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    i had a visit with Janime https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/northern-ontario/thunder_bay_sexy_36dd_s_latina_with_alluring_curves-3815252 she is the girl in the pics , all safe GFE , with some safe extras, i would repeat she is super nice and clean makes you feel comfortable right off the bat all natural no plastic :) Looks 8 attitude 9 service 9
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    Hi all, anyone meet Vicky on leolist? Pics look pretty good. I may try to TOFT her in the next couple of days. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_sexy_vicky_available_24_7_incall_downtown_or_outcall-3546094 -Archangael
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    So I know I am getting older because some lingo is now foreign to me. What is a snowbunny ? I see some girls label them selves as such in their ads. Also is it just me is there a lot of facetime ans skype girls out there now ?
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    she wants money first like E-transfer and some other gift cards etc, be careful.
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    I'd be careful throwing around names. While some may provided it, it is very much a YMMV situation. Best left discussed privately and agreed upon by both principal parties. We don't want to establish expectations prematurely.
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    Hi there, thank you for checking my ad. You will not be disappointed with my A+++ massage... My name is Vivian. I'm 28 years old. Gorgeous, I am a classy looking Lady with long black hair, seductive cat eyes ...., beautiful silky soft, tanned skin. workout body with all the right curves in the right places. You have finally met your dream girl .I great you at the door with a lovely smile then lead you to the massage room...I will start with a deep soothing tissue massage to relax all your muscles then follow with a soft touch to invigorate your whole body then the fun time ... It will be the most relaxing, creative and passionate session for you ever. So amazing that you cannot help yourself from thinking about it and want to come back for more! http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=92146 For relaxing massage $40/30m $50/45m $70/60m breathtakingvivian.com appointment only, call/text me at 6137121200 mon to sat 10am to 7pm.
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    From what I have been told by gentlemen in the SJ area there's not many local SPs there but there are some who travel there occassionally.
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    Just had the samething happen to me, only he/she/it- contacted me via email. Thankfully I saw this post earlier and as soon as 2 hours and e-transfer was mentioned, I knew. Thank you Madison.
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    So very glad no physical or monetary harm came from such a dispicable ploy Madison. Same as Frederictonman and Combatvet I have not been a fan of etransfer obligations and am bothered by those that strew distrust within our ammicable hobbies. Be safe ladies and always trust your gut feelings.
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    I have decided to retire and will no longer be available. I wish everyone all the best. Your love and support is truly appreciated. Take care and stay safe and happy. Xo
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    I meant verified on leo. On this site none of the girls other then you who are listed as saint john have logged on in months, most haven't logged on in years. We have 2 in hampton but none in saint john that post on here. No reviews on this site of any of the girls on leolist posting in saint john either. None of the posts asking for Saint John in the last couple months have a single suggestion. Right now the only option for finding a girl inside saint john is to look through the ads on leolist for the ones with a phone number and hope they are't cam girls or telemarketers.
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    It is a fake ad! Been up and down I saw Taylor while I was in Calgary. She does not really tour and when I saw the ad a month or so ago I contacted Taylor using the Alberta number and she confirmed it is NOT her. I was devastated she was not in Halifax because I had an amazing time. Overall though glad I did not book.
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    Are you sure? With 2 pages of recommendations, along with 2 recent ones, as well as being verified on leolist, I am someone who is in the Saint John area. Yes, my incall is outside the downtown area, I am of course available for outcall for those that wish. My regulars keep me busy and satisfied. However, I do accept new inquiries from those interested.
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    Have you looked in the ad/announcement section here? Or leolist?.
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    Perhaps her old ads had fake pics, but her current ad on Leolist has 5 verified pics and I had the pleasure of meeting Eden last week. I can vouch for this woman, those pics are her 100%! I will be returning to see Eden very soon :) https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_eden_s_garden_is_a_magical_place-3647020
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    We moved this from the recommendation area to the bait and switch area. WE DO NOT ever reward anyone for BAIT AND SWITCH (Stealing someone elses photos and telling people they are your own is not right for a number of reasons) We most certainly will not reward that here. madmenmoncton is a new member, we obviously had a good time with this lady but is not aware of the issues with Bait and Switch. It is NOT something we can overlook. When you are bait and switched you should turn around and leave. Say "Sorry your photos are fake" and peacefully leave so that she gets NO REWARD at all for her deceitful act. If enough people do this they will loose a lot of money and eventually stop doing this. Posting here in the B&S area with a first hand account will also greatly reduce the number of people who see her.
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    Hey! As an SP who is still new to the scene I get what you're saying. Basically I'd reiterate what Cjthomas said, first find someone you're attracted to and have an interest in meeting, then send a message. Ask them a little about themselves so that you can get a sense that this is a real person and you'd like to meet them. I don't know if all SP's are comfortable just talking about non-work things through texting or email before meeting but for me, I enjoy it because it helps me feel more comfortable meeting a client. I hope that helps a little!
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    Everyone is nervous when they venture into their first encounter. Luckily there is lyla and many other sites that hold good advice and direction for hobbiests and providers alike. My suggestion to you for finding your best partner would be to choose based on your needs and desires, and who you are attracted to. I've personally only met with a couple of ladies, Cristycurves, sinfulsara and both were lovely. Halifax has many others that I've also noticed, Sierra, Christina4u, Katherine, Kylie Jane and many others that I'm sure would be lovely to meet as well. Without turning this thread into who's who of favorites my suggestion is for You to decide who is interesting and attractive to you then do your research. Google names/numbers look at reviews and recommendations for conformation of safety and reliability and look for personal websites. All these things will be helpful in determining your choice and who is best suited for you.
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    If you're nervous and/or afraid of what the experience may entail, I'd book Addictive Barbie to start with.....very slim chance of having a bad experience with her. That will help get rid of the first-time jitters and give you more confidence to research/book in the future. Using the search function here is also a helpful tool in knowing the possible good or bad things. :) ...oh, and book an hour the first time. If you book for the 1/2, it will be over before you realize you didn't have sex yet and you may leave disappointed. Allow yourself time to settle down, ask a few questions and get comfortable, especially the first time.
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