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How to keep Clients coming back - Kylie Jane

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Guest lydiahardwood

We all know this name, don't we? I'm delighted to share an interview with @KylieJane¬†on how¬†she keeps her¬†customers cumming, sorry, I mean COMING ūüėČ back for more. Please share your thoughts in the comments!


Q: Hey Kylie! Thanks so much for doing this interview with me. You’ve been on Lyla for a while from what I can see! Can you give us some background on your journey as a Companion?

A: It has been awhile, approximately 6 yrs. I've always been very sexually open-minded and had an ability to relate to anyone. I would say becoming a companion was a pretty natural fit for my personality. 

Q: Do you remember your first Client? What was it like?

A: I certainly do! I remember I actually had an ad on a non-sex worker site, I was just starting my journey and didn't know where to place an ad. He was an older gentleman and was the only one who got a chance to send me a message before I was shut down. I was nervous, but fortunately he was not. He had seen providers before and was very understanding and patient with me. We continued to see each other many times until his health deteriorated to the point he wasn't able to. I have many fond memories of him and our time together. 

Q: Would you say the majority of your Clients are nervous when you first meet? I know I would be!

A: I would say meeting a companion for the first time is a unique adventure and can understand someone being nervous. But when I see someone for the first time I make sure they are set at ease, It makes spending time with someone more enjoyable for both of us. And i believe I have a reputation for being easy going and making people comfortable. 

Q: Do their nerves settle when they’ve seen you more than once?

A: Yes, I like to think so, as I make sure they are set at ease firstly, then I like to think my repeat clients enjoy our comfortable time and have many who say so, I believe my regulars enjoy my personality as much as other attributes. 

Q: I guess nerves can really get in the way of things sometimes, do you ever experience cancellations or sessions cut short because of nerves?

A: I have and completely understand when someone tells me so.  Thankfully when this has happened I've gotten plenty of notice, this is all I ask.  Even then sometimes after a bit more chatting/texting they relax and keep their date. But if nerves do get the best of someone I do get it. And some will still send a donation regardless even if they aren't ready to see me, which is always appreciated. 

Q: I imagine in the time you’ve been a Companion you’ve learnt some valuable skills, including settling nerves. So, set the scene, it’s a Client’s first time seeing you and they’re messaging to say they’re super nervous - what do you do?

A: I assure them I understand and explain sometimes I get nervous also, it can be stressful meeting someone new in any situation. I explain my where my hosting location is and what to expect when they walk through the door. I also explain that once they are with me there is no pressure or expectations. We will do what we are comfortable with and I will make sure you will enjoy our time together. I will also say that in no way will I do aggressive messaging, no pressure and always friendly. 

Q: And what about in person, if they’ve arrived and they’re still nervous, what course of action do you take?

A: Always when someone arrives, I show them in and greet them with a smile, hug and a cheek kiss (I never assume they are ok with a mouth kiss) I find this type of greeting goes a long way in settling nerves. As they come in, I like to sit them down, offer a beverage to their liking and ask them about their day. 

Q: Do you have any aids at your incall/outcall to help settle Clients’ nerves?

A: Does my sparkling personality count as an aid? Lol kidding.  Sometimes music, mood lighting and a glass of wine, including non-alcoholic, are always great ways to relax. 

Q: So what about you? Do you ever get nervous before a session?

A: Absolutely, meeting new people can be stressful no matter the situation.  

Q: What has helped you personally with feeling confident before a session?

A: I like to pick out some of my favourite outfits that make me feel sexy. Then I'll look in the mirror,  take a deep breath and say "I look great and I feel sexy". This gets me in a confident mood, and I believe feeling good about myself is a good thing for the person I'm seeing.  I really enjoy what I do, and anyone I see will know this. Also a glass of wine can help, hehe. 

Q: Thanks so much for your time! Anything else you’d like to add?

A: Thank you, I appreciate you asking to contribute to this wonderful forum. I will add, getting to know your client/companion helps set them at ease. Find out likes/dislikes, boundaries and expectations. I believe these things are necessary for the best possible interaction, xo. 



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I totally can vouch for Kylie Jane being very capable of making one comfortable and ease nervousness. I started seeing Kylie 2.5 years ago. I had just become a widower six months before and she was the first companion I had ever been with. So I was extremely nervous even a bit shaky. But, like she said, her warm smile, dressed very classy, her hug and light kiss was a big help. Then we spent a good portion of the one hour visit just getting to know each other, likes/dislikes, do/don'ts and other options. She was so attentive and understanding. Ok, I liked my visit and booked my next visit right away for her next work day. I have never looked back. She is all about pleasing you within her boundaries. Great to talk to. My visits with her only grow longer and more frequent. I have never felt more at ease and comfortable with anyone I had never met as I have with Kylie Jane. All I can say is thank you Kylie for being you and continuing to see me. You are my best and my only one!!!

Also thank you to @lydiahardwood for bringing Kylie Jane and her insight to this forum

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Thank you @KylieJane for your insight on this.  I know that I always get nervous when meeting a new lady but usually the shyness goes away quite fast.  It always help to communicate first hand and get to know each other before by PM or text.  Thanks again @lydiahardwood for inviting her to this week interview.

PS.  I always liked your picture Kylie and if you were closer we would definitely meet. XOXO

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Great interview Kylie. I remember being so nervous my first time. I got up the nerve to call this lady from a Halifax newspaper ad. It was a while ago... long before I found out about Lyla & Twitter. I do still get nervous but less so now if I’m meeting someone that I follow on Twitter or Lyla. I hope we get to meet sometime. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


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Kylie is the consummate professional who is a good communicator, easy to book, responds quickly to requests and provides her service at an easy to find convenient location. Many Lady’s could benefit from Sandler Learning on customer procurement and retention! Start by responding to text and email requests as promptly and professionally as you expect from your clients! Otherwise they will just move on with a bad taste! 

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I've known Kylie Jane for a number of years and for me she is one of the best in this area. Beautiful person and always a pleasure when I see her. Awesome personality! 

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