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    I've saw this question asked once before. My perspective remains the same and has served me well. I personally love the hour, I've been know to book 2 hours for duo's but, for first dates, I don't just book an hour with anyone. My hour is reserved for: -A well established (G F E) lady or agency with a good website, a good gallery, good reviews and that states GFE. This is because you are pretty much, based on my experience, going to get what you are hoping for both physically and service wise. Also, if they are a fairly established lyla member that's always a major +, but I need a gallery no matter what or where they advertise. My half hour is for: -Backpage unknown roll of the dice. I am very selective in which ads that I'm willing to risk my safety and money on but still the risk is so much higher when browsing on forms like BP. If you are a little bit unsure its better to book for the hh in my honest opinion. Now if you get there and you're like...wow....super happy, it's easier to ask if you can increase the session to the hour as that's actually a compliment But walking in and saying...um...can we just do the half hour instead is more than a bit awkward. Having said that, if ever you feel you were bait and switched...I feel it's our duty to turn around and leave even if it's awkward. Staying only perpetuates this sleezy behavior, contributes to the dark side of the industry and makes it more difficult for legit ladies because we as customers become jaded and paranoid. So in short, out side of a busy schedule, risk dictates session time. High risk, short session Likely bliss, long session
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    Also, I would like to add a point or two about personality. Are you are a chatter person or an extrovert? Are you a person who likes to enjoy more on a journey rather than to reach the final destination? Do you wish to get to know her more, e.g. hobby, interest etc. (not her personal life of course)? As we gent love to receive pleasure, would you enjoy pleasuring her as well? Do you love affection? (you have to show them first most of the time) If all the above answers are yes, one-hour is okay.
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    "She iiiiiis..Phoenix!", announces the dj. She iiiiiiis sexy! She commands the stage, confident and smiling as she does her routine, the slides, the crawls, the bounces, the allure. I'm loving this, me and my two good friends, watching her glide across the stage, and slowly reveal her body. The songs are done, and she comes and joins us. I say goodbye to my friends, and Phoenix leads me to the cr. She sits on my knee and we talk for a bit, then the dances begin. Her body feels magnificent, the firmness of her thighs and bum and abs, the perfectly proportioned breasts, the definition of her back...I get to take it all in. Awesome! Lap dances as they should be. A very good night at Barb's.
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    I agree with Daisy. I've never booked less than an hour myself but for a first meeting, I expect there is some initial get to know each type conversation even if we've previously communicated by text or email. I do know some MA's might not do pre & post shower if booking less than an hour, although for some the cut-off is 45
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    Depends on the lady.. But- there are some things that really aren't much fun when rushed, so I don't offer them during shorter dates.
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    Slightly in contrary to what's WhereIRoam is saying, it's probably best to book an hour for the first time with an SP if you intend to do more frequent half hour visits- gives you a chance to get to know her well, (instead of a quick wham van thank you ma'am) and then helps set the mood for future appointments. Though I doubt there's much of a difference in service... likely less intimate/lying around time, but the fun for sure still happens. Don't fret too much on it :-)
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    Personally I have never experienced a difference in service. I usually only book a half hour on my first visit with a provider I have never seen before and if I choose to see them again I usually book for an hour.
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    Companionship for the discerning gentleman. Independent In Ottawa April 19-21 Always dreamed of a 6' blonde...well, here I am! Book now and be sure to not miss me! Please peruse my photos, here for your pleasure: http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/album.php?albumid=12337 http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/album.php?albumid=12338 Take a moment to read my reviews, Kingston: http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?ltr=Z&t=139082 Ottawa: http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?ltr=Z&t=142371 Please, pm me or email [email protected] with any questions or to guarantee our rendezvous. xox
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    Hi guys , I've meet Jade she's 20 years old and from Halifax . She will be visiting on occasion so look out for her . She's amazing !
