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    I've been on SA and have been a SD since May of 2017. This site is legit, most of the women on there are real. All of the ladies I've communicated with do not want to be compared to, referred to or treated as escorts, nor are they seeking half hour or hour meets. Seeking Arrangement is for Sugar Dating or a paid ongoing relationship, it's not a sex workers site. A one month full membership is about 120/month Canadian or about 100/month on a three months membership. Please refrain from using SA as an escort type site and just as in this industry, always treat them with respect. Most are doing this as a temporary source of income to pay off school debts or other debts.
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    Hello, I am still new-ish because of my low-volume in Ottawa, I am still learning. I noticed some men find it offensive when I ask them for a general physical description of themselves. It isn't because I am not willing to take someone thin or big, I just like to have some sort of idea who is coming to see me. Is that wrong? I would like to hear/read some feedback from both SP's and also the gentlemen. On a funnier side of things, I literally had a client who texted me a month ago with a different age (29) and totally different ethnicity. He forgot he messaged me previous and just messaged me yesterday with a different ethnicity (again) and age (35) - maybe the number got recycled but it wasn't a texting app and I thought there was a time buffer for numbers to get recycled for regular numbers. Is it so bad to know what to expect when I open the door?
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    Hmm... interesting threat. I don't mind providing a short description of myself to a provider, in fact, usually the second or third question is generally me asking if she sees black guys. Simple, if not, let's not all waste our time. So yes, I think it's ok to ask that question, but yes, I can see some men find it offensive. I don't, not in the hobby world. Maybe you can add, when you ask that question, the reason why you are asking and say that it's just cause you want to know who is going to ring at your door (roughly height, size, age, ethnicity, etc) you should get away with this.
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    Receiving a notice from the landlord informing me that an exterminator is coming through this week to spray for ants. I don't even have any ants. The part that sucks is that I have to empty all my kitchen cupboards and drawers. Clean everything out of the bathroom vanity. As well as, pull all the appliances out from the walls. A bit of a logistics nightmare. Oh well, It gives me the opportunity to purge a lot of stuff. Something I have been putting off doing for a while.
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    Very true, a few hour date would never be the same rate as a entire weekend. You have a great weekend as well.
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    I had the same issue with a newer provider on leolist just last week. I messaged "Hi" with her name and that I was very interested in meeting her along with asking for more info. The next day I sent a similar message but at the end of it I added, "Feel free to reply whenever you have the chance." and I still didn't get a reply. The next time her ad popped up three days later I sent a third message and finally received a reply. Bottom line is, we can't take things like this personally...it isn't personal and there is no real knowing why things like this occur. Being newer I scratch it up to inexperience and if they don't reply after a third attempt I move along.
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    I met Adrianna the other day when she was working as a shooter girl. Amazing hot body in her work clothes! She told me she danced daytime, so I will go see her soon. Very hot looking babe!
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    I do reservations by email only, so I don't know how different the providers who are using texts are doing things, but in my case, if someone contacts me only saying "hi" without including a brief introduction, date and duration, I personally never respond. Keep in mind, that lady you are trying to get in touch with probably receives over a hundred "hi" a day, most of them from time wasters seeking free attention. Contact her with a proper introduction and complete sentences. Don't ask HER availability; tell her your preferred dates. The reason being is that for a reason beyond my comprehension, there are always creepos trying to find out about our schedule without real intentions of booking. Complete mystery to me, but it's a thing.
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    As others mentioned she could be busy. I will post an ad - and if it is slow or if I am just getting texting app appointments (which I try not to take unless they pass other verification) - I will get sidetracked and try to get things done at my place or work on my studies. Or she might be in a booking and it is just bad timing. Personally, when I am with a booking I will ignore the incoming bookings when I am with my date as I feel it is rude (in my humble opinion) to book the next one while my date is over. So that could be it too! keep trying and if all else fails perhaps move to a different service provider :)
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    I mentioned the Gentleman's Club noting that is was called Sugar and Spice before the NB owners came in. Additional Comments: Sugar and Spice ( Later Gentleman's Club ) was nice as you would sit down and anywhere from 3-4 ladies would come down the stairs and you got to choose your favorite for the session. I still would like to know the name of the Queen St, Dartmouth one. Dr Love if you're out there. I thought you talked about it before. Additional Comments: I found it in one of his old posts---Park Avenue
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    The foundation is certainly similar but the execution is a bit different. Most of the ladies are only looking for one SD. And the meetings are more like normal dates with a gift exchange instead of feeling like business appointments. Each arrangements are different and with more room for flexibility. In the few I've been involved in, the donations were the same no matter if the date lasted a few hours or the entire weekend. I'm pretty sure others lived something different. But that's the beauty of it. Have a nice evening.
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    The fact is that fake ads don't just happen at Maplecrest. They are prevalent and overwhelming. I agree that an honest SP may choose the location because she is not aware of the issue. I also understand that people who are running bait&switch out of Maplecrest are just looking for a place that is inexpensive and convenient. A place where they can concentrate both their workers and enforcement resources. I think that any reputable SPs should arrange for lodging at other locations in Kingston. There are tons of options that have better atmosphere, more discrete, and do not serve as a host to a bait& switch operation (at least at present)
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    The tall Asian is named (I think) Lulu. She's super nice and very cool. I always get a a VIP with her when I'm in town.
