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    Actually was crossing town on this snowy/rainy night so I decided I would take an impromptu break and stop in at 340 Queen for a libation and to see who I could say Happy New Year too. Very quiet, as sort of expected, but about a dozen women in the house, including the recently talked about Carmella. I saw her unfortunately a little late as I was collecting my coat on the way out. Cute as ever in something white under a light cardigan sweater - she is so petite. She tried to talk me into staying but I had expended my allotment for the evening. Which brings me to report that I was able to secure a very sultry session in the CR with Nicole. She was wearing a brand new black Victoria Secret lingerie ensemble with black stockings and hanging garters. I told her she needs some Louboutins to complete the look....Of couse she was open to me buying her some:)...She was hot and I did not want to stop. This followed with a shorter than usual session but a good re-acquaintance with Stacy who was wearing a matching Calvin Klein (underwear) top and bottom. All good. An excellent Happy New Year start at Barbs for me anyway. Maybe four guys in the bar when I left not counting Jack (Bar), the DJ (Mark) and the usual two bouncers.
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    Pleasure can be an elusive concept; some people enjoy experiencing the fullness of the moment while others feel a strong sense of temporary completeness. I experienced both today with Ashley quite vividly. The candles and soft music set the tone, but the combination of her beauty, personality, charm, wit and sensuality lingered throughout the session. Sometimes the pace was slow and drawn out; alternatively, the pace rapidly escalated. It was hard to identify where one phase ended and another started. Time with a strikingly beautiful woman like Ashley can be remarkable, especially one who can heighten all of your senses for pleasure in an imaginative and most unforgettable way.
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    http://www.houstonpress.com/news/backpagecom-shuts-down-adult-pages-citing-censorship-9097475 Every "Adult" page on the site now reads: "The government has unconstitutionally censored this content," followed by a hyperlink to Backpage's "Media Resources" page. Backpage's decision to self-censor came hours before its current and former executives were set to testify before the U.S. Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. At issue are the company's controversial adult advertisements, which lawmakers and other critics claim are responsible for acts of prostitution and human trafficking.
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    Let me introduce myself I'm Juno, your newly minted independent companion based out of Toronto. I characterize myself as a down to earth and witty blonde bombshell. I pride myself on being able to get people out of their shell with my charm, warm nature and sexy smile. I also find myself able to adapt to any situation with ease and enthusiasm, GIRLFRIEND with a twist. Hope to hear from In rates: 1hr. 300 2hr.600 3hr. 850 social rates and longer appointments inquire, outcall is subject to $50 travel fee. http://www.junogrey.com // [email protected] // text only +1 289-802-3584 Stats: 5'10 120lbs 32DD natural/ 23/32 Tattoos Long Blonde Hair Did someone say duo? I love my ladies aswell, I'm extremely excited when I get to participate with another one of the fine ladies we have in this city, email for inquiries.
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    A client gave me the simplest yet sweetest compliment once, and it was just "I can just tell that outside of this, you'd be such a great friend to have". Very cute <3
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    Okay, this isn't exactly a compliment, just something that I find amusing to hear. Once in a while I wear shorts or my working pants instead of a kilt when I'm out doing errands. Almost every time if I run into someone I know, they say, "I'm not used to seeing you with pants on!" This leads to giggles or an explanation to people they're with.
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    Additional Comments: A repost but I like it :). Just your average rooftop view in Barcelona...
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    I love most of Robyn's songs and I'm so excited to hear his new album. This guy just oozes sexy. His songs can represent sessions for sure. This video got some drama for induced rape though. and you can't forget this one. Also let me add a good sappy one. Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen.
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    I used to see a curvy Carribean dancer named Asia at Pigales. I heard she moved to Barefax or Barb's but could never confirm. Any sightings? Bandit
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    Just like the old gypsy said! Yeah, I had a strong feeling about that happening.