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    My recommendation for Chloe at The Brass Club https://twitter.com/MissChloebrass In speaking to Ren and Winnie at Brass Club over the last few weeks they let me know their friend Chloe would be joining Brass - and I took the opportunity to get a training duo to welcome her as well as get to see the fabulous @MissRenBrass . Bear in mind this was my first ever duo, so I was nervous and didn't know quite what to expect. As usual booking was easy - I just DM'd @theBrassClub on twitter and Jess set it up for me in moments. I arrived quite a bit early and enjoyed a warm welcome from Jess and my choice of beverage. Then I was joined at the bar by Chloe and Ren for some conversation before the session. It turns out Chloe and I hail from the same area and we had a great conversation about that along with the three of us discussing Chloe's martial arts, running, and lots more. Then we moved into the fun part and went to a large room with a double massage table and a big leather love seat. Chloe is dynamite - she is fit and has lovely curves - brown hair and big brown eyes you can fall into. Chloe reminds me of a tigress - she is feminine and strong and crackling with sensual energy. You know those tentative few minutes where you gently kiss and touch as you build a connection? That happened almost instantly with Chloe and we moved on to fiery passionate making out. Chloe made feel more than wanted - needed is the right term. We were having such fun Ren got the shower going for us and had to almost drag us into it. The three of us went in for some slippery fun. After exploring each other's bodies the three of us moved to the massage table where Ren and Chloe expertly massage away my tension and moved on to some very sensual body slides. We took turns massaging each other, teasing, laughing, and had a very hot time. After an extremely rewarding conclusion we moved back to the shower with leisurely kissing, cuddling, and touching. It was a fabulous time. Chloe loves to be touched and she responds to it extremely well. Chloe went beyond a "girlfriend" massage experience in the sense that it addition to the intimacy and connection that I associate with GFE, Chloe made me feel like she was the girlfriend I hadn't seen in 2 weeks and the two of us were on fire for each other. She has incredible sensual energy and such passion it felt like she needed my touch, and she was going to take what she needed. Wow it was wonderful to feel desired like that. Some ladies make you feel like a king, and although Chloe can do that, she made me feel like the hot lover the queen takes on the side to give her what she needs. A note about the duo with Ren - Ren is gorgeous and a very sensual lady in her own right. These two are friends and they know and like each other shall we say - very interactive duo. They focused on me but it was very clear (and incredibly hot) that they really turn each other on too. I think it would be difficult to find a duo that have that level of chemistry with each other. That made for the most incredible duo that exceeded my expectations in every way. Try it gents, you owe it to yourself.
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    Read my reco of her visit to Kingston. Then imagine it being even better. You guys kept asking for her to come here and your wish is granted. Lucky Dogs. But not as lucky as me, I had the honor of welcoming her to Ottawa, somehow I think I got the better end of the deal. Every now and then it's good to be me (not nearly as often as it used to be sadly), this was one of those days. https://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=245017 http://ottawa.backpage.ca/FemaleEsco...05-09/61111142 There is a link to her website in this ad. http://asianv.wix.com/mysite-1 She is staying at a decent hotel on the western edge of downtown, easy parking and an alternate entrance with an elevator just inside doors so you do not need to go past front desk. Also extra parking across street if hotel lot is full. Such a wicked sweetheart, another great time. My reco stands, awesome time. Hope you don't mind tats, she has some but asks they not be described for privacy. They are not outrageous IMO. I am not a tat lover but when she is cumming all over me or I'm cumming they don't don't seem to matter LOL Seriously I didn't mind her tats. Enjoy! Violet retains and embellishes her slurp seal of approval. I really need to repeat before she leaves on the 9th......
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    Hey gents, I contacted the SP two days ago in the link provided to inquire about availability. She did not reply until this morning, where she warned me that contacting someone to request "sex" was illegal and she would be taking the conversation and my phone number to authorities. Take your time with me, Im waiting :) - 23 http://winnipeg.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/take-your-time-with-me-im-waiting/2769982 I was contacting this SP for companionship, nothing more, as we all are. Just thought I would pass this information along. Do any of you feel I should be worried about this situation. Thanks.
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    And in fact I can attest that her massage is actually very nice. If you really need a deep massage, my experience is that you should book with an RMT, get an insurance receipt and stick to that. When I want different muscles to be involved in the session (brain of course!) - then I can only submit that you will not go wrong booking with Sandy.
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    For me it would be to have the "dream women" and the "dream sex" as I find that they both go hand and hand but hard to find.
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    I have a pair, one of their classic, but I generaly prefer Jimmy Choo. There are 2 more Louboutin I would like to have tho, one is a pair of boots, black, red and gold, they are awesome, and one of the pair Madonna's owns that has a strap around the ankle, plateform Louboutin. I want all of Madonna's shoes.
