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    The amount of fake ads on that site has been ridiculous the last year or two, I say good riddance, sucks for SPs that relied on it however.
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    There is also VIPfavours for ladies that want to verify who they are and place an ad there just an FYI. And gentlemen your able to search ladies there as well.
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    There is a dangerous situation in Fredericton right now. A group of thugs are using a young girl to lure you to their incall location and then rob you once you arrive. It's been posted on different board and I thought I would share it here for everyone's safety. There is a young girl luring you there and two guys in masks holding baseball bats once your in the door. They have several adds up right now. These are just two of them. If it looks too good to be true... it is! Be cautious. This is not a good situation. Two guy using a young girl as bait and then threatening you with baseball bats if you don't empty your wallet. http://fredericton.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/b-l-o-w-y-a-m-i-n-d/3412777 http://fredericton.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/just-arrived-hot-like-fire-curvy-classy-and-a-little-bit-sassy/3412742
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    Reached out to Jasmine today ... http://halifax.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/persian-jasmine-your-dream-party-girl-647-695-2409/4337172 I had done a reverse search on her photos and the pics are Chloe Khan ... easily found. I asked Jasmine for a run down of her rates and her availability. She replied right away, with rates and her address here in halifax, and said, "Im available now Babe" I thought Id throw it out to her that I knew the pics werent her, but that i was ok with that if she was doing that for her safety and that they looked 'like' her. Instant reply with "those pics are me babe, im free now if you want to come by" I gave her one more chance and said "those photos are Chloe Khan, but thats cool, if they are representative of the look you have" ... she went silent. If anyone has more info let me know. Would love to see a woman with that look around here. :)
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    I know of an elite site with: A Standing Reputation Upscale Companions Mobile Friendly Interactive Community And I can say from experience, it attracts some of the most exceptional gentlemen. You NEED to check it out! http://www.Lyla.com *giggle* You can always google what you are in search of and attach the name of your city to the end of it and it will pull up a number of selections.
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    I have tried 3 times to hook up with her because she has great reviews. Yes I did my research on her. Alas every time I texted her she would reply late in the day and said that she starts "working" after 5pm until the wee hours in the morning. So no way that I could have seen her from between 8am and 3pm on any day. Hopefully one day she will post that she is available during the hours that I can see her. If you can see her you should and let us all know how it went.
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    met her last week... nowhere near 20! more like 38ish decent body but pics are not her or if it was again old pics. service was ok, enjoyed a quick round, massage was mediocre at best i will not repeat... so far my asian experience has not been very good
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    Like many of you, I'd like to be as safe as I can be. So I'm thinking as I scroll through ads, which ones are least likely to be LE. Like any profiling, this experiment has the risk of generalizing, but the question is an "honestt" one... want to be safe. I'd like to propose a few axioms, and see what that gets me for "rules" derived from those, and then I'd like folks to propose new rules or axioms, or critique mine. Axioms: 1) Tolerance varies by area 2) LE wants to be seen as effective, so targets least tolerated practices first. 3) LE wants to be efficient with their time, so if more than one crime is captured in a sting,it increases their chance of proving on of them... 4) Providers can be expected to value their own safety and privacy, so take some measures to protect it. 5) LE agents will not tend to provide service for extended periods then start enforcing, as doing so is a) hard on LE personnel, if using staff, and b) hard to outsource, as established providers ruin reputation that costs them more that the $$ LE could pay, and with the legalization of providing, there's not much leverage to force a non-compensated flip to enforcement. So recognizing, I'm not LE... just a closet math major, let's see what we get... so from each of the above (numbered) I'm guessing I should avoid the following posts. From #1) Be aware of news, enforcement, and local LE postings of priorities, and avoid those areas with a history of stronger enforcement, and those practices or focus areas of LE priorities (vary by jurisdiction) From 2,3: Avoid posts with statements like "fresh off the boat from <name of country with trafficking reputation> From 2,3: Avoid the posts with the youngest providers (increase odds of underage) From 4: Avoid posts that are on the high-end of explicit (for the forum), give addresses or rates From 5: Tend to use providers with multiple reviews, or reviews from johns with a good reputation From 5: Tend toward repeat business That all said, I'm sure LE would catch folks even with the most middle of the road post too, but they'd just be catching a) a random sampling, which makes for less valuable headlines for the head of prosecution. Strong headlines, tend to increase the social license for enforcement, and arresting "boring" johns is at best neutral or possibly negative. What do you all think, any I missed, any I got wrong? -CBS
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    Hi, There is a girl posting that lives on the he Northside. Ended up going downstairs and a guy with a baseball bat, glasses and face covered showed up. Just a warning to others. Not sure how much more detail I can give without being flagged.
