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    I'm just going to throw this here. 🙂 We all know who it is... we also all know that I use screen names, or "chosen names". I purposefully dont remember names... I will choose one for you. Lol. Ask any of the lovely gents here.
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    Seconded! Great choice and a wonderful lady.
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    I could be wrong but the ball seems to be going back and forth between some maybe more prominent members. I don't deny their merits and I , for one, have often benefited from reading their comments and from their experience. However, how about throwing the ball in a different direction. This is a provider I have nominated before and still feel she deserves the recognition. She is Kylie Jane, @EliteKylie. She is a regular on Lyla, she has several great recommendations and thousands of views. I personally know her and know how respected she is and also that she has the good of her clients always in mind. In these pandemic days she kept the safety of her clients first even if it meant a loss to her. She is my choice. I hope more will agree!!
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    Ok... Thank you. To get the ball rolling, will nominate @roamingguy and @NotchJohnson for their contributions. GT
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    Dear Lydia, you ask and I shall deliver, they will keep on coming until the New Year I hope.
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    No matter if a first time or repeated encounter, I never had problems suggesting appropriate wardrobe for a date. Mostly when hosting in establishments where tall boots and short skirts may stick out. I often ask to simply dress casual or business attire when needed.
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    Took Beatrix to the vet for her annual vaccinations She's a little lethargic now...but so am I Its what happens when the wallet takes a hit LOL...and I need the recliner more. A Rambling RG
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    Oh! It wasn't over? I haven't got my vote in for them yet! Haha 😽 Seriously though I was going to vote green (of course!) They showed me kindness a few months back and wanted to return the favor 💋 Green you are honest, not intolerable 💚
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    I’m still waiting for some Christmas lingerie to show up! Once they are here there will be lots of fun photos! 😊
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    Agree totally. Reviews are very crucial. O boy...I remember almost 3 years ago when I started this profession with no review and I only had 1 client in a week😅
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    Yes! It has been mentioned above. Great communication is crucial. And those who are intelligent and articulate will be suited best for upscale clients like you dear 👍 Btw, what do you think about dress code? One of my dear clients suggesting me to dress up feminine instead of sporty and casual when I see a client 😊
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    Agree. Next time, let me know if you wanna try something different and new:)
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    James, I love your input. I have a concentration deficit and can’t read long sentences but this time, I’m able to read it all:) I love that you mentioned sex appeal and the ability to be a cameleon. I still have to learn a lot to become a good cameleon for sure lol. Yes, life’s experience and the ability to carry a conversation are definitely crucial especially for older clients
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    True, I suppose you work with what you have. Even so, like was said, an articulate ad, and an image that speaks of health and confidence and a positive review go a long way. I’d feel safer, and I would give better odds that the encounter would be more fulfilling. If all I wanted to see was a <insert part name> to look at, there are free porn sites with a wide selection. If I am going to meet someone, I’d want to know who I’m meeting. I know once I saw someone in part as they had a recreation of 15th century Scottish claymore (sword) as a prop to build out their image as a red haired highlander. -cbs
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    From a slightly different perspective, articulation is often a key factor for me. While I’m not dismissing or putting anyone down, if you have 14 different emojis in your ad, or repeatedly use urban slang, I’m probably not your target customer and the odds of chemistry between us aren’t as high. A well written ad will catch my attention as quick as photos. To reiterate what Allie said, being able to talk intelligently with someone and connect with them makes a huge difference.
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    IF FEELING UNWELL, SHOWING SIGNS OF COVID OR HAVE TRAVELLED WITHIN THE PAST TWO WEEKS PLEASE WAIT TO SEE ME..LETS KEEP EACH OTHER SAFE Independent and Highly recommended The perfect choice for those mature professional gentlemen 25+ seeking Fun and Excitement Take a break from work, slip away from home or invite me over to your place and relax as I rub you from top to bottom an even in between (an drain you in more ways than one) I love to please and be pleased 40+ I stand 5'7, curveceous, all natural C38, shaved, long black hair with hazel eyes and kissable lips, soft skin with a soft touch and sweet to taste Fetish/kink friendly SAFE DATES ALWAYS In Halifax (relaxed non smoking location with shower) Out to hotels/homes on the hour ONLY *a deposit is required on all outcalls AND if we haven't yet met to secure my time* Available 2pm-11pm (902)2*9*2*6*8*9*3 No blocked calls or text apps For those gents unable to meet in person ask about my ... *15/30 minute Skype dates *Custom made vids/pics *Sexting packages Https://onlyfans.com/sexxymilfnextdoor (Check me out 💕)
