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    This week's interview is with the glamorous and intelligent @Allie Zeon. This time we are talking about managing your personal life as a worker in this industry. As always, please take your time to have a read through and help us reach more people by sharing on social media. ❤️ Q: Hi Allie. Thanks for agreeing to be our next interviewee! It’s great to be able to get to know you better. Can you tell me about yourself, what type of sex work have you done and when did you start? A: My name is Allie Zeon (obviously is not my real name). I am a business woman, a trader and an investor. I never dream of becoming an escort, but fate somehow leads me this way. I had a broken relationship with a long time partner whom i thought i would share my life with simply because i was not pretty and young enough for him any longer. It broke my heart, but i recovered quickly and started opening myself to suitors by joining dating sites shortly afterwards. What a nice surprise!! It's such deliberating to be able to choose, excuse my language, and got screwed by plenty of handsome, attractive men daily after being monogamous for so long. Sex and more sex daily...and that's it. It's getting old after awhile. I wanted more than just sex. I wanted romance, a companion. Unfortunately, nobody took me seriously. Silly me, getting screwed for free by these strangers. Don't you think i should just be an escort then? I still have the sex and i get paid on top of it. Voila! Allie Zeon was born, end of December 2017, few days before Christmas in Toronto...and almost nobody paid attention because i blurred my face. I had only 1 guy that week. I mentioned GFE on my ad, but nobody really paid attention. But i have a better idea... Q: I see you use your face in your photos (and a beautiful face it is, by the way). So you haven't always done so? A: Blurred face was not working well for me. Too many girls....younger, very attractive with more competitive rates. I knew i had to do something besides GFE. How about offering a full body massage to start with? Showing face and more revealing pose? One of my clients was a photographer. I called and asked him to take some photos of me. He agreed. My set of photos with face shown appeared online beginning of January 2018. Business was definitely better with my face shown. Shortly afterwards, I started having reviews...and people reacted with positive and negative comments. I made a mistake by replying to negative comments, defending myself. I should have not done that, I realized there are always haters in this competitive industry. It's better to stay calm and ignore those haters. Q: Absolutely - those people are not worth the energy. Do people in your personal life know what you do for work? A: Some do know, some don't. At this point, I don't care. I am fully independent, free spirited and financially comfortable. At this point of my life, I don't really care too much of what people think of me any longer. I just want to be happy and live a fulfilling life. I have a funny story to share: I went to my lawyer few days ago to sign some documents for my new property that i just bought. To my surprise, he seems to know that I am an escort (and what a gentleman, he is still respectful). How did i find out that he knows? I showed him the pics of my property that i just bought. He replied " oh....i saw them somewhere". I was giggling. The only "somewhere" of those pics are on my twitter lol. He must have seen them there. I did not comment, but I am glad he was ok with it. Q: So are people generally quite supportive? A: Unfortunately, most people are not ok with it though. Some of my neighbors stop saying hi or pretending not to see me, even though I was merely few feet away. I had a hard time to find someone to agree to work for me. And the list goes on. But as I stated earlier, I don't care. If you can't accept me the way I am, you are not worth my attention. Even though I am an escort, I have so many things to offer and to be proud of. But I don't like to brag. So i just move on and find somebody who like and appreciate me. Q: Have you ever experienced someone not being so supportive of your work? A: Daily. To the point I want to move somewhere that I don't have any neighbors around me so i don't have to see their sour face. Q: Have you made any new relationships since working in the industry? A: Yes. I am very grateful for them. I have a few clients who have become friends. 