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  1. As of right now I will no longer be retiring in the next few months, some circumstances changed and I will no longer be leaving my current location. My availability is back to being more open as well, thank you have a great day !
  2. I agree with this 100% Doing well on onlyfans is also the same amount of work as a full time job - making content and keeping up with putting it out regularly, maintaining your audience, coming up with clever yet not pushy ways to promote, talking and connecting with your fans, filming, editing, taking photos, making videos. It's not as easy as whipping out a camera when you're in the mood.. sometimes it can be, but if you want to be successful and make a profitable return on having onlyfans its a lot of work - and non stop work if you want to keep seeing that incline of income, and even that doesn't guarantee it. Top 4% creators are only making 4-5k a month, you have to be in the top 1% or .01% to be making a killing.
  3. Just a note for my regular clientele, as well as others ❤️ After some great consideration, I have decided I will be going into a permeant retirement. I was contemplating keeping regular clients when I first started to think about this decision for myself back in the summer, however I have decided that I will be leaving the industry entirely with the exception of my onlyfans. I will be putting more time, effort and work into my onlyfans and twitch accounts. I am not decided on the date I will be retiring yet, however I know that by May 2024 I will no longer be hosting - that being said it could be as early as February 2024. I am just ironing out some final details on what I plan on doing after this. I will be hosting for either new or old clientele up until the date I decide to retire. As soon as I know the final month of hosting I will make an update ❤️
  4. I have encountered a lot of people who knew me irl, I am pretty nonchalant though. I've never encountered someone where it effected my personal life, and I'm not from a huge city either. It doesn't really bother me in anyway 🙂 Its almost a little hotter lol
  5. Thank you ❤️ haha my last place was really hard because it was a brand new street, I'm a bit closer to town now, but not any easier to find if you're not familiar with the area because its a brand new house on an old street, and there's a house with the exact same address in Memramcook 😭
  6. Hey ! My name is Cleo! I'm a laid back, very frisky lady! I've got a very sweet personality and genuinely love what I do! Soft, Kissable Lips, Tattoos, Huge full breasts (36 DDD) that will leave you wanting more I don't party, or smoke, I am extremely low key. I offer safe service, and I also do massages. My space is clean, extremely high end & in a safe neighborhood. I take care of myself physically and mentally, and I'm a true companion whom is well known and well liked ❤️ Some basic rules: I DO NOT NEGOTIATE NO 15 min service or B N G I have additional photos and videos for money - if you're looking for further validation I have twitter, onlyfans and IG. However I am verfied on Lyla with reviews as well on CAF. When contacting me please state your name, age, race, etc No Shows, Last minute cancellations will result in being blocked. Sometime before next spring I will no longer be accepting new clients. Text ONLY 5068896962
  7. The amount of men who get scammed, and then message me asking me to jump through hoops to prove I'm real rather than just doing their research first is unreal. I've had people drive by my house 100 times sketching out because they were previously scammed or encountered pimps etc - I do live in a very high end home so I get to some extent but holayyy haha I have been around long enough with enough reviews to make someone feel safe. I always am giving people this website to do research.
  8. I've heard a lot of my clients say this, they went to see someone "verified" and it wasn't the same person at all or it was a scam, its so sad.
  9. That's pretty unprofessional really. I like to make sure I know how long someone is coming to visit first, and that we are both clear on the expected rate. It just makes it less awkward once you've arrived, I don't like to discuss money in person. I do expect the money to be placed on my desk or nightstand first with first time clients just to be safe, but counting in front of people is just weird... I get why some people might... but I don't seem to attract to many questionable people.
  10. Travelling is really not even worth it, I tried a few places and because of the cost of hotels/gas/food etc and honestly the amount of no shows I just stopped. I make more at home with my regulars. I used to travel all the time and it was always worth the trip, and I don’t like to ask for deposits but I tried both with deposits and without and I didn’t find it made any difference. I had people who paid deposits who still no showed. Honestly if it wasn’t for my regular clients I wouldn’t even do this anymore because I spend most of my time being haggled or even just the amount of no shows I get is exhausting. I still love the line of work I’m in, it stills suits me but there’s a lot of times where I feel like I should just switch 100% back to no new clients… I do well on only fans and selling content but I still enjoy actually working. I can see why a lot of people are either not travelling anymore or stopped all together - especially after Covid… and anyone who found a means to make money elsewhere who didn’t actually genuinely love the work - wouldn’t return… so it makes sense.
  11. Hey! I will be hosting for a few more weeks in my current location and then upgrading my space and moving closer to the city. (Not by a huge amount) I am hoping to be able to offer a massage with an actual massage table (as long as space allows for both a queen bed and table), as well as there will be a bathroom mainly used for my clients offered with all your necessities. 🙂 This space will be a lot more private than my current location. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ When contacting me please state your name, age, race, etc (can be an alias for age too as long as it's not crazy off) and tell me a bit about what you're looking for. I do offer last minute appointments but please read and respect the rules. At the time I only have texting 5068896962
  12. Another HUGE one is herpes, and its terrifying how easy you can contract it. I don't feel like its anything to be ashamed of, but its important to know the risks, and what it means if you do catch something like herpes or HIV because while they are manageable they are not curable. They don't test for herpes in routine STI/STD checks either, you need to specifically ask for it, and a lot of people don't know that. Transmission rates without breakouts are low, but not 100% risk free, people who have asymptotic shedding can transmit herpes to your mouth via **** - and lets face it, the more sexually active you are - or the more clients you see the higher the risks become! You can also still contract it genitally from having sex with condoms. I follow a lot of forums on Reddit about sexual health, sex workers, and STI/STDS and some of the stories are so sad. Regular check ups are SO important... not just when you're suspicious of something - and its important to ask questions and talk about it! Even if someone gives you a recent blood test for something there is a risk its not showed up in their blood yet, or they lie about being with someone from the time they were tested to when they see you ! For me, I get BV so easily ! Just changing condoms can trigger it for me, or having a bath which is the worst hahah I love a good bubble bath... and normally my BV comes with a big ol UTI but I find since taking cranberry everyday and vit C (and no more baths 😞 ) I don't get them as much
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