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  1. Ms Smith resides in the Peg. Active on twitter Peace MG
  2. Recent pics show she's still a looker and yoga has done her very well indeed.... Peace MG
  3. Providers and customers need to do what they need to do. Personally speaking.........I have zero interest. Peace MG
  4. Hadn't spending much hobby wise since a fave retired awhile back, been banking it since. In a few weeks may dip a toe in the market. Peace MG
  5. Never a place I'd go to but that being said I had heard it 832 Corydon was under LE scrutiny awhile back. Local neighborhood buzz. Peace MG
  6. Been around the block a few times and this set up has my spidey senses tingling. (just my opinion) Maybe an agency ? A co-op? Something organized for sure. Peace
  7. The game has changed considerably, some quality players have aged out...Bill C 36 sped up some departures as well. (my opinion) Peace MG
  8. Yes i was very lucky, mine was a retroperitoneal incision so not down the middle but from my rib cage like a cresent moon to just below the pubic bone, no stitches just tape. I don't have a cardiologist, I have no other heart issues, no high blood pressure or cholesterol issues. I'll have a ct in March, see my surgeon and that should be it. Some genetics with mine as well, and smoking was not a good thing. As far as being 100%, more related to issues that have changed, no ED as an example but due to nerve damage at least at this stage, I no longer ejaculate, orgasm yes but it's weird shooting dust lol. Other than that no complaints Peace
  9. Last Feb, after an ultrasound it was discovered that I had an asymptomatic 8.5 cm AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) surgical is 5.5 cm. My Doc had felt a pulsing in during a physical in Nov. Waited 14 weeks for an ultrasound, he though it was small and would be followed until 5.5. Surprise!!! Surgery within a week. Apparently I was a time bomb ready to go and a bit of a walking miracle. No other health issues (64) so open repair was the best option and permanent option. Frustrated going in as I felt so good and after not as good. It was preventative not corrective. So unlike bypass where some one felt better after I wouldn't. 10 months out and my recovery has been good, about 85 % though there are changes that are likely permanent, due to the surgery and my age. Any one 60 or over should be screened, this is way more prevalent than I ever knew. Since autopsies aren't done routinely the unknown and unexpected sudden death can be often be AAA thoracic or abdominal aneurysm the burst and the victim had no clue of a problem. Often discovered though xrays or tests unrelated to AAA symptoms. At at annual physical be sure your Doc physically examines you, this likely saved my life. I am a very lucky fella Peace
  10. I'm pretty much a daily toker and have been for decades. After work of course. Much prefer it to alcohol. Came to it in my mid-20's and I think pot it's safer and healthier than liquor. I've seen upwards of 30 providers over the decades and I always enjoyed a toke prior to attending, few if any would ever be able to tell. I prefer a bowl or 2 for a nice buzz rather than getting wasted, I also use only sativa's. I have enjoyed a toke with some providers, most often the product has been mine. Have never had an alcoholic beverage during a visit. My screening is rigorous, I take my time and because of this have never encountered some one under the influence of chemicals or liquor. My personal experience is pot isn't a "gateway" drug. Like liquor or any other intoxicants some people have issues managing their use. My preference would have been decriminalization not legalization due to border issues and now policing issues. Traffic stops for no cause as an example It's almost like pot has been recriminalized. But that's another topic.
  11. Was my go to for years and years. Liked the cleanliness,( was never a f/s player) and the ability to drop in and stay or go dependent on the talent. Found it to be a good training ground and followed more than one to indie status. Haven't been since the Bill C 45 coming into force. As far as tipping went I'd lay it out in advance ($ 60-80) so there was no discussion. Worked well for me, rarely was there an under performer. Usually booked 45 min session. Of course if one developed a regular things became more "comfortable" 😉 Peace
  12. E Transfer upfront ? Personally......... not now not ever. However if I were to cancel within 24 hours of a booked appointment, agreed upon remuneration would be provided. Peace MG
  13. Some use "dog years". I get that some are in the neighborhood as it were but I've been around forever and there are a couple who've been the same age or even Benjamin Buttoned for more than a decade. When in doubt the real indicator is some ones hands. MG
  14. I've had 2 longer term arrangements over the years, I was a regular visitor, we obviously clicked and always paid the original quoted rate. I assume over the years I may have received preferential pricing. Neither had web sites though reviews periodically included rates services etc. Still, I made it a habit every few months to ask if I was being fair and if any adjustment was required. I was never asked to increase my payment. MG
  15. No non naturally occurring sugars, watch sodium intake, dump booze, processed foods and junk food. That'll pretty much do it. Peace MG
  16. None of my business of course and to each their own. But if asked I prefer a natural body, likely the hippy thing in me. The question of implants is part of my screening process. Peace MG
  17. Do some work fellas, info avail on the sites. MG
  18. Been asked and responded..never..ever and moved on MG
  19. For me as long as it's reasonably within the neighborhood then it's all good. But I've seen some get younger annually for years sort of like Benjamin Button or have some how figured a way to freeze time for more than a decade. Hands never lie. Peace MG
  20. Clearly, like any gig not everyone loves what they do to provide a living for themselves. And clearly like any gig some are better suited to it than others. I don't judge people for their choices. Peace MG
  21. I've never put myself in a situation to question whether some one was present against their will and put there by some one else. It's part of my advance due diligence. But I will say this, I have come across situations where I've wondered if participation in the industry is healthy or the best path for some one. I'm a listener and firmly believe people mean what they say even if passing something off as just kidding or a joke. Every one has a bad day now and again so one peculiar visit might just be a one of those things. I do become much more alert to the possibility that some one feels trapped, often its trapped economically. So while not a pimp, agency or manager forcing participation, I think the pressure to earn can be quite similar. In one case and off handed remark about sometimes enjoying a bit too much wine at the end of some days stuck with me. A great provider, solid rep, and the ultimate often elusive chemistry between 2 people was there, a very regular arrangement and we always drank tea. A conundrum for sure. I've always understood that this can be an isolating and at times a lonely profession and not for every one, client and provider alike. Understanding this, I've taken great care to be respectful and kind. And treat people as people first. At the start of an appointment and after I'd placed the envelope in the usual location I mentioned I'd like to talk about something she had said last time we met. And mentioned the throw away comment and if our interactions in any way contributed to the bit too much wine days, then I'd rather not participate. Needless to say a long conversation ensued that lasted well over an hour and we cleared the air and it did come to the fact that she was pretty much done and while it would be economically challenging was actively looking at an exit strategy which I encouraged. I got up and put on my coat to leave and she immediately protested I should stay and I said I'd taken up enough of her time, and then she tried to return the envelope and I declined hugged her and kissed her on the forehead and left. Not long after she retired. Peace MG
  22. A fave!........
  23. Change is inevitable and necessary to survive. All the boards seem to be stifled and losing relevance these days. Twitter is becoming a worthy option. Clearly can't go back to the old days when participation and interaction was far greater. Lots left when Bill C-36 (corrected) came into effect and have moved on and won't be back. Peace MG
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