3 have become pretty close and we do keep in touch almost daily by phones or casual visits. Q: You know how people say that chefs end up hate cooking at home because it just becomes a job to them… is that similar for you with intimacy? A: Yes and no lol. In personal life, I am lazy in bed. I like to be pampered. I like my partner spoils and pampers me in bed, starting from massaging me or even making me tea in bed. I am just laying relax and they will do all those works, from head to toe. As Allie, I have to work harder lol. Q: Haha, I get your point! Is there anything you do to make sure this doesn’t happen? A: I'm always vocal of what i want in sex. I think that is the key. And I genuinely like sex, intimacy and romance. So far, my bed is always warm because I truly enjoy being with men. Not necessary for penetrative sex all the time, because yes, i get sore too from time to time. But I genuinely like to cuddle with my partner in bed. kiss and being kissed. And if my partner wants to pamper me in bed with massage. He is always welcome for sure! Q: What are some areas of your personal life that have been impacted by your work, if any? A: All areas pretty much. It's not easy btw. However, I believe if we truly believe in ourselves and proud and appreciate ourselves, we will get this through. I want to fight the stigma of escorts being a drug addict, thief, uneducated, unreliable, dumb and so on. We are just like other people who happen to choose sex work as our profession either full time or part time (like myself). We do still have our moral values and standards. We don't go outside naked. We dress just like normal people outside our profession. Some of us have dedicated our life to support our family, our children, our parents, or simply helping our spouse to pay bills. Some of us have saved enough money and go back to school, buying properties and so on. And the list of admirable things goes on. Simply put, nothing wrong being an escort and people have to accept and stop discredit us. Q: Has sex work benefited your personal life in any way? A: I was financially comfortable even before doing this, but I was a little sad and lonely. Mid life crisis. I was no longer sure about my sex appeal either. Sex work has given me the confidence that, even though i am older than most girls, some clients still like and adore me, and prefer to see me rather than those gorgeous chicks. Btw, I just read a tweet about a young BBW escort in her early 20s successfully bought a great apartment, paid in cash for herself. Bravo! She has saved some money from escorting, partly for her education, for her family and most importantly for her own future. We have some similarities here. Like me, we are both not exactly the typical "beautiful women". Although i can't label myself as "BBW" but I am definitely not "fresh, young, cute, petite and innocent" but hey...we both can prove to the world that we are just doing fine here. Q: Love that! What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with the impact of sex work on their personal life? A: "Listen to your heart and you will understand your true destiny and not to be embarrassed about it. Instead, flaunt it! You will be the happiest that way." Q: Thanks so much for your time. Have you got anything else you would like to add? A: Escorting is a profession just like any other professions. We are not criminals and we don't have to be embarrassed about it. On the contrary, we save so many marriages, and we have given some happiness and warm to those who need it. Without us, there are more divorces' cases and suicidal cases. We are a hero in our way! So chin up and let's start saving, be proud of ourselves and hopefully all of us can have a better future.
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    My sentiments exactly! You have a beautiful face and a beautiful soul @Allie Zeon
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    Wow thanks so much for sharing Allie. These interviews are a source of many surprises that’s for sure. “...not pretty or young enough”. “...no longer sure about my sex appeal”. Hard to imagine someone as beautiful as you thinking these thoughts ever!
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    Will send photos per your request in my PM’s. Must love BBW’s. twitter: thealexshannon
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    Available Locations will be base on best availability to safety, discretion and privacy. Oct 19 - 25 Monday - OFF Tuesday - 10am - Noon & 2pm-10pm Wednesday 10am - Noon & 2pm-10pm Thursday - OFF Friday - 10 - Noon & 4pm-10pm ---> Duos available with @charlottequinn123 Saturday - 1pm - 8pm Sunday - OFF Outcalls are always welcomed! I am willing to travel up to 90 minutes of driving. Minimum 1+hr (based on travel one way) length of booking, and deposit is required. Check my website for more information. stephaniemystique.vip GFE Rates 30 min - 200 available for previously seen clients 1 hour - 300 90 Mins -450 2 hours - 550 +hour(s) - 250/hour FBSM Escape with me with traditional full body Swedish massage. Allow me to blur the lines between professional and provocateur. Not FS 45 min - 200 60 min - 250 90 min - 300 SP Massage - 60 min - 80 NURU A full pampering and relaxing experience. Starting with a shower for two, gliding to a full body to body massage, to the final moment of tension release. This is your moment to lie down, relax and allow me to pamper you to the fullest. 