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  1. Maybe this one? https://indianbusinesscanada.com/manjeet-salon-and-spa-1097/ I haven’t been there, but maybe someone else would have more info?
  2. I think it’s about a few of us who are interested in finding out useful info from one another while respecting the wishes of the MP’s that asked us not to discuss the details in public.
  3. Which girls? Care to share?
  4. Angela is "not so young." Nadia from Ness?
  5. Leanne is not slimmer than Avaa. I think it’s the other way around. Avaa is better looking, but she may not treat you as well as Leanne.
  6. The comments about Alina/Coco given here seem to contradict one another. The confusion is likely caused by the staff at 741. They have been unreliable in what they say more often than not. I haven’t been to 741 in a long time, but I’m inclined to believe what “spontaneous” has said. In my experience, however, Alina/Coco herself used to provide more satisfactory services before she moved to 741.
  7. No kidding. I share the concern. Thanks for the post.
  8. The ad is now gone. The service was like with below average travelling girls who advertise on LL escorts (not my thing). I fell for it because it was advertised as massage service on kijiii. If I see the same phone number on kijiji again, I will not repeat.
  9. I’d recommend Wendy at 311. Don’t expect more than just a massage, but her massage is great.
  10. kijiji ad, local phone xxx-0461. This is an SP, not a massage service. The girl’s actual rates are different from the rate texted earlier. Good looks, but not much more good to say.
  11. You can try this ad: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/deep-tissue-and-relaxation-massage/1502057241 It’s a private home. I tried to schedule, but they only seem to operate late evening, which doesn’t work well for me.
  12. Hazel Brown is indeed exotic. She offered a drink and we ended up laughing for the first 20 minutes. After a shower, I enjoyed a fantastic massage. One hour just wasn't enough. She is still on my mind. Going to book her again. http://winnipeg.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/exotic-hezel-brown-realvisiting-24th-30thfirst-time-sexy-petite-busty-ebonynew/2832327
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