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    Hey party people! Congratulations to @waterat who is our Lyla Member of the Month for July 🍾 Waterat was nominated because of his kind, respectful nature and for being so helpful when looking out for others here. Thank you, Waterat, the world needs more people like you! 🥰 Nominations for Lyla Member of the Month for August are now open! As always, this person will be decided on by the community. Rules: You can nominate one person who has stood out on here, been supportive to the community or just been helpful in the past month. You can nominate anyone who uses Lyla - a Provider or a Client. The same person can not win more than once in 12 months. The list will then be shortlisted and sent to our panel of judges for a final vote. The winner will get a shout out from us on here and on Twitter. Plus you'll get the satisfaction of knowing we think you're the BUSINESS. Incentive enough, right? 😛 If you agree with an existing nomination, just give the post a like! Get your nominations in now! Entries close 31st August 2020.
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    Thank you for your nominations! The winner has now been announced here...
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    So among all the gorgeous (many professional) models here, we have a very ordinary looking girl with many freckles, smallish boobs, blue eyes that just captivates some of us with her smouldering GND looks. For a while, I thought I was the only one
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    I'm email only for new inquiries, as I'd much rather receive complete inquiries with full sentences that start a conversation, than the 'hey bb, you avail now' that generally come from texts. For discretion, I also don't respond to texts if I'm more than an hour late to get to them, which can pose a problem, especially when traveling, or driving across nl, for example I find email inquiries more simple to screen, and easier to assess the personality contacting me, than texts. Just my experience
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    Reading this can also be useful:
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    Thanks for posting this. He's been banned. #inthebin
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    If they do offer to settle out of court, She should be happy , be done with it!!! Thanks Riley , keeping us up dated . Long time since we talked Call me
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    Thanks , But no in Ottawa My daughter got a new phone going to Kijji Good deal . Blackberry , Yikes both my kids have one , I have 19.99 phone lol But coming back to Ottawa , I need a new phone , Perhaps I should go take a look Thanks ;
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    Sex Gets better with age ~~just like fine wine
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    That what he is now.. x regular . Some times it not about the money And he was 1 -2 times a week . But I'd rather be happy
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