1 hour - 400 90 Min - 500 --> Preferred Length for the best enjoyment. 2 hour - 600 +50 for Out Check out my website for other services, options and details. stephaniemystique.vip Now offering FBSM and Nuru * IN only & must pre-book, min 12 hours notice. Duos, couples and LGBTQ welcomed. Screening and Verification With events that have happened in my life and the need to maintain discretion and privacy for all individuals. I now require screening information for all new clients. All information collected is private and confidential information. I reserve the right to ask for all options and more should I feel I need it. All information is kept private and confidential. It is used to determine trust between us and that we will both be safe to enjoy our time together. Should I feel that you are being rude, disrespectful, demanding or untrue, I will terminate any further communication and will not welcome you into my world. New to me clients: If you contact me from a real phone number, I will just require a deposit to secure our time together. If you contact me in any other form of communication (E-mail, twitter, snapchat, text app, ect.) I will need you to provide one of the following and a deposit; Personal Government Issued ID or Reference - Will need to be from a reputable provider, If I haven't had the pleasure of meeting them, they will need to have at least two of the following, a website, twitter, and or board handle. and Deposit (e-transfer, paypal or bitcoin) For full details of what and how to provide these check out my website stephaniemystique.vip Screened clients (Upon approval) will have access to my members only area. You will receive access to full photo shoots, detailed rate structures, weekly updated schedules and tour information and more. If we have met before Covid-19. Please message me in the way we have connected before (Please have old information available if contacting me somewhere new, otherwise be prepared to screen) with the e-mail you will be using for the members only area and we will continue building our connection. Connect with Me [email protected] (902)579-4210 Text ONLY www.stephaniemystique.vip Tweet me @StephanieMystiq to follow my adventures *NEW* Free Snapchat - StephanieMystiq *Not all content is naughty in nature (available in Premium) , No 🍆 pics Allow me to Introduce myself: I am a deliciously curvaceous woman, (36 DDD, 28, 32) with curves in all the right places. Silky white skin that glows with affection. Foxy red hair that reflects the fire and passion I have within me to share. Pretty brown eyes that build trust instantly and are full of depth. A charming and witty personality that will have you at ease in no time, or standing at attention. I am an easy going and confident woman thriving in the fun of my dirty thirties. I am not here for a long time but a good time. Whether it be short and sweet or a long lasting connection. Lets fill a world of our own full of passion with respect in a safe, discreet, and unrushed environment. I do not indulge in a 'menu' upon first introductions. I love to sample, inquire and discover the pleasures we can share together in person. As we get to know each other, you will learn our enjoyment is limitless and ours to explore. I offer a little bit of everything and share everything with those that provide and afford me with their trust and safety. I greet you at the door with a hug and a kiss or two or three, I love kissing, as it melts our worries away. Have a small conversation about you and your day as you shed the days stresses. You go freshen up as I make myself comfortable. Or maybe you will indulge me with a shower for two. We share smiles and a few giggles as we get closer to a time only we will ever remember. I am an elite traveling companion looking to meet some remarkable people (gentlemen, ladies and LGBTQ friendly). I am smoke and party free, and expect you to be clean, drug and disease free as I am. This is a confidential, and discreet encounter that is held in respect. Rates are exchange for time and time only. Anything that happens within that time is mutually agreed upon as consenting adults. I look forward to seeing you, Stephanie Check out my recommendations:
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    What a great interview! it illustrates how the work can be a professional and satisfying calling, and casts in sharp relief how reactions to it are unfortunately too often negative. Thanks Allie, for sharing your world a bit.. including the hard parts. It makes the community stronger, helps change minds, and helps us all understand a little better! -cbs.
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    Great interview! Some good info in here for anyone to absorb 😊 awesome! thanks for sharing & participating with the interview & the board 😃!
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    After a stressful week at work I enjoy taking the motorcycle(HOG) out for a spin.
