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  1. Lustful1961

    Black girls

    What is LI? You are saying Roxxie Luxxe advertises there?
  2. Lustful1961

    Danielle on LL

    She used to work at Broadways, I saw her often then but that was 14 years ago
  3. Lustful1961

    INCALL massage - Swedish - Anna

    more details please
  4. Lustful1961

    Red - Kijiji Massage

    I have seen her, she is older which I like. She is tiny but nice rack, has some excellent finishing skills If she were closer and had better hours I would see her again
  5. Lustful1961


    Why don't you guys PM MonorZ, why should he have to do all the work?
  6. Lustful1961

    Monica. 832 Corydon

    it is Simi at 649
  7. Lustful1961

    Grassy Lake ??

    Perhaps you should go to a few places, gain some trust with the masseuse then perhaps ask them I can't see any masseuse letting you massage them on a 1st visit
  8. Lustful1961

    Massage near US border

    Where in GF can you find this?
  9. Lustful1961

    Lara on LL

    I have, she has great mouth skills.
  10. Lustful1961

    Jade Horvat

    It looks like a legitimate massage place
  11. Lustful1961


    Oh Mary, she was absolutely the queen of oral. She was older back then, wonder if she is still there
  12. Lustful1961

    Sara 832 Corydon

    She calls herself Princess Sara
  13. Lustful1961

    South Pembina 2300 block

    That ad is not Kathy, its for the place on Broadway, they had a second place on Plaza, then Beaumont, and now this one on Pembina
  14. Lustful1961

    Felina Rose

    maybe someone that sees Lacey can check with her as they did duos together?
  15. Lustful1961

    Roxie Luxxe

    Has anyone seen Roxie lately? All her ads are gone, I would be surprised if she left the business