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    Trojan ultra thin IS AMAZING I used to only use durex Loves But switched real quick I love to feeeeeel
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    Thanks for all of this great information. I've learned to appreciate through Lyla what a great thing Lyla is! Loads of good information and good advice.
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    Hello Everyone, I'm Mia! Your Hot & Sexy Fully Independent Latina Beauty! You Can Check Out My New Website For More Information On My Rates & What I Offer: http://exclusivelymia.com & You Can Check Out Some Of My Awesome Recommendations: http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=231699 I'm Available For All Your One-On-One Pleasures: Thursday, April 6th 7am until 10pm! ****************************** As Well As: Friday, April 7th 10am until 10pm & Saturday, April 8th 10am until 10pm!! *7am Is Only Available Through Pre-Booking* Rates These Rates Are For My Time In Massage Only - Refer To My Website For More Details On What Services I Offer $150 - 45 minutes $160 - 1 hour $210 - 75 minutes $260 - 1.5 hours $340 - 2 hours Longer sessions are available. ***** I'm a 5'4, 34C Exotic & Kinky Latina/Italian Beauty with Gorgeous Curves! I Give An Incredible Massage That Will Leave You Feeling Satisfied and Restored. ***** I Have A Rich Mane Of Long Dark Hair & Beautiful Naturally Bronzed Skin! Escape with me... My undivided attention, charm & absolute enthusiasm will have you coming back again and again! Allow me to fulfill your fantasies... **NOW INDEPENDENT** Available Privately For All Your Massage Pleasures! ********** ********** Please PM or email me at [email protected] To Reserve Our Time Together! Call or Text Me At 613-700-9834 Warmest regards, Mia
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    If you see this girl, please give us a review. Thanks!
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    Lots of lovely ladies in tonight. MY Paris, Eva, and Jewels (our first time together). I wanted to run the table with Ashley and Ice, but I had to leave. Oh, well. It was a good night overall. I'll be in attendance all afternoon Tuesday, if anyone wants to drop by and buy me a birthday beer. I'm just saying ...
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    to a certain extent Lyla is like all other forums I am a member of - which are mostly tech & music ones. 10% of members provide all the content and rest just benefit. I do think though quality of the content is the best vs other review sites though going the extra step and PMing people for info though is a bit irritating if done repeatedly LuxeMulvari - I have same basic problem as you and most other small businesses - people are too lazy to read website's content which makes no sense as its faster to do so vs contacting the business. Smart to take your phone number off
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    Welcome to our world! Half these men can't even read a website for a providers info, and ask the same questions that would be clearly answered if they took five minutes to actually read. That's why i took down my number and only do email. Before, I liked being easy to reach, and the phone is the easiest way, however after time, the "rates, services, location" texts just turned me off the phone completely. I wonder sometimes why spend $ on a site and time to get it right (pictures, text, the right aesthetic) if its not even glanced at other than to get our number... as a result, many providers are just ignoring these communications. In the past i've tried pointing gents to my site, now i don't even respond to one liners. If you can't introduce yourself and/or form a proper sentence we probably won't connect well, which for me is the most important thing. If we can't even get guys to read our sites, good luck getting them to contribute meaningfully to this great resource. The expectation of extremely low rate with every service under the sun offered without any foundation is the new norm, these guys are all about getting as much as they can with the least amount of effort, why would they contribute meaningful info as it has no perceived benefit to them? I thank my lucky stars for the good men on this site, who read and contribute to meaningful discussions, its taught me a great deal about what *MY* type of client is seeking and how to provide them with that which they seek... Lyla has been an invaluable resource for me in learning how to perfect my chosen craft, and has introduced me to great friends that i cherish. I value your contributions and i'd be very sad to see this place turn into the cess pool state others are in...
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    I do not see a difference in the service department between 1/2 or 1 hour session. For me I need that longer appointment.
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    Exactly my sentiments WhereIRoam! Without members sharing reviews and/or participating on the board in other ways, there would be no community. You wouldn't keep asking for help from your neighbour without being willing to help them in your turn? And there are a few members who have shared an extraordinary amount of information and experience with members in an unselfish way over many years. These exceptional members should be the examples we aspire to vs. the others who do not share.
