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  1. WinnipegJ

    Prairie Lotus Tantra

    Was she naked throughout? Was any touching of the lingam included? I see in her website it says she reserves right not to
  2. WinnipegJ

    kijiji Hargrave massage

    Yep she needs to put RMT or the ad gets deleted thats Niki Delane as she calls herself, and she’s a masseuse and a SP.
  3. WinnipegJ

    Kitty on Kijiji

    What’s her approx age?
  4. WinnipegJ


    Jessica also same number. Based out of same apartment too. there is obviously a ring leader to these girls. Surprised they hired “Tiffany” as she’s been escorting for awhile on her own, so why resort to this?
  5. WinnipegJ


    Chromium you seem to be a schill for every girl at this location, I’m definitely curious about that. Hmm
  6. You’re texting the handler when you text, just an FYI.
  7. Who’s the ring leader of this new white girl massage clan do you think?
  8. WinnipegJ

    Jasmine LL brunette

    How was the massage itself
  9. WinnipegJ


    How was the ending?
  10. WinnipegJ


    Was it covered bj
  11. WinnipegJ


    What’s her face like?
  12. WinnipegJ

    Mobile massage on K

    She wanted 100 extra for a B ending
  13. WinnipegJ

    Jade Horvat

    Yeah Marisol and now Jade but neither respond and no number provided. Might be some sort of spam
  14. WinnipegJ

    Shay on LL

  15. WinnipegJ

    Burrows massage?

    And not hot