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    If feeling unwell please wait for another time to see me thankyou **Offering sexy duos with Daysha Love..the best of both worlds😈** Visiting Fredericton Sunday-Thursday and would love to spend some time with you The perfect choice for those mature professional gentlemen 25+ seeking Fun and Excitement with a curvy energetic 40+ sexy woman I love to please and be pleased I stand 5'7, curveaous, all natural C38, shaved, long black hair with hazel eyes and Kissable lips, soft skin with a soft touch and sweet to taste Fetish/kink friendly SAFE DATES ALWAYS Half hour/Hourly non rushed intimate dates I am providing In service ONLY in a private non smoking location (902)2*9*2*6*8*9*3 No blocked calls or text apps *a deposit may be required to secure my time* Hope to see you
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    At the end of the day its as simple as this.... We have the right to offer and refuse whatever services we want And YOU have that right to accept it or move on and contact a lady that provided a service you are looking for This is my body and my choice ... and i work how i feel comfortable I'm not going to lay out an explicit menu or engage in explicit conversations through text or on the phone If you contact me asking in a respectful mature manner about my dates I will respond in a way that makes sense 😉
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    Happy Sunday, everyone. It's time for our second Client interview with @waterat, this time talking about building meaningful connections in the industry. Thank you for your time, Waterat, and I hope that you enjoy reading his thoughts. ❤️ Q: Hey Waterat! Thanks for agreeing to be our second Client to be interviewed. I love hearing your thoughts and opinions, so I really appreciate your time. So tell me, when did you start seeing Companions? A: Thanks for this opportunity, Lydia. I first started visiting Companions in early 2011 just after I first joined lyla (it was cerb back then). The information, tips and advice available here, along with many reputable ladies made this 'nervous newbie' feel relaxed and comfortable enough to take, what I thought then, was a big step. For perspective, I didn't have a cell phone back then so my visits were arranged through cerb pm's and pay phones! Q: Can you tell me your motive behind seeing Companions? Has it always been the same or has it evolved over time? A: Initially it was about sex and intimacy but it quickly evolved to include a healthy appreciation for companionship, laughter and learning. The intimacy is still welcome and enjoyed but it isn't 'necessary' nor as important as the other benefits to seeing companions. I have to admit visiting a Companion is the most enjoyable way to manage horniness, lol, for everyone involved! Q: I see first hand on Lyla that building meaningful connections between Clients and Providers is absolutely possible. Can you tell me about the connections you have built in this community? A: I live in Ottawa and the community here has multiple SWr positive organisations and activists. They provide a client like me the opportunity to show support and respect and strong connections have built up from that. My interactions here on Lyla have also resulted in connection and what I consider to be friendship. I did a stop over to visit a lady I met and conversed with on here at her in-call just east of Toronto (4 h drive) and the next summer, when she was returning from an east coast tour/holiday, she detoured through Ottawa simply to visit me. Perhaps neither would be a big deal for some but the motivations underlying the visits speak to connection built through this community. And there are other examples! Q: Have you ever met a Provider and instantly had a connection or is it something that tends to build over time? A: I always do my best to be polite, clear, respectful and supportive when I meet a provider, that is always reciprocated and it creates the basis for an initial connection which can be build upon. Both parties have to be prepared to put effort into creating connection and it's important to remember that 'respect' involves both a lady's time and finances - I don't mean to make it sound strictly transactional but that's how we met so it should be foundational. Q: I think there is a misconception that Clients get into this because they’re sleazy or misogynistic. What would you say to someone who believes that? A: Well, no doubt, some are. That's why Providers have to deal with (ignore! 