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    Amber is another Twitter contact that I've made recently, and we enjoyed a good long virtual conversation before finally meeting, over a week ago (sorry, I've been busy, so this is late). Her Twitter posts were witty and enticing. She looked like someone I would enjoy. She is! When we met, we instantly connected. Nice shower and contact, then off to the double massage bed. I got to work on her first, rubbing and kneading. She seemed to enjoy that. I really liked her attitude and her sense of play. All fun and teasing. My turn, and she did all the right things. So much so that I asked to extend by half an hour. A very pleasurable experience!
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    Thank you for defining what a community is NOT about!
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    All right ... all right ... but apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and roads and a freshwater system and baths and public order ... what have the Romans ever done for us?
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    Best condoms you ask!? 1) Trojan bare skin condoms 2) SKYN condoms 3) lifestyle brand condoms (not the best but theyre ok!!!) You will love the top 2 I listed!! Amazing condoms, super thing but super strong! I use them all the time.
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    Part 1: The first two links you posted are of the same lady. The first one is her in Prince George on March 28. The second is her in Winnipeg on March 4th. This is not abnormal, some SPs do travel. They both have the same number, both the exact same profile, just in different cities. Part 2: To see if they are reviewed on this board, left click on "LYLA.com" which is on the top red banner across the screen. Then scroll down until you find your province-in your case-Manitoba. Click on "Winnipeg". Then click "Winnipeg recommendations. Then click on the letter that corresponds with the name of the person you are looking for. Find the name, they are in alphabetical order. I'm posting this link just for you to save you time, just wanted to tell you how to get there for later. https://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?f=162
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    I just experienced an escape with these two ladies and I must say that it was everything I had hoped for and more. You can quickly see that they are very good friends and fully interactive immediately. Our session was a sensory overload with no zone being left unattended yet the entire event just flowed along naturally. I highly recommend these two ladies to anyone who is looking for a sensuous and erotic session that will satisfy any desires you can imagine. Treat them well gents and you will be rewarded.
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    While my lady love is in town we hope you will join us for magical ride! 30/30 is the 4 hand massage with a twist! Enjoy our loving touch massage for 30 min then my loving wife will kidnap you to the boudoir for furthur adventures. Perhaps you need to take it further and reach for the stars? We will both escort you into unimaginable demensions of lust and satisfaction! 1 hour just not enough? Why not stay for 90 min! We can frolic and flirt in my supersized jacuzzi! ***** IMPORTANT TO NOTE I HAVE A BROKEN TOE, Henceforth I do require only those who can show me gentleness. This MAY be your only chance to book with myself untill I fully heal! Call or txt 506 261 7313
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    I don't have to do this job, you know! I could have been a brain surgeon!
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    don't expect anything other than a massage here. It may be a sensual experience, but look elsewhere if you are looking for a release. They do offer a variety of services, including massage, acupuncture, and general spa services such as waxing. (Women only for brazillian). I don't think they have that many attendents working there anymore either.
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    Miranda is posting on Backpage. Her location is near the Airport. She seems to travel quite a bit. Don't be Mirandad. http://ottawa.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/beautiful-green-eyes-exotic-doll-miranda-613-604-3695/65200263 Kansas City http://kc.backpage.com/WomenSeekMen/soft-and-sweet-young-and-tight-exotic-mixed-chick/23752025 San Jose http://sanjose.backpage.com/WomenSeekMen/soft-and-sweet-young-and-tight-exotic-mixed-chick/49519352 Fort McMurray http://ftmcmurray.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/grey-eyes-and-amaizing-body-russian-beauty-587-779-6311/15769162 Chicago (Note hypnotic video) http://420.com.chicago.hoxnif.com/post/20305886/ Memphis http://backpage.com.memphis.hoxnif.com/post/18708187/
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    Retired? Pffft, I'm not ready to silence my Rrrroar yet. Cmon now :-) I was merely upping the ante and shaking up the for my return of Smiling harrrrd and location change so as to ensure that all of O-town gets a Lil bit of Heaven ;-) text us always the best way to get a prompt response please and thankya. 6138995879 C.Heavens
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    I went through this old thread and caught myself on interesting observation. It is considered to be that we are romantic in our young years. And later we become much more practical and cynical, much more interested in "material" things and much less emotional. But it looks like most mature guys are looking for (or incline to) the "dream woman" provider type where emotional part is very important. And physical part prevails for most younger guys. Maybe we start value more personal qualities and emotional connection with age?
