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    I too find you a very attractive woman and was quite upset to find those comments by 2 newbies (one, their 1st post). I like to think Lyla is above such stuff and so very glad it was resolved. hugs & kisses
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    Could get interesting. http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/london/london-ontario-bill-c-36-prostitution-laws-1.4520736
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    I have had the great pleasure of seeing Sasha May regularly for a while now, and always look forward to her return to Kingston. I was pleased to learn that on her latest visit she would be accompanied by the very well reviewed Jessy Celeste. Jessy had been on my radar for a while as one of the Lyla ladies I was interested in seeing, and was waiting until I would be in Ottawa when she was visiting. A text to Sasha May, who confirmed with Jessy, and our time was set. Upon arriving at the location I was greeted by Sasha May with a warm welcome and introduced to Jessy Celeste. Simply being in the same room as these two beautiful women had my heart beating faster. I'll leave the details to your imagination, but suffice it to say after the introductions these sensual and interactive ladies provided a extremely satisfying experience that left me exhausted but exhilarated. They are both smart, fun and oh so sexy. I would highly recommend seeing either of these beauties individually or in duo. If you do see them in duo eat your Wheaties, you will need the energy lol.
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    Does anyone experience delayed ejaculation due to antidepressants? I suffer from this, however I can also be overstimulated and shut down. I often need to watch an hour of porn before I can even make myself orgasm! Does anyone have a recommendation for escorts who might have the right skill set to maintain an intense sexually charged atmosphere without overstimulating the little guy? God I need to cum!
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    I have been wrong before but I gather from OC's post it was his date that had to cancel . Again its easy to confuse me !! :))
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    No. Its just a higher concentration of rental units. I dont think Highfield has a bed reputation.
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    Spent some quality time with Adora. She came to join me a while back but unfortunately I had to leave before I could get any dances. Promised her on my next visit. As has been already written here, Adora is a gem and we chatted for a while; she is such a worldly and interesting person. Onto the CR and we enjoyed more time together. I'm just so blown away by her beauty, I couldn't stop looking at her beautiful smile. And, to top it off, I think she must be the nicest lady in Ottawa.
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    A few girlfriends and I started a book club of sorts some time back and I finally got them to read The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, well from that they insisted that I teach them a "Pleasure Class" in preparation for Valentine's Day.:D Today I taught my first "Pleasure Class" which consisted of teaching the ladies a number of particular things that I am highly skilled at;). We purchased some adult toys this earlier this week in the ah male form for demonstration and instructional purposes;)! That was 2hrs of so much fun with the girls, I can't wait until next weeks class!! Lesson plan? Top Secret! For now lol;) Their significant others will be very happy on the 14th!!:D
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    Today I have discovered another advantage to a long term relationship between a provider and a client. If one of you is sick and not feeling well it is okay to cancel a per booked date between the two of you hours before the date. As the date is just moved to another day and time when the other person is well and feeling better. If this was a initial meeting or one time date between a provider and client than there is a good chance that there would never be a second date and time. So I am very much hoping someone here is feeling much better soon...
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    I'd say you were in the same ballpark there, sure. I was just blown away with how genuinely friendly she was. It was like a breath of fresh air. We bonded almost immediately and I took her out for a quick dinner break within an hour of meeting her. Just a great gal.
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    as of today, Feb.10 2018, The owner, yes..literally the owner of the most famous review board in Canada has literally helped me to delete rude comments from his board because it has turned out to be a harassment for me. I am not a paid member of his review board. He just did it because he knows all reviews of me are legit, written by legit, verified clients and those comments of me being a ts..or manly looking...etc are not true. I am a genetic woman. Nobody thinks of me as a man in real life. It is something very obvious, I am a woman Thank you.