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    Know that Backpage has bin shut down, Craiglist shutting all personal section down in the future, other than Lyla, where will SP post? Good thing if posted here it will weed out the fake ads.
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    Will be up to us and the mod to verify the recommendations and make sure fake lobbyists/procurers are not creating false credentials with misleading posts.
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    Hello Gorgeous! **Today Only, enjoy a salacious duo or trio with Carmela Grande and Sublime Sara (in town from Toronto)! Join us later this evening for a 4-1 experience with Wren Stone as well! Contact me for details and rates at 613-900-3251 (text only) or [email protected] xo** I welcome you to your new salacious sanctuary, the devious den of the lovely Lilith Delacour. My witty charm and enchanting gaze will lure you in to your demise... or rather, to your paradise. Allow me to seduce you with my soft curly tresses, my wickedly sweet perfume, and the warm embrace of my ample bosom. Together we can plan a passionate tryst, a serpentine affair, a lasting memory. You will find my spirit to be uninhibited and joyous, while my allure is tantalizing and devilishly sensual. I live for the intimacy we share, the flirtatious looks we exchange, and the passionate moments in which we indulge. Don't you? I cater to people of all genders, sexualities, expressions, races, ethnicities, (dis)abilities, and disorders. I have personal experience with a wide range of mental health conditions, and I am happy to accommodate as necessary. I have a warm, therapeutic touch, and a very open soul. My incall is conveniently located downtown, and is accessible only by 2 flights of stairs. I also have cats on-site, but not in the room where we will spend the most time. Want to read a recommendation? Click Here! Spring Special(Individuals and Couples) 4 hours - $600 3 Hours - $500 2 Hours - $360 1.5 Hours - $280 1 Hour - $200 30 Mins - $120 Looking for a lingering encounter? Inquire about my special rates for extended dates, overnight stays, and other pleasureful rendez-vous! Feeling Extra Naughty? Book a Duo with my IRL Girlfriend, Wren Stone, and I! Details on my duos page Read a Recommendation HERE http://www.lilithdelacour.com Email: [email protected] Text: 613-900-3251 Follow my Twitter! @lilithdott Finalement, je communique aisément en français donc n'hésitez pas à me contacter dans la langue de votre choix! Je serais choyée de vous rencontrer.
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    Greetings, Are you seeking a sumptuous encounter which captures the true essence of sensory relaxation? Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Erin and I'm your friendly partner in helping put spring back into your step. I'm gracious in my mannerisms, with a mature demeanor that is instinctively tuned into your desires. Will you take a moment to escape the chills under my tender care? I'm currently hosting from a private location in the west end. Today: 1:00pm-8:00pm. Sat: 9:00am-11:00am Sun: 10:00am-3:00pm. Advanced booking is always welcomed Please feel free to introduce yourself for the rest of my information. I look forward to hearing from you! Yours, Erin xoxo
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    Hi there, thank you for checking my ad. You will not be disappointed with my A+++ massage... My name is Vivian. I'm 28 years old. Gorgeous, I am a classy looking Lady with long black hair, seductive cat eyes ...., beautiful silky soft, tanned skin. workout body with all the right curves in the right places. You have finally met your dream girl .I great you at the door with a lovely smile then lead you to the massage room...I will start with a deep soothing tissue massage to relax all your muscles then follow with a soft touch to invigorate your whole body then the fun time ... It will be the most relaxing, creative and passionate session for you ever. So amazing that you cannot help yourself from thinking about it and want to come back for more! http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=92146 For relaxing massage $40/30m $50/45m $70/60m breathtakingvivian.com appointment only, call/text me at 6137121200 mon to sat 10am to 7pm.
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    You have three options.....
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    Like everyone else said, don't be afraid to let the girl know that you don't want to share personal details. The fact that she asks personal questions doesn't mean that she wants more than a professional contact (I don't know the whole context here, so it's hard to tell) MAs and SPs are therapists, the difference with "registered therapists" is that we all have our own way of doing it. Talking and sharing can be a big part of it.
