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    I have a meeting scheduled with Sam early March. I have talked and FaceTimed with him and he is what he says he is. I am a widow and can usually find someone for just sex but what Sam offers is an intimate experience of being loved and to be loving. Also a friend and companion. Thanks for posting this interview. jj
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    Had an experience about 2 weeks ago and want to throw something out there and get some feedback. Had a wonderful 1st date with a certain SP about 2 months ago and it was fantastic. As I don't hobby as much anymore I usually go to see reviewed girls or ones I have seen before to hopefully ensure a good date. So I booked a second date and it was a complete let down . I decided to text her next day and in a very polite way asked her why our date was off especially compared to our first. She actually agreed she was not her best that day and was going through some stuff and probably should not have booked me . Do you think asking her was not cool or within my rights . I'd love to see some SP's chime in as well . I was honest with her in saying it was unlikely I'd see her again , didn't really seem to matter and that was even more disappointing .
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    It was good for you to ask her and her responses seem reasonable. Everyone has expectations and we don't always click because we are not robots, you can't expect her to recalibrate and be the same as she was, especially if her circumstances have changed. You also can't expect her fix her life and just get over the memory of a bad day which you may have unluckily become a part of. I have also had a couple of not so great experiences where I probably would have been better off staying at home with the 'palm sisters' but most of my experiences have been great, partially in thanks to this site. Sorry it didn't go well and hope you have better luck in the future.
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    Don't think too much, that's my advice. Whole point of this hobby is to spend time with another human and forget the daily grind. If you are coming out thinking and messaging like that, I think it's time to rethink. I want my water to quench my thirst, not give me stress.
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    Hello, my name is Elizabeth Weisz, my friends call me Ellie. I’m a 32 year old soulful brown eyed, blonde from Montreal Quebec. I’ve been working in the industry as a companion for four years and I can truly say that I love what I do. I offer both in person, virtual services and custom content. In my spare time I enjoy reading, yoga and strength training. I also have an adorable Pomeranian named Bear who is the love of my life. I believe that our time together is about forming a meaningful connection. I hold a degree in Sociology and Psychology. I enjoy conversing on a wide variety of topics such as politics, social justice, philosophy and literature. As an introvert I thrive in one on one situations where we get to truly revel in each other’s presence. I enjoy taking our time over a glass of wine, champagne or a hot cup of tea as we talk about whatever is on our minds. I’m known for my silly giggle and sensual nature, which can put even the shyest person at ease. I enjoy pleasing and being pleased and I’ve been told it shows. My goal is to leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied with a happy smile on your lips. I’m looking forward to planning our next adventure together soon. Warmly, Ellie 💋 To contact me: www.meetelizabethweisz.com Twitter: @EllieWeiszOTT Instagram: EllieWeisz_OTT
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    @LeeRichards good to see you back here.... you've been missed! My 77 yo sister pointed out to me that once cell phones arrived on the scene instead of asking a caller 'how are you?' we're more likely to ask 'where are you?' So how are you? and where have you been? lol
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    Congratulations to these two amazing ladies! I look forward to meeting one of these days 😍
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    Oh you mean photo albums lol Back in the day (mid to late 1960s) when dad was posted in West Germany Friday nights he hauled out the slide projector something like this and we'd watch one carousel of slides. No TV...well English TV where we were. So slides were our TV lol A Flashback Rambling lol RG
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    Thank you for congratulating me @HenryOcean ❤️💋
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    So many amazing ladies in no particular order -Anika -Maxime Elite -Keisey Hennessy (my first) -Jaymie Mae -Jenna mae -The original Freddygirl aka Mary
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    I wish a happy St. Valentine's Day to all the engaging members of the Lyla community! Today I would like to nominate @MsManda who is a kind and thoughtful supporter of her colleagues here on Lyla. I also admire here clear, forthright and incisive comments. She replied in a thread I had posted on over a month ago and and I like her style!
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