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    This is a topic very near and dear to me and one I hope you all won't mind if I ramble about for a few :) As the subject of my post suggests, I firmly believe in there being a difference between lust and love, as well as arousal and attraction. And it is VERY easy for us, as human beings, to blur the lines between the two. I speak from experience when I say that... as I have blurred them in my past. LOVE is a choice. It is something that we CHOOSE when we commit ourselves to one other person for the rest of our lives. It is born out of history, respect, unconditional admiration and acceptance. Out of knowing things about the other that no one else knows. About seeing them at their worst, their most vulnerable, and believing that is when they they look their most beautiful or most handsome; Their most attractive. It comes from complete openness, complete honesty and complete trust. With it comes a desire to be a better person - for yourself so that you can be better for THEM. It comes a complete freedom to be yourself, no matter WHAT that entails - because you know that no matter what you say, or do; no matter how grumpy you get, or how crazy or silly, at the end of the day you are welcomed into the loving arms of your CHOSEN partner. LUST is a feeling. An intense, passionate feeling. It is born from newness, from sexual desire, from excitement, anticipation, anxiousness, intimacy and arousal. It is all encompassing, it is amazing, it is FUN. The reality of this is though, lust fades. Even in a relationship with someone you plan to spend the rest of your life with (because you've made that CHOICE to do so), lust fades. This is why marriages ebb and flow, have their ups and downs, and often fail. Too many people believe that if the lust is gone, then the relationship is over. What they FAIL to see, is that if you make a CHOICE to love someone, and ride the rollercoaster through the next down, the next CLIMB is better than anything lust could ever allow you to experience. The CHOICE to love someone is a conscious choice that requires great effort, great committment and great amounts of work. The FEELING of lust is involuntary. It just happens. It is beautiful and natural and wonderful. But it just is. Let's face it: Being with someone we've CHOSEN to love, vs an SP/client that we LUST for is very different. Even the SEX is different. Sex with someone we lust for is fun, yes. It may even be intense, or passionate. It may leave you reeling, thinking about that person and longing to see them again. It envokes all kinds of strange thoughts in your mind that you are left trying to make sense of. But really, it IS just sex. It is erotic, enjoyable and wonderful -- as is the connection that precedes it. But it does nothing for the soul in the long term. On the flip side, SEX with someone you've CHOSEN to love, and have a history and committment with is the kind of sex that relaxes you and makes you feel all warm and loved inside. The kind of sex that makes you want to stay in bed all day naked. The kind of sex that can make you cry because its as much of an emotional release as it is a physical one. The kind of sex that makes you want to crawl inside them and you still wouldn't be close enough to them. NO SP or client could ever replace that very thing with someone you've CHOSEN to love. And that is why although the client/SP relationship may be good... no, GREAT experiences, nobody will ever be better, or replace the ONE person you've chosen to let in your heart. No matter how good the physical connection between SP and client, they will never replace that very same thing in your bed.
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    So we have a few people complaining about a new feature I added to encourage more user participation (and it's working!) New members (under 5 posts for less then 5 days) now get a notice (See below) that they should post and change the status (basically from a lurker who is using the site for research and not contributing to a contributing member). The notice will disappear once they post 5 posts and have been a member for 5+ days. The site is FREE to use and they are complaining!? Seriously!! I have actually had TWO members (Long time members) complain in PM's and the one had been a member for 200+ days and the other (get this) has been a member for over 2000 days and is pissed that he now gets this notice? WTF??? If you have been here 200+ or 2000+ days and used the site for info on SP's and not given back at least 5 comments for the rest of the community?? Why do these guys feel this is ok? should we really be concerned? Here is the notice: Yes, it's long (It's long for a reason!) it's made to be informative to NEW MEMBERS and it's long to be a NAG so that you give back to the community!! No excuse is valid for not contributing. Put your browser into PRIVACY MODE (as you should be doing already) and make sure your username is not something your co-workers or anyone else might pick up on and post some comments!! Don't be a troll/leach and expect everyone else to share for your benefit when you don't contribute.
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