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  1. Maybe even a 15... it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her. Too long. But not so long that I’ve forgotten how amazing she is not only as a provider but as a person. She says she’s an empath and that comes through in spades. In a world so messed up in so many ways it’s really good to be listened to, cared for and understood. I thing that is the reason that her other .. umm skills ... seems so amazing.. because she genuinely connects. ML
  2. I have seen @SarahAlexxx @KylieJane @Exotic Touch Danielle and @charlottequinn123 and all are fantastic.... I still have no idea how the hell I have not yet seen @MelanieRose as she is very well reviewed by newcomers and more seasoned hobbyists alike... I really have to fix that.... ML
  3. I’m not sure about lately but I have seen Sarah Alexxx in the past at that time of the morning and if you can’t have a good time with her I’m not sure you can have a good time...🤣 And I have yet to meet the lovely MelanieRose (hope I can correct that very soon)..but she is so highly recommended as well... ML
  4. I saw her a while ago, her pics are real for sure but the service was very mechanical.
  5. Pony posted a reco... you should go read it.
  6. Have not seen her but body language entertainment used to bring girls to Halifax and I have seen them in the past. cant speak to the quality of service but I would have no concerns that Madison is real. ML
  7. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_visiting_for_a_short_time_only-5447030 wondering if anyone saw her? ML
  8. She is extremely well reviewed. Check the recommendation section.
  9. I was able to meet with Alexandra at her Dartmouth incall the day she arrived. I had a more amazing experience seeing her this time than I did the last. If you like the classic Montreal experience from an absolute bombshell that is super sweet you should see her while she is here. Maybe her last trip to the HRM. ML
  10. I could be wrong but I don’t think Alyssa Faye = Ally Faye.
  11. Alexandra is coming back this Thursday. Do yourself a favour and go meet her!
  12. Not trying to be too “judgy” but that seems more like picking at a scab not scratching an itch.🤔
  13. I was able to see Alie this evening and can verify she’s real. Pics are 100% her and she is very nice as well as smokin hot. She’s only in town tomorrow so see her while you can. She is hoping to get back in July and I hope I convinced her to create a lyla account and join the community. ML
  14. Thanks Greenteal, not understanding how this make this provider fake. The number on the profile matches the number in the ad. Is it possible the provider works in Windsor or at least that is where the profile location was updated last? Or are you saying there is another profile that this one is copied from?
  15. Putting this back to the top. anyone see Alie?
  16. How the hell was “Victoria” ever going to explain her way out of not having those amazing tattoos?
  17. Was thinking of seeing her and did some research. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_julia_sweety_girl_in_halifax_real_one_no_rush-5021958 And here is what I found. https://twitter.com/caraspantystore/media?lang=fr
  18. She is well reviewed on here. Alyson Baby for sure is the same Alison.
  19. Wondering the same. Ad says DDD enhanced and while I am not a boob-ologist I can certainly tell those are not DDD boobs.
  20. And now my “Miss Alexxx” count is up again...she is so amazing to spend time with. Saw her a few more times since my last reco and I have run out of things to say about her but she has not run out of new ways to make me lose my mind. She is getting more fantastic as we learn more about each other. Go see her you will not be disappointed. Super sexy, Super Chill, very real and real hot!!! So Much Fun!!!! ML
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