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    Been AGES since I've been. Helen is truly capable of a serious massage. I saw her two years ago a few times to have work done on an injured shoulder. I'd been wrestling with it for months and it had gotten to a point I couldn't lift a glass of water. After the first visit it felt like my shoulder had been steamrolled, I expected bruises. Felt that way for a few days. Saw her a second time 4 or 5 days later and again a week after. By that point I was well on my way to healed. I absolutely attribute the fix of my shoulder injury to her. I'd been struggling with it for months. She told me it was very swollen and the swelling was hampering healing. That being said, I'd avoid her partner, Karen I think? I got away from seeing Helen much because she was so difficult to reach and make an appointment. But she is one of only a few I've run into that I'd trust to work on a true injury. Probably the strongest hands I've encountered. Of course I was very clear about why I was there at the time, my shoulder. She's capable of the typical relaxation MP experience as well.
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    One of the girls from the club there actually posted in the announcements section.
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    Time to start using more than just one site to advertise. Why do we need a repeat of backpage where everyone only goes to one site? And I still have unused bumps on that site.
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    I want to thank my amazing clients for their wonderful reviews! :) I will be back July 22nd-29th full time availability. Text only please 343 363 1312 Excellent, non rushed service. Amazing skills. Incalls/outcalls. Dinner dates. Extras available. 240 H 180 HH Top Notch beauty I.G jessiejamess Snap jessgjames
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    She is a lovely person and provides a good massage within MA limits. I've seen her a number of times over the years.
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    Dear gentlemen, I will be in Fredericton: July 13, Friday early evening to July 16, Monday morning. I have decided to add 15 minutes and 30 minutes quickie in my service to cater for those young hot blooded army lol. Check my new photos and call and leave me a voicemail (text is reserved only for regulars) 647-327-1645. Prebooking is recommended. Satisfaction assured, i am better looking than my photos. http://www.alliezeon.wixsite.com/allie
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    I pride myself on being sincere, warm, outgoing, personable, compassionate, and down-to-earth. With a genuine interest in learning about others, this makes me a natural conversationalist. Gentlemen from various backgrounds will find themselves completely relaxed and comfortable during our time spent together. It would be my pleasure to show you a world of sensual bliss that you won't soon forget... Me, My Sessions, And I... Respected and well-reviewed Independent MA Massage & lap dance massage appointments Private & centrally-located studio Available Monday to Friday: 10:00 - 10:00 Text: 613-604-3175 [email protected] @jackiegilcrest
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    Aren't we all....lol. It is what it is
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    I dont ever ask for a description.. really the most important thing for me when meeting someone is Respect and hygiene... looks can be deceiving.. age somewhat is important because I dont see guys that are too young.. simply I dont feel comfortable but most young guys let me know ahead of time.. I guess they dont want to be turned back at the door...
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    When meeting new to me providers I tell them a little about myself: age, height and ethnicity. I've been doing this for a while, just so they have some clue as to who to expect when they open the door.
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    Hello Gentlemen !!! I am Natasha Couture independent massage therapist . I offer all kind of services that any man will enjoy . I have a very nice privet studio were you can enjoy yourself and relax . My prices are reasonable and I give professional massage of all kinds . I been in the business for many years and I would love to get to know each man . What he likes and what he doesn't . I make sure you guys enjoy to the fullest . My question is what's your fantasy ? What would u like to experience ? I am very easy going and happy person . My hours are Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 11 pm Here are some prices for you to look at . 30 min session is 85$ 45 min session is 100$ 1 hour is 130$ Nuru massages are 150$ Fetishes and role play available as well There are no door fees ! If you like to know more please call our text 613 3045035 Natasha Couture Showers together and special requests is my favourite !