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    Hello Mes Amours & Cheers to this fine day 💋 Fine Distinguished Gentleman, Exquisite Lady Lover’s & My Adoring Couples. Here at Touched By An Angel Massage you will quickly learn my beauty is only one of my essential attributes. In addition, I’m well educated, worldly travelled, speak more then one language. I have impeccable manners, superb social etiquette, posh taste & stylish wardrobe. Completely inviting with a friendly demeanour. I enjoy a wide interest in hobbies that may indeed coincide with yours:) When you contact me, I’ll be happy to discuss your wishes, desires and preferences. I’m Highly Recommended, Reviewed and Verified. Professionally trained in therapeutic massage & Much More. My basic principles at Touched By An Angel Massage is to explore a highly personalized service. Working with the Wishes of each client. I will always do my best to reach Your requirements. Complete confidentiality is a promise when you contact me. As you have no worries about the information you are sharing. I will never share Your information you provide under any circumstances. I await for Our Encounter of Tantalizing Dreams to happen L💕ver’s. Anticipating new Sultry adventures We Shall Share. *WebCam, Facetime, *Demure Sexy dirt talk *Fetish,Whips Chains, Bondage, Dome, Roleplaying ect *Lunch/ Dinner Dates *Events *Overnite Cuddles *Private Modelling/Performance/Cuddle Dates& Much more *Ask how to become Our Exclusive VIP *Spoil me L💕ver’s !!! Want to see daily updates/sexy photos & videos? Find out how to be a member of my premium SnapChat !! ASK HOW TO SUBSCRIBE TO My #OnlyFans see daily pics videos chitchat & so much more FuN!!! Available Moncton Area Monday- Saturday 11am-8pm PreBook apps numbers & blocked calls will not be accepted 506 864 0353 Miss Alexx Banks💋
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    I'm likely the exception to the rule... I'm perfectly happy with literally whatever. Some ladies are more comfortable in lingerie as it sets the mood, but I'd just as happy with jeans/sweats and a teeshirt if that's what they prefer. In some ways, more so. Really, whatever makes my companion happy and most comfortable. If I'm getting a playstation 5 for christmas, I'm not going to be the one complaining about the wrapping paper! I do get that others are more sexually turned on by clothing, it's just not particularly me. For pictures in an ad, however, I'd probably expect a bit more "sexy" for lack of a better term. I don't expect a full carnal display, but something tasteful and with effort/thought put in. A semi-professional or tasteful photoshoot shows more effort (and dare I say professionalism?) than a mirror selfie, which in turn suggests something about the lady in question to me. I do admit to being a sucker for a woman with a pony tail, though 🙂
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    Yes and yes! And the ability to be our own boss, flexible working hours...and NO ONE forces us to work if we don’t feel like it. Empowering 💪 😎
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    Her name is Natalya Krasavina (Aka Nata Lee). Her Instagram if curious: Natalya Krasavina (@jsc_nata_lee) • Instagram photos and videos And Tumblr: Nata Lee aka Natalya Krasavina (tumblr.com)
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    Thank you @Allie Zeon for this interesting post. I am in my mid 30s and while I can definitely agree various ages expect very different outcomes in their sessions. Sex appeal was very important in my early 20s with the expectation of pornstar looks but with more maturity, perspectives change. Now I find it more appealing when a lady, whatever the age, expresses herself with confidence and elegance, yet humble and kind with a good sense of humor. I have always admired the light touch of fingertips, soft spoken words and especially the chemistry when locking eyes. Chemistry is not always instant nor as @StephanieMystique mentioned "garunteed" but it is powerful turn-on when it happens. As there is many wonderful ladies I have yet to meet, respect and appreciation to you all!
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    agree. I literally sit and talk with new clients at least for a good 15-20 minutes, asking them some questions as well as their expectation to get the sense of who they are and what they like, need and want before proceeding to the session:)
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    New laptop. Generally for the last couple of years I've been using a chrome OS pixel book as my daily driver, but some things work better in Windows, so decided to get a new one as my old one is getting old, tech evolves so fast. Anyway, bought a Lenovo 14" Flex 5, under $ 1K and a really great set of capabilities.
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    My Dominatrix profile on twitter is @DurgasDungeon. My companion and submissive girlfriend experience is @BondageJane. While I may be old at hobbying I am new to providing so the added support and retweets have been super helpful to me and made me feel like a welcome meme bet to the providing community. Many Thanks 🙏
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    Bumping this thread for exposure. Follow these beautiful ladies to stay up to date. Twitter is so much fun!
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    @MissKitten613 💋 Now just to get better at using it!
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    https://twitter.com/ms_sarahalexxx?s=09 Always follow back. 🙂
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    Follow me at https://twitter.com/SweetEmilyJ 🌸💗
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    Hey gorgeous totally already following you,! Follow for a follow? ♡▪︎♡▪︎♡
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    Follow for a follow? Totally just followed you! ♡▪︎♡▪︎♡
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    Take The Plunge! 😉
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    As a new member trying to follow board etiquette and not offend, can someone provide some guidance. I'm looking for a lady that enjoys participating in a FFM SP rendezvous, and it seems to be a little challenging identifying all interested parties, aside from those listed in this group. Should I assume this group is the place? I've already started and have spoken to a lovely lovely lady on the board, just the other day, gorgeous, open, and seems a great choice. Signed, Kid in a candy store!
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    I have had the pleasure of a few threesomes ( MMF, FFM) Which in a few case I did suggest. Perhaps it was 1 or two many martinis, hehe. I really enjoy threesomes, its very erotic. I do not think if I was in a serious relationship I could do it. It would be hot at the moment but then after the fact, I think it would bother me. Unless it was someone you were never going to see again. If you were on a trip or something. As for group, never have done it. Though I think it would be so freakin hot.. Either two couples or something a long those lines, hehe. I would not be able to inciate it. But would be game for it!
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