🙂 ) three word texts from people like that who haven't really read their ad, let alone their website. I would remind Companions, as well as members of the general public (like the Joy Smiths and Peter MacKays of the world), that there are many good, respectful clients out there. The art and science of being a SWer is to identify and attract them. Lyla provides a forum to help with that and many Providers could benefit from it. It's up to us Clients to earn their trust. Sleaziness is hard to fix but with recognition and education misogyny has a chance of being addressed and reduced. Q: You’re a total gentleman and I love you for it! To Clients who aren’t so gentlemanly… Can you give them some tips/advice? A: It's really pretty simple: Be a Gentleman, kind, accepting, respectful and understanding. We're all people here and not behaving in that manner will never make yours nor the Provider's visit a better experience. A positive approach is almost guaranteed to make the visit better. And yes gents, you'll make mistakes, just own them, learn and move on. Q: What is the most important quality to you in a Companion? A: I hope to visit Companions who are able to be relaxed, have a sense of humour, share a smile and engage in thoughtful conversation. Anything beyond that is just a bonus. I thoroughly enjoy all the bonuses. Q: Have you ever fallen for a Provider? A: Only every time I visit one! Okay, not really. I'm in my early 60's so I've built up a certain immunity to 'falling' for someone. I have to admit to infatuation, just the same. While I tend to visit Companions of 'a certain age' some are the age of my own children.... while I made a claim of immunity above, I ain't no Donald Trump! Q: Do you think it can be difficult to keep emotions out of this “hobby”? Do you think it matters if feelings do get involved? A: I don't even attempt to keep emotions out - I'm an emotional person. I haven't had those emotions damage any of my interactions with Companions (at least, not that I know of!). With emotions and feelings it is always important to have clear, open communication and not create a problem that doesn't exist for someone else. Communication involves a transmitter and a receiver and it is also credited with being the 'source of and solution to all the world's problems'. To quote one of my favourite mathematicians: "Love is like a pineapple, sweet and undefinable". Q: Thanks so much for your insight, Waterat. Is there anything else you would like to add? A: Let's all work to strengthen and build this board. More Providers advertising will bring more Clients visiting. More Clients visiting will generate more Provider's ads. Chicken or egg anyone? Discussions help with this.
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    I love and appreciate my reviews...but like to keep rhe intimate parts between that person and i 😊
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    Wow! What a great interview! Thank you both for this! Hopefully clients will take the advice contained within, and put it to practice and develop those types of connections that would be meaningful and beneficial! I certainly will!
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    Great Interview @waterat Really great read. I know I am glad that we met on here!!!! You truly are a good client and guys should follow your advice.
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    Very articulate and solid point!
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    Not when it's A cup or less and these double to triple D's have no where to go. It was like binding them in.
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    Easily the cleanest place in the city by far. If you want a QUALITY MASSAGE in a super clean and safe environment this is the place. It smells clean when you walk in. Highly recommend.
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    @Victoria69 I concur. And that is why I only participate on this RECOMMENDATION board. Any reco I post is approved by the lady first (I've never had a request to edit one) and is both discrete and thoughtful. I totally respect the DNR stipulation - that's what is critical: Respect.
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    I decided to on a whim contact Mandy this morning and was happy to find that she was available. I've seen her ads on and off for a while now. Truthfully I skipped over her ads at first as I filed them under "likely too good to be true" lol. (I've been at this a while and some ads are easy to spot.) Well, I'm happy to report that I was completely wrong! She is real, the pics are her, and truthfully they don't even do her justice. She is a tiny little thing with a super fit, tight body, that is decorated with a few tasteful tattoos. She is quite attractive, and has a friendly personality. I enjoyed my brief time with her immensely. If you are into the spinner type you will definitely not be disappointed. Thanks Mandy for some much needed stress relief! Mikey