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    Most answers will vary, but here's mine. I've been married for 25 years, and my wife is an awesome person whom I love. But. The simple fact for me is, she strongly dislikes sex, always has. We were each other's firsts, but she has some baggage which is ok, because life isn't perfect. Unfortunately, that translates into its been years for me since there has been physical intimacy. Escorts have been awesome for my marriage, because they have kept me from any desire to have an affair. It cures my physical needs, but there's no risk of falling in love. I became quite good friends with someone in the business before moving to NS, but we both were well aware of our respective roles. There was zero danger of me leaving my wife for her, and I doubt she'd take me even if I did (actually, I know she wouldn't). But man, did we click sexually. I understand more than you know about reservations and being known in circles. My response is a simple one... stick to established and reviewed ladies on Cerb. Literally, avoid Leoslist like the plague. Cerb ladies aren't going to mug you, blackmail you, threaten you, or bait and switch you. They don't have "managers", and you won't see them on Hollis street at 2 am. They're not dudes (surprise!) and you don't have to worry about them being drugged out on heroin. With Leoslist... not saying all are, but you're playing with fire. I'd definitely lay off them, until you get your, uh, feet wet and begin to understand the system and how things work, so you'll have a better chance of spotting red flags. As for the screening... these ladies are placing themselves in an exceptionally vulnerable position. You're probably physically larger than they are. Will you respect their limits? Will you stop if they say? Of course you will... they hope. I don't blame anyone in the slightest for being cautious. I'm not even talking about the scammers and time wasters, it's literally their physical safety. The Cerb ladies are not trying to be deliberately difficult, they're simply looking out for themselves. They're taking a *lot* bigger risk than you are, on a first encounter. How to protect yourself? For me personally, e-transfers is a no-go. If that's a pre-req, I move on. No one gets my banking information. Similarly, I would never pay by credit card or bank card. I usually leave my wallet safely tucked away, carrying a cheapo wallet that contains just the cash for my visit (and maybe $60-100 more). No DL, no credit cards, no Blockbuster membership. Even if it's a trusted lady, I don't want an oops and my wallet falling out of my pocket, etc. I personally would never host a lady at my house if my wife is away; either go to incall (my preferred) or rent a hotel room (paper trail again, though) Not that I don't trust the lady at my house, just again, neighbors, taxi drivers, and unneeded risk. Don't use your work phone to contact ladies. Always, always, always delete your text conversations afterwards. I've never even once had an issue about a Cerb lady contacting me via text or phone without me initiating contact. I have had a non Cerb provider text me with a "hey, I'm available this week if you are" which came as a... surprise. As for recommendations... there are a few threads recently about that. Lots of excellent Halifax ladies on Cerb. Go to the thread, start at A, and work your way through the alphabet :) Literally, its what I did when I arrived in town. If someone has lots of recommendations, that's a good sign. Also look who's doing the recommendations, make sure it's not a new member with like 3 posts. Make sure the recommendations are recent-ish as well, as the lady may have retired or moved. Then, the advanced class stuff... take your person's name, and do a search of her name in the Halifax thread. See what else comes up. Go on the lady's home page, see if she's been active lately. See if she has photo albums, and if you like what you see. Some names to get you started... in no particular order whatsoever... MsManda, Addictive Barbie (on break I think), Kylie Jane, MelanieMys, Katherine, HotCarpernterKitty, Lexy Grace, Danielle, Savannah Sol (on break). I'd have included Midnite Energies in there too but, dammit, she's not taking new clients (sad rawr!). I also personally would add Alayna Rose in there, though she's not as well reviewed or as particularly well known. TL;DR: if you're serious about visiting a provider, stick with established ones on this board. You're safer, and your going to have a better end result. Any screening done by the established ladies is for their safety, not to use against you. G'luck, shoot me a message if I can help.
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    Hey ladies what is a major turn off when someone is looking to book a time with you ? One thing I absolutely hate is when someone texts me and says....What's up? Like really lol that will not grab my attention First impressions mean everything and I prefer a gentlemen being respectful and courteous when inquiring about my ......... For an example; Hello how are you or Hi I am .... and I am interested in knowing more about you and your ........!......so much better
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    Jessy Celeste and Sasha May are an experience you won't soon forget.
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    #rippedgirl #musclegirl #yogapants #perfectbody
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    I seen her just this weekend. They are still in service and even though they say it's Elsa there on the ad it is actually Nana that was here before. She is quite good looking compared to the other ones there. She's also a lot taller then the normal ladies. She is definitely a repeat for me. Additional Comments:
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    A few ladies have been reported this week for using the PM system to send UNSOLICITED pm's asking if the guy wants to see them! Guys! Report these PM's to me please as this is not permitted here. Every PM has a REPORT THIS icon at the top right. Click it and let me know you have never had any previous discussions with this lady about acquiring her service. This is Unsolicited PM's and I can look it up if I need to and verify that you have never contacted her by PM in the past. Ladies you will get a 7 day suspension (Without Warning) for doing this. The second time you are caught doing this you will be asked to leave the site. (Your account will be closed) This is ABUSE to the PM system so please DO NOT DO THIS. Your just making the guys MAD at you for SPAMMING them!!
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    Allow myself, Mara White, to treat you to a soothing and sensual independent massage experience. My friendly and cheerful demeanor will immediately put you at ease, and my intuitive hands will bring you to new heights of relaxation and excitement. Physically, I am petite, athletic and proportionate, a perfect handful in all the right places. My sweet, innocent face masks a deep-seated mischievous streak; I love to have fun, and I love to be naughty. I am available to host at an upscale condo in the downtown core or for 4+ star hotel and home visits. Please visit my website, MaraMasseuse.com for more information, or peek at my Twitter, @MaraMasseuse for selfies and scheduling updates.
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    I was just wondering if a list of the abbreviations could be printed such as: DATY,MSOG,etc I would like to know what they mean I now a novice question but won't know until I ask.
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    Many clients used it with me as it's convenient for both of us (if they are single and don't mind the paper trail). Yes you have to trust the lady obviously. Bianca
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    I will only accept it from good regulars because on a receiver's end, if a the person sending it compromised someone else's account, it's considered fraudulent and then the receiver could end up being banned from being able to retrieve etransfers.
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