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    OH, HELLO LOVER. I'm flattered you found me: - A writer, non-profit consultant, and professional creative with a secretive play persona. - Maturity paired with the curios spirit of an ingenue. - A student in the ancient art of Tantra. - A face that launched a thousand ships and a body that doesn't quit. - Plays well with others in groups of all genders. - I cum complete with reviews for your reading pleasure. - Equal parts girlfriend and porn-star, domineering goddess and spoiled submissive, frequent switch. You'll find me insatiable and available for brief or extended engagements out on the town, at your upscale hotel, or in the luxurious and elaborately equipped privacy of my studio conveniently and discreetly located in Toronto's downtown west-side. 2000/All night off-the-clock 1000/4-6hrs Dinner + Dessert 900/3-4hrs Cocktails + Amuse Bouche 600/2hrs 500/90min 400/hr Visit my home on the web INDIANVIXEN.NET for a peak further into my sordid and salacious brain, or send me an email sealed with a kiss to [email protected] Succinct, sweet, and classy wins me over every time. Include screening information in your first contact. No pressure, but I do hear from a lot of people, and my availability calendar is VERY limited. Pique my interest in you, tempt me. In anxious anticipation, <3 ~ASHA
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    I saw Charlotte's ad and thought she was really sexy. A pretty face and, of course, those G cup breasts she advertises pulled me in. It was easy to set up a rendezvous with her and found she was even prettier in person. She greeted me, busting out of her sports bra and her soft cheeks devouring her g string. It was a vision I savoured. She is a former stripper from Montreal and so you get a bit of the straight-to-business type of approach, but she had an incredibly gentle touch. Her personality is a bit more passive without seeming shy. She wasn't rough and didn't come across impatient to rush me along. She teased my snow onto her massive mountains with a very soft technique and was very receptive to my appreciation of her physique. I hope she comes back to Ottawa again.
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    HELLO SEXY GENTLEMEN I AM HERE AND READY FOR SOME SENSUAL SATURDAY TIME.. My name is Isa I am an exotic and beautiful Brunette I love to please and nothing makes me happier than making you happy! I offer an amazing massage based in the power of seduction with my gentle touch and silky smooth skin our bodies will experience marvelous sensations I am fully independent and I host out of a private location I am also mobile so I can meet you at your home or hotel recos http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=257276 For more detailed information text 613-917-6474 or PM [/size]
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    nice looking, good breasts and skin. service and attitude were blah. Miss the old days when these girls were often very good - Kingston has become a B or C league for this outfit.
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    I am almost in Kingston! I'll be available today, Friday Feb. 9- Sun. 11th. http://[email protected] Please text, PM or email for info and to set something up. 6132196386 [email protected] Lets enjoy the weekend together! See you soon Monique xoxo
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    I will awaken your senses. Arouse your appetite for lust and passion. My sensuality runs deep. My passion is strong. You will swell to my delicate touch. Tremble as I tantalize you with my tongue. A memory you will not forget. The ultimate GFE. I'm your mature companion. I'm 5'4" with a voluptuous body. Everything is real... wink! My personality, warmth, and affection are genuine and seriously contagious. I'm a sparkle of sunshine. I love to love! kisses, Emma please see website for prices and contact page. Thanks Lyla members if you provide a reference and pm plus email me you will get my old rate ;)
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    Hello gentlemen! I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I last posted here on Lyla/NS and I am so excited to announce I am returning to full time hours in Halifax. Having taken time to travel and "recharge my batteries"... I am thrilled to be back and look forward to meeting new faces and reacquainting with old. For those who don't know me, my name is Sierra. I am an exclusive GFE companion as well as a former exotic dancer who truly enjoys the art of seduction and sensual intimacy. I can be intense and passionate or fun and playful - you decide. My exotic looks will captivate you. Physically I am tall - 5'8 & fit, my 36DD breasts and long legs to wrap you in tight embrace are the total package. I have long natural blonde hair, big blue eyes and silky soft skin that adores the attention of a man's touch. I provide a relaxed atmosphere at my modern private incall or perhaps you would prefer I join you at your hotel? Regardless of where we meet, our time together promises to be unrushed and engaging. If you can see yourself being spoiled and pampered, please refer to my website to learn more sierra-halifaxescort.com or email [email protected] with any questions you may have. Discretion is always assured and your need for confidentiality respected. Truly Yours, Sierra xoxo
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    As Ddbass34 pointed out in his link, there are many advantages and reasons to repeat with someone. The only disadvantage for me is when you have built that relationship over time and then they move on to new adventures in their lives and you feel like you have lost a friend and confidant. But to paraphrase the old saying - it is better to have made a friend and lost them than to never have made a friend at all.