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    April 6-7-8 Arriving tonight With a salacious appetite for amour of the purest kind, I am the personification of total liberty and unrestrained sensuality. I am a true woman with a carefree attitude who enjoys celebrating her femininity. In my culture, the subtlest of nuances color the sensuality of pure living: the glean in a gentleman?s eyes as he looks at me the morning after; the way we linger over succulent delicacies and savory sips of wine at sunset; laughter that falls upon random bits of conversation when I say something silly. Almost immediately, burgeoning desire will shroud us in a seductive euphoria that is warm, powerful and uninhibited. Will you find me impossibly sexy, down-to-earth and carefree? It?s quite possible. Though I?m not interested in the whole ego thing, my figure is simply intoxicating. I am blessed with ample curves exactly where they belong and lean muscle tone where it matters most. Piercing copper brown eyes, satin smooth skin and long auburn hair look just as fantastic in an evening ensemble as they do in bits of satin and lace. A spontaneous look with a light touch of makeup works best for me to create a natural yet smashing look. Adoration is my art and passion my mantra. Sometimes it?s fun to look at life through the wrong end of the telescope! A man who notices the genuineness in everything that I do, who appreciates my candor and whimsical nature is the one who becomes my perfect compliment and center of my world. We?ll never know when episodes of timeless romance may erupt into frenzied desire. Barely greeting each other, ordinary life will be abandoned as urgent moments demand supercharged attention. ?Who said a lady can?t get a little wild now and then?? she laughed. You will sense my ease an inner tranquility. Unless my native French language excites you terribly, I communicate in English. Please forgive me if it shows in my words! Unique beauty can be found in the differences of others. I?ve been told that I put action to my words which is probably what instills a sense of trust and longevity in my gentlemen friends. For extended rendezvous or a brief tryst to see if we?re right for each other, please visit my website for details. Above all, follow your instinct and be in touch. *?* toi, pour toujours, *Forever yours*, Victoria Jolie new website coming up You can follow me on TWITTER https://twitter.com/Victoriajolie Retirement early summer http://www.victoriajolie.com CURRENTLY HOSTING A SUPER SPECIAL *Warmest of wishes,* Stats mid thirties 5 "9 in heel 6'1 36E enhanced 28 waist 35 hips Dark blonde now Hazel eyes French Canadian with Ukrainian background I am consistent into providing an excellent rendez-vous You can pm me @victoriajolie however I rarely log in Email me [email protected] or Text me 646-349-7115 or Text me 647-485-7570 To book the rendez-vous kindly provide: handle/name cell day time duration type of rendez-vous At my discretion i may ask a reference of well establish lady seen in the past and her contact info No text app and ~Virtual phone~Fake numbers
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    It is all bitcoin trade now. No credit cards. The bitcoin wallet i use is paxful. If you have the proper ID its easy to setup. They have different methods of trade like e-transfer, cash direct to the traders account at the bank so you don't have to put anything through your account if you'd rather go that route and other options as well..I use johnlv on paxful. He's always been really good to me. Good luck! I wanted to add its Fairly easy to transfer the bitcoin to backpage for payment as well :)
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    Everyone is having a problem of some sort and its very frustrating. I can re new ad on my phone but not my computer. I always had a CC option and now its gone. However an option is available now to post your ad and pay later . There is also the Bitcoin issue . Get ready to jump through hoops to make that work . I still haven't . You need to have government ID to even start the process and my passport is not ready until next week. Good luck
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    Trinity, Celina, Margarita, Aria, Gia, Tasha, Amelia, Kelly, Cabria, Velinda, Skyla, Zia (Joy?).
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    Aqua lace thong, with a black band :)
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    You do know you're not supposed to get undressed until you are in the back room? ;) Additional Comments: Seriously, thanks for the recommendation. I was planning on seeing her but was going to see her at either of her private locations so I don't have to do the "walk of shame." I am on the fence now. I realize these ladies are not RMT's but like you, do expect a decent massage for $60.00, not some light tickle. Thanks again.
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    KarmaKiss Helpful in many regards, shows others various sources, which to me is a clear sign that she is secure and confident in her own efforts, downright productive for Lyla.
