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    @lydiahardwood There's some posts in this thread that go against policy. Please keep watch on this thread.
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    He’s obviously joking. He means that the girl in the ad is so gorgeous, he’ll trample anyone who gets in his way.
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    Actually, nobody ever claimed that scammers never post ads on LL. Of course they do and I have stated so. I never claimed it was rare so don't say I did. You were the one that claimed 2/3 of women no-show or scam and I merely responded to RG's post that refutes that claim. Mostly the no-show part.
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    This all sounds accurate.
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    As the saying goes "Build it and they will come" Congratulations NJ on taking the Cornwall Forums virginity 🙂 RG
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    Please take the time to fully read below, as booking requires a specific protocol. ___ Hey! How are you? You can call me Sarah. I'm an extroverted bundle of chaos, with green eyes of fire, brunette hair, a teenie tiny body and an unapologetic mouth. I weigh in at 115lbs and can't reach the top shelf due to my 5'2 stature. All of my assets are completely proportionate and natural. My personality allows me to easily sway to the beat of any drum and relate to almost anyone, in some way. I'm genuine and pride myself on offering the most intimate and realistic experiences. I love conversing and talking about life - I could just stare off listening to you talk about your passions for hours. Humans interest me more than anything else on this planet. I enjoy taking my time. I want to know all your quirks, your hopes, dreams and fears.... every fantasy, every lust, every craving touch. I want to make you feel special, appreciated, and fulfilled. From cuddles and laughs, to toe curling sensations, I will work with you to create our perfect dynamic. I consider myself an Empath. Your pleasure is my happiness. There is no better day, than a day filled with endorphins. Whether it's before work, after that awful 6 hour meeting, or maybe even a quick stop for Lunch, I'll be sure to wash all those worries away. A warm greeting at the door and a simple smile to start us off... the rest is up to you. I don't play games, but I will be your toy. ___ NEW INFO/UPDATES: I'm so excited to officially announce that Duos are now being offered! I have partnered up with @MsManda @charlottequinn123 and Mistress Annabelle Pain (have you seen her dungeon?) Duos are not available with any other providers at this time. Contact any of us to schedule a date! Please be aware that each provider has their own way of screening. ___ Schedule: Fri July 10th: 930a - 1030a Sat July 11th: OFF Sun July 12th: 9a - 8p Mon July 13th: 9a - 8p Tues July 14th: 9a - 8p Wed July 15th: 1p - 8p Thur July 16th: 9a - 8p Fri July 17th: 9a - 8p Pre-bookings are preferred. 24 hours notice is required. No exceptions. ___ Donations: $260 / 1 hour. $350 / 90 minutes. $500 / 2 hours. + $50/hr for kink/fetish/request. ___ How do I contact you and what info do I need to give out? When texting for a booking, please include: - YOUR NAME - AGE - LENGTH OF SESSION DESIRED - A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF YOURSELF. I reserve all rights to screen my clients as I see fit. So, please be ready with a reference. ___ What if I don't have a reference or this is my first time? I will need a copy of your photo ID (if you do not have a reference). (full name and age must be visible, all other sensitive info can be blocked out) and a social media account attached to your name/phone number. If you don't feel comfortable giving out that info, then I will require an e-deposit before booking. Your security, privacy and anonymity is critical to my work. I would never betray you. ___ Social Media/Reviews: Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/users/9805178 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ms_sarahalexxx Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miss.sarah.alexandria/?hl=en Lyla Reviews: https://www.lyla.ch/topic/176638-miss-alexxx-%E2%80%A2-white/?tab=comments#comment-765660 To book: 902-903-6095 (text only, I do NOT answer calls) [email protected] ___ When booking, please don't forget your basic details. I do not reply to strangers, so introduce yourself. Thank you! - SA.
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    I would like to nominate Jane (Janebondage) https://www.lyla.ch/profile/196982-janebondage/ , although I never met her in real life she can turn me on with her words. She is a gorgeous woman by looking at her pictures and participate on many of LYLA's threads. One thing is for sure If I'm ever in her part of the world I'm getting in touch with her and plan a meeting.
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    I am nominating KylieJane, @EliteKylie. I am a mature man, widower, totally new to the hobby. Kylie is the first provider I have been with ever. Not only is Kylie a beautiful woman but she has shown herself to be an understanding, patient and a great teacher of the many facets of this hobby. Very talented and also a great listener and very capable of conversing on many topics. She made me feel comfortable and it is always a pleasure to visit her. I am sure all will agree that she is very deserving of this recognition!
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    I'd like to nominate @SarahAlexxx, she's an amazing woman who puts in so much effort into everything she does, and I firmly believe anyone is better off just knowing her. The most empathetic person I know, enhanced with a deep curiosity for people.
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    I would like to nominate TiffanyMarie. What I love about Tiffany is her energy , creative ideas and the amount of effort she puts into our sessions and her spa. Our first visit was late 2014 and since then the chemistry has grown to a level far exceeding any experance I've had before we met. Choosing her would be a nice way to say thank you.
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    Saw Molly a couple weeks ago. Late 20’s Chinese girl. Cute. Good English and well educated. She is working massage because her Chinese degree is not accepted in Canada. She is trained in some sort of alternative Chinese medicine. She says there are “stations” in the body that need to be massaged for good health. I can happily report that one of the stations will leave you walking out of there satisfied.
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    I nominate my lovely and one and only provider i see at the moment miss Sexi Lexi, she is amazing and always makes me feel like a man at the end of our visit! 😊 And our chemestry over the past years has gotten better and better and i love every minute and every second of seeing her ❤
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    I'm referring to this one https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_out_hannah-4689686. Paid her over a grand for the night, seemed nice at first until she went to get beer. After that she never came back and refused to give me any of my money back. Also she doesn't have a booty, she's flat as a board though her pictures try to say otherwise. I would stay away from this one. So over a grand for one hour is what I got.
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    I look at it this way, any lady I'd book I trust (keeping in mind I initiated contact with her out of the blue, not the other way around, and I don't blindly pick someone on top of which whatever money I send I do treat as a bit of calculated risk...no I'm not naïve) But the question that needs to be asked to guy's who mistrust companions with their deposit..."why are you dating a lady you don't trust?" I've been fleeced twice. I only saw the one lady once and never again, the other I won't ever book again. That's out of ten years of seeing companions, must be doing something right. The added bonus I've met a few wonderful companions I otherwise wouldn't have met...ladies I've pre-booked with and also purchased some virtual companionship in these covid times. But if you're getting fleeced all the time you need to look at your screening methods. Don't just blindly send money to anyone, make sure she's a reputable professional companion. Professionals won't risk their reputation for a quick buck This thread started by Greanteal is a good start Actually the whole forum... https://www.lyla.ch/forum/157-new-to-this-things-you-should-know/ ...contains a wealth of information. And maybe reading through it would be helpful to clients in Ft Mac A long winded rambling Good Luck RG
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    What I understand is that it's your problem more than it is ours.
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    It's not about how you pay, it's about who you pay. If you send a deposit or full amount to someone with a nonexistent reputation, you pretty much deserve the little you'll get in return. Like many already mentioned, do your homework. If you can't find evidence she's real and honest, don't waste your time and money. Not that hard to understand.
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