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    Lovely answer....and glad to see the mouth rinsing. I would also like to mention to others avoid brushing your teeth or flossing just before a date, So it a good 30-45 mins before oral. The gums heal quickly but do get small tears from from brushing and flossing.
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    It is true there many ways to get in the mood. Also true that there a certain level of risk involved for both parties. Anytime there is an exchange of body fluids, whether through DATY or DFK, there is the possibility of bacterial. Personally I always am meticulous about total body hygiene. I use a good antibacterial mouthwash before and after, I wash my hands as frequently as possible. I have included STD/STI in the regular health check that I go through. And so far so good which increases my confidence in the ladies I see. There is no perfect solution. Just like, after taking all precautions, you can still catch a cold. We can't isolated ourselves in a "glass bubble" hoping no one will break it! After you have done all you can then you have to trust you partner and just enjoy each other within our individual limits. You do the right thing in refusing DATY if that makes you uncomfortable. Just simply do what you are comfortable doing and enjoy most. We should not complicate things so much that it is no longer fun!!!
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    I personally don’t like receiving oral from clients mostly due to hygiene. You don’t know if this person has brushed their teeth or where else their mouth has been that day. As well as certain women can be quite sensitive to the bacteria in your mouth. Having multiple people a day giving you oral can lead to yeast infection and other complications. I feel like it is quite intimate and there are plenty of other ways to get both parties in the mood
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    I have a simple rule I follow. It is respect of my partner. I do not get any pleasure in doing something that she does not derive pleasure in. I always try to be sure that she does not let me do something just to please me but she doesn't really enjoy. I enjoy long foreplay and DATY is something that is like a magnet for me. I like to be told when enough is enough! I have no "elephant in the room" , I just book sufficient time. But respect and keeping inside the boundaries, discussion and being able to compromise are important things. It is really quite simple, we just need to behave like civilized humans!
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    Oh this is a battle for me as a hobbyist and as a provider. I absolutely adore oral both giving amd receiving. In my early hobbyist days I had a really hard time finding woman that would take a female client. I was booking off BP and got a lot of rejection. (Lets not even start on the days of stats in the Chronicle herald classifies and land lines. πŸ™„) I had a lot of rejection from providers who were not comforptable with even the suggestion of female clients and that kinda rejection affected me even though i realize they had never met or seen me. That all changed 6-7 years ago for me when I came to lyla/cerb as a hobbyist. The ladies I saw her happily let me indulge myself on their lovely forms, even if they were less then willing for men. They were Lovely, wonderful caring woman who were open to me and a community of hobbyists that helped me pick who and gave me feedback on their experiences.(Big shout out @mikeboy who never steered me wrong and seems to share my taste in woman). With all the past provider rejection I had faced when I found a few I liked I kinda stuck with them. Also I know as a female hobbyist my experience with hobbying and daty may vary so I am wondering what the men and providers have to say on this. As a provider Use of protection and OT really all depends on the person and in their own personal attention to hygienic care and connection with me. I do have the potential to have very intense orgasms with oral and the right man can make me all glassey eyed and stupid after. Doesn't happen a lot to that degree a lot but it does and it can and that is not exact safe in this profession. I have to be careful who I allow such things with. I also need to make sure they are well serviced first in case I turn into a big pile of mush after a few intense orgasm and my orgasm exhaustion will affect their service. I am typically low volume with no back to backs so I can afford to expend my energy this way if I choose. If I trust and connect to the client and they want to service me I am not exactly a clock watcher. In such cases I will lay back and enjoy myself. However that doesn't make it a yes for everyone either. I can fully get how safety and time would make this a no for many providers.
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    Hygiene is very important and even then not knowing each ones history you are both taking a risks .