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    Hi, do you guys know of any SP or MA that provide incall near these locations ?
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    Hello My name is Isa AKA PassionVitto I am a lovely, sweet, passionate and extra sensual Brunette! I am INDEPENDENT mature MA (in my 30s)... An exotic beauty that will enchant you with her smile and a body you wont be able to resist! Thursday 330pm to 8pm Friday 3pm to 7pm Saturday10am to 5pm text me 613-917-6474 or PM and Make sure you get to spend THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! My Recommendations http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=257276 EXPERIENCE TRUE SENSUALITY AND AWAKEN YOUR SENSES! DISCRETE & PRIVATE INCALL LOCATION IN OTTAWA SOUTH OUTCALL AVAILABLE IN OTTAWA/GATINEAU AREA
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    I recommend Breath Taking Vivian who's an indy. She's not a RMT but she possesses RMT- equivalent skills. She offers both erotic and therapeutic versions.
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    Have seen her a couple times. Mature and no drama or problems with booking. Good visits, safe, fairly quiet and discreet location.
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    Should go without saying this warning needs to be sent to L E, not just here. if they are using a young girl or woman, and it can be proven via a sting, everything will be shut down and if she is in need of a rescue, that will be done. if she is in need of arrest, that can also be done. i am not under any illusions that all young girls are innocent victims :)
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    It's huge in the Greater Vancouver area, and one of the few sites that have verified photos. Now some of the accounts you can take the verification with a grain of salt because they are mini spas that just reuse the same verifieds while they change out the actual provider, but regardless if the account is verified at least you know they've proven the photos for the indys This site has existed since CL erotic was taken down, but for some reason not being used too much outside of the area. escorts really should set themselves up on it as verified just for added authenticity, imo.
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    The best and formidable way to contact Keissy and any other ladies... Be nice, write complete sentences, and tell all the required details: Name, city, day, time(s), duration, type of encounter, and reference You should be then giving a positive feeling and living a great encounter. ;-) About the numbers of days, I think she wanted to be contacted when she is near of her next visit to your city. If you mention clearly your city and all others infos, I don't see why she would be mad.
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    I've found this site very useful when visiting Vancouver & Victoria, great encounters and no regrets.
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    It's no different from CL, BP or any other classified site. Most of the listing are ladies(and men) from more known websites including many members of this board. No matter the source, the verification process should remain the same.
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    I urge you to read the warnings section on this website. She is affiliated with them. Additional Comments: Stay away from the Royal road area. More specifically across from the Petro Canada. A few people have been there and all were created with 2 dudes wearing masks robbing people.
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    Ohhh dear lord:/ wow! Hope all of our cherished men are safe so far! Stay dillegent.
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    Saw her on the weekend for the first time. I have been hesitant to see new ladies lately but I am glad I took the risk. She is friendly, sexy, beautiful and good at what she does. I definitely will be repeating.
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    Good day gents! Its been multiple time where clients ask for their providers to give and /or receive bb oral/fs Can we stop a second and think about this.... We are in 2018. We are all adults. Yes you can catch and give std with oral sex. Maybe you are clean ... Or were as your provider wasnt. Or maybe you just passed it on to your provider...or your wife. Can we stop being blind to whats out there and think of the consequences of a simple act of pleasure ? Please, dont ask for "just an exception" or " come on im clean " . we (and i speak for all my ladies out there playing safe) we have decided to priorize our health. Respect us. Here is an educational link http://www.ashasexualhealth.org/stdsstis/oral-sex-stis/ Stay sexy and always play safe xox
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    I have seen her once. She's Caucasian, in her early thirties and carrying a little extra weight, but nowhere near BBW territory. She's pleasant, and does massages in a bedroom in her apartment. She said favourable comments from friends she had massaged led her to try earning some money that way, in addition to her regular job. When I arrived, there were two other people there. One was her grandmother and the other was an unidentified adult male. She assured me they knew she was doing massage and that I had nothing to worry about. I stayed, and the experience was OK. I left happy and paid an average price for the service. When I left, there was yet another unidentified adult male there. I will probably not repeat due to my lack of comfort with the presence of other people, even though they were not threatening and were entirely passive and not involved in any way.
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    Lilith is a great kisser. I saw her a few weeks ago and she has lips like velvet.
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