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    I think this covid-19 situation has exacerbated a pre-existing problem for the industry. @Allie Zeon's suggestion for tweaking your screening may help. The first time I met Allie she had recently been dealing with no-shows and requested I send her a pic with a specific hand gesture and location to confirm my bona fides. Worked fine and I always try to see her when she passes through Ottawa. win-win. While I recognize @newfy 's reminder that we're dealing with people I believe this industry doesn't quite parallel the automotive industry - the mechanics don't have to clean the grease off their face and a double booking doesn't mean both clients can't be served, although perhaps not in the expected timely manner. I have concern for the stress having revealed a room number causes. I would discourage that. Maybe meet a client in the lobby or meet them at the bar and then escort them to the room? I'll defer to the advice of SP's who have suggestions and maybe that advice is best shared in the private SP area available on this board. A selfie, showing clothing, texted from the lobby of a hotel (or even from home hours earlier) would make a client readily identifiable for a preliminary rendezvous. I realize this doesn't eliminate the issue of having prepared for the session and possibly having turned down other suitors for that time slot - yet still a step in a better direction. As @NotchJohnson noted above, this problem affects both sides of this industry, though for the SP's, much more so. Ladies and gents: leolist is rarely our friend. Lyla usually is. (apologies for the comma splices :) )
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    Hi I’m Megan! The blonde bombshell you’ve been waiting for! Looking for a fun time or some sensual comfort? I am here to please and provide an unforgettable experience They say blondes have more fun ... and I’m no exception!! ✨Stats: ✨Height: 4’11” ✨Weight: 120 lbs ✨Bust: 36B ✅Safe Play ONLY ✅Reviews online ✅Good Hygiene is a MUST 🚫 No private callers or app numbers Follow me on Twitter for daily updates and more @therealmeganxxx Halifax October 17-20 Truro October 20 (after 3pm) 613-863-9429
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    Here @ Touched by An Angel, it is our mission to give you the most top notch service In our city. Our premium service is anything you want it to be. From a steamy encounter in our Luxury Spa, to a sexy tour around the city, we are here to accompany you to the destination of your choice. We are typically available Monday-Saturday, prebooking is always the best way to guarantee a time with us. Tiffany Marie 5068644724 Miss Alexx Banks 5068640353 http://luxuryangels.hotprovider.com/ 💋
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    Touched By An Angel Massage ; @Alexx of Moncton and Myself are elite adult entertainers based in Moncton, NB. Here at Touched By An Angel you will quickly learn our beauty is only our first essential attribute. In addition, we are both well educated, speak more than one language, have good manners, sense of tact, know social etiquette, good taste and stylish wardrobe, easy and friendly demeanour. We Both have wide interests and hobbies that may coincide with yours- when you contact us, we will be happy to discuss your wishes and preferences. Both ladies are professionally trained in therapeutic massage. The Basic Principals @ Touched By An Angel; - Highly personalized service. We are working with the wishes of each client, and will always do our best to reach your requirements. - Complete confidentiality. When you contact us, you never have to worry about the information you provide to us, we will never share your information under any circumstances. - We strive on your happiness, in our paradise; your needs are our priority. PLEASE BE ADVISED; @Alexx of Moncton & Myself don’t advertise much anymore as our regular clientele keeps us occupied, don’t be shy to reach out to us even if you don’t see us advertised, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. To learn more about us please visit our website or follow us on twitter for live updates! http://luxuryangels.hotprovider.com/ @TiffMarie506 @BanksAlexx We look forward to hearing from you soon 💋 Tiffany- 5068644724 Alexx- 5068640353
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    Touched By An Angel Massage ; @Alexx of Moncton and Myself are elite adult entertainers based in Moncton, NB. Here at Touched By An Angel you will quickly learn our beauty is only our first essential attribute. In addition, we are both well educated, speak more than one language, have good manners, sense of tact, know social etiquette, good taste and stylish wardrobe, easy and friendly demeanour. We Both have wide interests and hobbies that may coincide with yours- when you contact us, we will be happy to discuss your wishes and preferences. Both ladies are professionally trained in therapeutic massage. The Basic Principals @ Touched By An Angel; - Highly personalized service. We are working with the wishes of each client, and will always do our best to reach your requirements. - Complete confidentiality. When you contact us, you never have to worry about the information you provide to us, we will never share your information under any circumstances. - We strive on your happiness, in our paradise; your needs are our priority. PLEASE BE ADVISED; @Alexx of Moncton & Myself don’t advertise much anymore as our regular clientele keeps us occupied, don’t be shy to reach out to us even if you don’t see us advertised, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. To learn more about us please visit our website or follow us on twitter for live updates! Www.yourluxuriousangels.com @TiffMarie506 @BanksAlexx We look forward to hearing from you soon 💋 Tiffany- 5068644724 Alexx-5068640353
