understand, there are not very many CERB ladies in the west end, so Suzie, I would think you would do well to be in the west. I believe that if a gent really wants to see a particular lady, he will travel to her. However, sometimes time constraints (like lunch hours) prohibit this so I think it's great to have a choice of ladies around town. Another area that seems under-serviced is the south-end. Thanks for starting this thread, Suzi. I am interested in hearing what guys have to say. Downtown used to be good, but depending on where you are, parking can be a problem.
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    For me I've kinda created 2 worlds. My private world and my CERB/Hobby world. I honestly don't need a third or fourth. My email is also a version of my CERB handle 'Winnipegcub' for hobbying purposes. Now I've always treated everyone in this part of my life with the utmost respect and seeing how the members of CERB operate has really made it easy. I've met some quality ladies and gents. So then I hope those who get to know Winnipegcub think of that person in a giving, generous, and respetful way. Thus when I meet someone in this part of my life I want them to know its Winnipegcub. I would hope it goes to creating my reputation. I have had 'bad' dates, but again the lady was professional and we just accepted that we didn't connect. I don't believe she tarnished my reputation in anyway. And if so, I hope to have many more positive interactions than not so great...so trust in the end things will balance out and my reputation will in fact be - earned and me! Winnipegcub
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    Spend another wonderful afternoon interlude with Nicki...and it just keeps getting better. We have spent several "quality" hours together, but this time was beyond spectacular. From the moment I walk through the door, to her unhooking my belt buckle, ( and all the oral pleasures that followed...) I was in pure bliss. This woman has an appetite for flesh. She has curves in all the right places, and those breasts are gifts from heaven. Sliding between them is a treat not soon forgotten. But the sight of her eyes rolling into the back of her head, and her biting her lower lip, is enough to send any mortal man over the edge. Those of you who have spent time with Nicki, know what I mean. Those of you who haven't...back of the line, behind me. 'Nuff said. E.
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    The current Fed Election campaign... Sorry!
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    Guys, Gina has a thread here where you can talk about her. And what she chooses to do (or not) with her boobs is her business. Our opinions - either way - are irrelevant.
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    I actually find not wanting (or willing) to give your CERB handle a little odd. But I have seen one great lady who required verification, and am scheduling with a couple others who have verification procedures in place, and that includes your real name, phone, email, and in one case a confirmation pm from the board you are on to confirm handle with name I'm have no problems providing that information What really is the big deal in providing your CERB handle But that's me RG
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    I like to pretend that I'm a cat or that I'm taking care of an imaginary cat (I love cats, but I'm allergic...) :P
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    I know the original poster put this up with good intent, but really there's nothing funny about someone being disrespectful to common public standards and laws such as public nudity and urination followed by an unnecessary act of violence towards a woman. I just don't see the humor in it.
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    I don't want to hijack this thread, but I am surprised by your statement about greeting the ladies at the elevator. You are worried about breaking the law by only doing out-calls, but yet you meet the lady at the elevator which is still considered a public place, is it not? That would make me feel very uncomfortable, not abandoned. I would take the necessary precautions to ensure that I get a ride to pick me up and drop me off if I was concerned about walking back to my car alone as I do not believe this is the clients' responsibility. But you are right - there is little your neighbours can do about you having female company if you aren't breaking any other laws (like excessive noise, impeding parking, etc.)
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    Thankfully many other fruity concoctions were had.. so no more apples.. bananas only!
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