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    I have had at least two clients here in Halifax that was robbed or ripped at the door. He promptly called the cops and they were arrested both times. As long as you are going for a massage and spending time you are fine. the cops are way more interested in catching scammers than bothering sticking their noses into to " clients" affairs. If everyone called the police these scams would at least subside. Right now things seem to be at a all time high.
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    The unbelievable blonde who advertises skype and meetups works with an other girl who has been notorious for fake adds. Spanish Italian.... far from it. More has been said about her on other boards. And the one advertising on regent is the same one who says prospect. I met her before and promises the world and does not do anything. And says she uses fake pics for aninimoty. So right there between these three girls that's 6-8 adds in Fredericton that are bait and switch. I've met all three at one point and would recomend saving your money. The Italian Irish one threatened to even call the cops when I said I was leaving because of her fake post. Be warned.
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    Has anyone else notice the higher than usual bait and switch adds in Fredericton. I texted the same two girls who were both running a few adds. It must be affecting all the legit girls as well. I'm very skeptical of any new girl who seems tgtbt. And with the reduced number of reviews out there I'm sure most of us are not straying too far from the proven ladies. It's a shame. 2 years ago I met several amazing ladies traveling though town. Now with fewer reviews and more games being played it's hard to see who's real and who's not.
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    So, I was greeted at the door by Tiffany, wearing a very pretty, short flowered silk kimono. That set the stage nicely. When Tiff smiles, as she often does, her eyes, in fact, her whole face lights up. I chose the complete package: jacuzzi, massage, and cuddles, and I was very happy that I did. Though young, Tiffany has a soft, confident poise unknown to some of the younger massage or escort ladies. And in Tiff's case, she excels with all of these skills. Fun and sweet in the jacuzzi, great hands at work at the massage table ("Would you like me to do a body slide", she asks?) Would I! Somehow, I don't think they taught her that at massage school; although, Sophia's finishing school may have had a role to play there. Great hands at work in the cuddles department, as well, but that is as much as I will say there. The ambience is always great at Sophia's, and you can mix and match your package, combining some or all of the above-mentioned treats, or even having two fine massage ladies--Sophia and Tiff--hand-le you :-)
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    This month Lilith gave her clients a wonderful gift for the Holidays. She is now offering duos with her beautiful real life girlfriend Wren Stone. They are a wonderful and captivating couple that truly love sharing their connection with their guests. I spent two amazing hours with these bewitching young ladies yesterday afternoon. They made me feel totalling comfortable and it was fantastic to see these two together. It was a genuine and remarkable time and all three of us commented several times this so hot. If you have visited Lilith before you will remember that she has a great deal of energy and never seems stop pleasuring you and herself. But yesterday Wren and I manged cause her to need a moment as she was exhausted. Both ladies are gorgeous small and curvy BBW and are delightful together. So if you want to experience a real life duo then you should be contacting these wonderful amazing young ladies... I would like to say thank you to Lilith and Wren for fantastic time and I am already looking forward to our next time.
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    As a sp I also find it benefits the gentlemen as well. Often when I am considering meeting a gentlemen it can make me feel safer about meeting with him. It is very common that I check if the gentlemen has made any recommendation to reputable ladies. I feel much more comfortable seeing a lyla gentlemen that has some history on here ;).
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