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    I am taking prebook Appointments back in Moncton. Check my profile for my new # XoX
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    Additional Comments: Additional Comments:
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    This is our own JustOlivia! Posted with appreciation and thanks! JustPerfect!
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    Had the chance to meet Cameron Cole recently and plan to repeat. -Appointment was very easy to setup -Location was nice, very clean and we'll kept Cameron is very attractive and she makes you feel welcome right from the start. Good massage to start but won't go into details after that. I plan on repeating.
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    When I was young, I never would have believed I would be thankful for a blood clot in my liver, but it sure beats the cancer having metastasized! Life is good, and looking forward to an amazing 2017. Hope everyone else has nothing but good news for the whole year.
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    you gave me breath when I had none..
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    Hello everyone and happy holidays . I am thinking of popping in for a few weeks in the next while..Thinking ...... but don't quite know for sure or when . If or when I do , I will be posting new pictures and announcing my availability. I hope all is well to all the lovely ladies and the gentlemen on here . sending my best regardes , Nelle
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    Mi I have men fall in love with me all the time but they are falling in love, not with me but the fantasy or the idea of me. While there are qualities that I bring to the table as an SP are the same as my private life, being an SP is just an extension of me. Not completely who I am. Dont get creepy or become a stalker and you will be fine. Let her know how you feel but never expect anything in return. It's a real big turn off for someone to say this and then feel put upon. My turn off is what we call "Captain save-a-ho". This is what we do for a living and by most accounts speaking for myself or other ladies I know, we are not damsels in distress looking for someone to save them. Many men like to try to fall into that role and when I witness that, I let them go as a client and run for the hills. While this is mostly isolated incident on the whole, some men do overstep their boundaries and ruin a good thing. When clients fall for SPs, it means she is offering the best experience but never have real life expectations . Behind closed doors, fantasy never mirrors reality. All you can do is enjoy the moment. Like Meg said below, if you knew the real me... Not so much nice fantasy anymore. Hehe. Enjoy me as an SP, not the real me! Ask one of my sugar daddies..lol.
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    Gentlemens !! SCHEDULE MADISSON IS VISITING........... -HALIFAX JULY 13-18 -ST JOHNS JULY 19-25 MAXIME IS VISITING.............. -HALIFAX JULY 19-26 -ST JOHNS JULY 27-AUJUST 1 MELODIE IS VISITING............ -HALIFAX 27-AUGUST 1 -MONCTON AUGUST 2-3-4 300H - 550 2H - 200H PREBOOKING PLEASE ; DONT MISS !! THE EASY GOING MADISSON : 5ft 5 112lbs - natural 34CC breast , greenish eyes , brunette ,sweet & very natural If you like sexy legs that work your imagination then im the perfect choice; long, soft and silky to the touch what more can you ask.I offer awesome time and with a mini skirt on high heels makes you think you are in a remake of pretty woman!! THE SENSUAL MELODIE: 5ft5 115lbs , nice legs , brown hair & Greenish eyes , very nice & fun and always a nice smile:wink: 34c Natural -23 yrs old look at these curves making this body so unique and sexy that you want to play with it like with a new present you got for your birthday. Well it is all yours from the nice breast to the rear end you will find plenty of places to explore this beautiful model. THE REFRESHING MAXIME : 5ft5 115lbs , Perky 34B blonde with Blue eyes , a lot of energy and very wild !! 22yrs old If youre looking for the sweetest girl around... Well look no further because you have found her...She will totally make you melt with her angel face, innocent look and refreshing personality. Come and meet her now and you will feel 10 years younger!!! - Please make sure you join the BHS mailing list as we are offering promos , *** DISCOUNT 260H 200HH 520 FOR 2H **** n more pictures to our mailing list ONLY!! If you are not yet , PLZ contact us ASAP at 514 - 294 4326 OR [email protected] and please mention your city, name & phone number as well . (514) 294-4326 truly yours... Book-herself..xoxo
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