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    It's the turn of a a new decade, and what better time for a new location! I've relocated to a bright, new spot in the hydrostone area of Halifax, with little less character, but a lot more parking 😁 In case we've not yet had the pleasure.. I'm a 5'6 true brunette with a movie star smile and bright, blue/green eyes that you'll love to have look back up at you. With a toned & tattooed, all natural body that I love to show off and share with certain respectful gentlemen and couples; Let my body be your playground.. I offer my sensual, pampering attention for those who appreciate the sweeter side of a lady; and a naughty, kinkier experience for those with more - curious tastes πŸ˜› The possibilities for pleasure are endless; just share with me what you might enjoy, and I'll take care of the rest! 😈 Available In Halifax: Feb 22: 1pm - 1am Feb 23: 9am - Midnight Feb 24: 9am - 11pm Feb 25: 9am - 11pm Advanced notice is always preferred, but I'll be accepting same day guests/outcalls as availability allows Prebooked Duos With local beauties @YourSerafina and @savannah_sol ❀️ Twitter & onlyfans @MsMandaHfx Highly recommended, check out my reviews here on lyla πŸ™‚ Please visit https://Www.msmanda.com for details, or email for more info! xx
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    Okay honestly I enjoy oral all the time. That kind of attention to my clit. Wet, moist, soft, pressure, suction, nibbles...its all yay! Sure some skills will rock my world more than others. And while it is about the client, my experience is they appreciate it when I orgasm. So if I want it a little to the left or a little, more nibble or less pressure I just tell them. Any oral is not normally all bad, it just needs a little tweaking. I have yet to find a man that minded me telling him my likes in bed, hobbyist or lover. Especially not after the change produces a positive reaction. πŸ’¦ However ...if your worried about your skill here book your provider and tell her you want to go to school. Have her educate you on what she likes. Chances are your fine and over thinking it. I teach men how to make me squirt all the time and am happy to do so. Just be honest so she knows she can direct you. 😘
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    yes both taking risks...very rare that I have had a sp tell me no...
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    The "elephant in the room" is not the clock, but more a question of consent and hygiene. Daty (Dining At The Y) and other things may not always be welcomed and occasionally only permitted with some protection. If essential for you, maybe read details and restrictions posted in ads. And as some can be selective, maybe take it slowly and enjoy what's allowed. Also suggest these threads on the subject:
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    For those that Do not know me I am Jane. Both a hobbyist and now a Service Provider. Let me introduce myself, I am Jane...I am a curvy bbw with a pretty face and a happy disposition. I am broad spectrum in interests, very Switchy in nature; I adore the GFE, I am very affectionate and tactile. I adore touching, being touched; cuddling with my head on your chest. Nothing makes me feel more feminine then this. πŸ’‹ Although I am a new service provider here, I am very active as a Dominatrix, mentor and educator in the bdsm/kink community. I am very kink and fetish friendly. I pride myself on providing an experience. I can be dominant, submissive, the pornstar, naughty babygirl, girl next door or a proper Femme Domme. Please let me know if you have any niche needs or areas you would like to explore. I am open minded and non-judgemental. ❀️ I just adore watching one’s desires come to life and being able to provide that kind of experience is very fulfilling for me!❀️ This week...and this week only I offering β€œOn my Knees”, an introductory Get to Know me Package! For those that are interested in my vocabulary and other oral offerings this happy ending is a great way to use up your lunch hour or destress after work. πŸ’‹πŸ†πŸ’¦. Lets see how many times we can make you happy in that time frame or use that leftover time on me. 😈 $120 for 40mins Other Donations: $220/hr $320/90mins $360/2hr $460/3hr $100/each additional hour. Outcalls are typically available with a few hours notice. Greatly reduced rates for overnights and outings. $100/hr for date outings, plus expenses. This is a no play date but may be used in combination with a full service package. I happily work with couples, males, females, transgender, cross dressing, gender fluid and everything in between. There are no added charges for kink/fetish service with exception to couples. Please add $50 per additional person to the first hour of service. (MFM, FMF, FFF extra...). I want to be affordable for couples. Review Page: https://www.lyla.ch/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=redirect&url=https://www.lyla.ch/topic/183782-janebondage-%E2%80%A2-white/?tab=comments%23comment-802794&key=bfaa43cb5b4e89c7e03334ec25a1e3ccb875a9f6c5e5bc4b67c975c23ee91ac1&resource= I hope to hear from you. Texting available but please DM for #,
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