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  1. From the Province: Effective May 4, and at the further direction of their respective regulatory bodies, regulated health professionals, such as dentists, dental hygienists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, optometrists and podiatrists will no longer be limited to providing urgent and emergent care. In addition, individuals who provide therapeutic massage and acupuncture services may resume providing those services.
  2. You asked her through text?
  3. She use mainly hot stones, but she does use her hands for parts of it I don't believe she is a guy
  4. Didn't appear to me that she was
  5. Yes I have seen her, great massage
  6. You should go try it and report back
  7. Well that's asking her for a HE by text, most massage providers will not answer that
  8. are you asking for HE by text??
  9. My experience with Simi/Joti has always been good, She has a great body and I have never been filmed or had a one handed anything She is expensive The filming is overblown, she filmed the one guy (I believe it may have been her landlord at the time) to try to get a better rent. Was it wrong, yes it was, but she has served her sentance
  10. You can also donate to her so someone who can't afford her services can then use them!
  11. What is LI? You are saying Roxxie Luxxe advertises there?
  12. She used to work at Broadways, I saw her often then but that was 14 years ago
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