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    Welcome to pure Bliss & Luxury companionship @ Touched By An Angel with @Alexx of Moncton & Myself. We we are so pleased to announce that we have found our permanent paradise dedicated strictly to hosting and entertaining our lovers. We now own a beautiful and private upscale Condo downtown, and we can’t wait to show you! * We will now be offering cheese platters and wine to our VIP clients. Please contact us to find out how to become a VIP @ Touched By An Angel 😇 * 5068644724
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    Thank you for your kind words Phantom.. I appreciate you immensely and look forward to our next visit! xo 😘
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    Welcome too Touched By An Angel Massage with @Alexx of Moncton & Myself, Tiffany Marie. Come visit us this week for an erotic escape! Our 4 hand massage will lead you through different techniques to complete physical and mental relaxation. Touch is one of the most sensitive stimulus through which ecstasy can be reached. With our massages the body and mind connect to reach unlimited levels of satisfaction, we play with the sensations of your body to achieve maximum pleasure. We are available this week; Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER FOR LIVE UPDATES! @TiffMarie506 @BanksAlexx 5068644724
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    Good morning! 🌞 @Alexx of Moncton & I are available this week Monday - Saturday 11am-9pm. Touched By An Angel has all the accommodations you require.. * Shower and fresh towels * Oils and lotion * Heated Massage table * Gorgeous inviting hostesses ** BOTH hostesses are trained professionals in different areas of massage ** we strive to provide a comfortable and exciting experience for all of our guests. Check out our recommendations! Looking forward too new memories.. 5068644724 💖
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    Happy “lazy” Sunday everybody 😅 @Alexx of Moncton & I will be visiting Fredericton this week, Wednesday January 30th & Thursday January 31st! We are looking forward to seeing all the lovely Fredericton gentlemen and just enjoying the friendly vibe of Freddy 😊 Pre-booking now! 5068644724 xoxo 😘
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    Happy 2019 Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope your year is full of love and happiness. My name is Tiffany Marie, I am a Chestnut haired beauty, I have an electric personality that makes you feel desired from the moment we meet. My warm smile, deep brown eyes, and youthful physique is truly beautiful. In my presence you will feel the joys of being alive and that you are in the company of an alluring young women. I enjoy sharing my beauty, sparkling personality and love of life with others. I’ve been told my positive energy is contagious! As as an elite provider based in Moncton, I understand that moments of pleasure are precious and valued highly by discerning Gentlemen. I captivate with my appearance, sensuality and smart mind. I am a great listener, confidant of your most intimate desires and I fulfill them with style. I know how to combine my passion with my loveliness in a unique way. I am very versatile for any situation and my openness is very special for making a connection of mind and body. At the same time, I am very responsive and tuned into your disires. A truly luxurious and intimate experience is to be enjoyed when you are in my company, my spontaneity will charm you and revive your spirit. If you adore women with class, then I may just be the companion for you. Indulge your senses in my company and treat yourself to moments of pure pleasure. I am available for bookings in Moncton @ Touched By An Angel with @Alexx of Moncton Outcalls to hotels are welcome. We will also be introducing our interactive duos, & adding a romantic bath time option in your session, starting today. Please Contact me via PM or Phonecall/Text 506-864-4724 Take a look at my new photos in our new Oasis..
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    Happy holidays everyone! We took some time off here @ Touched By An Angel to enjoy the holidays with our loved ones, and to take sometime to move to our new, PRIVATELY owned location completely dedicated to hosting our guests. @Alexx of Moncton & I are so pleased and excited to show you our new oasis! I am booking this week 11am-9pm. Alexx will return in the new year. Thank you everyone for your generosity 😘 5068644724
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    Good morning handsome gentlemen of Lyla, hope everybody is staying warm on this chilly day ahead of us.. if your low on body heat, I’m here to help 😋 booking until 7pm today in downtown Moncton. Contact me for further info, 5068644724 ☺️ Happy Holidays, Tiffany xo 😘
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    Prebooking is probably your best option for that type of encounter! Im sure one of us would be able to accommodate you and your lady on a Sunday, with notice! xoxox
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